Friday, 10 April 2015

I'm Good

Music has a huge impact on my life, and one of the most vital and valued roles that it plays for me personally is being able to completely transform my mood.

I know there are certain types of people out there who enjoy listening to heart wrenching songs when they're sad, but I know that if I were to try the same thing I would just absolutely lose it. And that's a path I'd rather not go down again, thank you very much haha

Instead, my course of action for getting back on track the moment I recognise even the smallest tinge of melancholy, is to put the headphones on and blast my go-to happy songs.

I actually don't have that many tracks in my "happy playlist", which is why I'm thrilled to have made a new discovery a few days ago.

Please watch this video if you want your day to instantly become 10,000 times better than it already is. Trust me, you won't regret it!! Unless you hate happiness, then move right along pal.

Truth be told, I've never heard of The Mowgli's before (they're an alternative rock band hailing from southern California and consisting of a whopping SEVEN members, six guys and one girl; how cool is that?!) but this song, is the absolute BOMB.

I first heard a tiny snippet of it from watching a Vine by Gabriel Conte*, and even though it was only a number of seconds, it was stuck in my head for so long that I was compelled to go search for the full song on Youtube! And I'm so glad I did, because it's just amazing.

This is the Vine in question, please enjoy:

*Speaking of Gabriel Conte, how infuriatingly CUTE is that guy?!! I basically developed a major crush on him because aside from being an ultra delicious and good-looking individual, he's also super funny, adorable in a goofy kind of way, and all in all I'm just a sucker for guys who can make me laugh. Plus, his style is right up my alley. Snapbacks, tank tops and pullovers (not at the same time, obvs)? Yaaaaaaaaaaas, slay me Gabe! Not forgetting to mention that he sports what I personally deem to be the BEST hairstyle a guy could have. Oh, and he can DANCE too! Ugh. What is there not to love about that boy?!

Also I would just like to point out that, to my utter shock, he revealed in one of his Youtube vids that he has never been kissed. Which made me so surprised I almost fell off my chair, but it also makes me feel way less weird about not having had my first kiss yet lol! it's okay Gabriel i'm coming for you <3

How gorgeous does the lyric video look, too?! I'm always super impressed by the lyric videos that VEVO music channels make, but this one has got to be my favourite so far. I love the joyful, vacation-y vibe it gives, and the postcard concept is just genius! The aesthetic of it is so marvellous that I honestly feel happier just LOOKING at it haha!

So yeah, I've totally been loving this song as of late and I hope you do too! Meanwhile, here are the other tracks which never fail to bring a smile to my face whenever I'm feeling blue :))

(click their respective titles if you wanna listen to any of them!)

Happy by Pharrell Williams: This is kind of self-explanatory. Unfortunately I've gotten quite sick of it due to how much it was overplayed last year, but it's still a great little ditty to jive to. I mean, with the word "happy" being repeated probably 50 times over, there's gotta be some kind of hypnotic effect on your brain to actually be happy, right? lol

On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons: This song holds more meaning to me than you could possibly imagine. I discovered it during my relapse back in 2013, and it very much had an effect on pulling me back from the depths of darkness (i sound so cheesy right now, but honestly that was my life back then. just pitch black darkness). The song itself sounds really upbeat and cheerful, which is just wonderful, but the lyrics talk of things that are deeper and more serious. My all-time favourite line from the song has got to be the following:

"And I know it's hard when you're falling down
And it's a long way up when you hit the ground
So get up now, get up
Get up now"

Indeed. And don't I know it :)

Best Day of My Life by American Authors: Just by looking at the title you already know this song is going to put you in a good mood! The beat is really fun and cheerful, and it's great to just sing along to it, especially the parts that go, "Woah-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohhhh"!

O.M.G by Hyorin feat. Lil Boi of Geeks: This wouldn't be my playlist unless it had some K-Pop thrown in the mix haha! Yet another song with a fun, upbeat and rather dance-y feel to it. Lil Boi's rap portion is just badass and y'all know how much I love rap so that definitely adds to my love for this song. In addition to that, Hyorin is one of my biggest girl crushes EVER so it's safe to say that anything performed by someone as beautiful, talented and all out flawless as her would certainly fill me with glee!

Hyorin though...ugh ❤❤❤

Sidenote: I have been completely OBSESSED with Hyorin's song with Jooyoung, "Erase", the past week or so. It is BOMB as all hell you have to go give it a listen! And check out the amazing lyric translations too, you know what here's the link. You're welcome!!

Young, Wild and Free by Wiz Khalifa: This doesn't actually belong on my Happy Playlist but it's more of a bonus. The song is largely about smoking weed, so it's not exactly like I can relate to what he's saying all that much lol. Regardless of that, it's a very enjoyable song, nice and mellow with a very catchy tune, but there's one line that really stood out to me when I first heard it and it's really stuck with me since.

"That's how it should be done
Soon as you're thinkin' you're down,
Find how to turn things around
Now things are looking up" so powerful. It really resonated with me because it couldn't be more true, and I know that from experience.

The times where I had relapsed into depression were because I allowed myself to be sucked back into that state. It didn't happen all at once, but gradually and very painfully. I could feel myself slipping back into the dark place, and I knew that the endgame would be ugly but I chose not to do anything to stop it.

I guess I was just too naive, and I kept waiting for someone or something to be the one to "save" me.

Of course, I learned the hard way that nobody can save me if I don't save myself.

Nevertheless, I'm glad that I'd been through that kind of hell because it was necessary to lead me to where I am today. And sure as hell, like Wiz said, I now know to stop it right in its tracks the moment I feel those demons of mine clawing at me at the back of my head to return to those places of psychological torment.

And one of those ways of doing so, is as simple as listening to the happy tunes as I've listed here.

I could never have too many songs to put me in a good mood and I'm always on the lookout for more so if you have a recommendation, do let me know! I would love to here about what songs make you happy :))

Meanwhile, take care and don't forget to smile!

Sending you lots and lot of good vibes, I hope you have a fantastic day ahead!


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