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Suite Life in Guangzhou Part 4.1: Snake Appreciation Post

Wednesday, 24th December 2014
Xiangjiang Safari Park, Chimelong Zoo
Panyu (Guangzhou, China)
(extension of this post)

This here is a compilation of all the snake pictures I took during my visit to the Xiangjiang Safari Park zoo at Chimelong. As you shall soon see, there was a lot and I really didn't want to add to the already tremendous number of photos in the main zoo post so, here we are!

I was seriously so impressed with their snake exhibits, oh my goodness.

I actually happen to love love LOVE snakes (my favourite non-cuddly animal, along with scorpions) coz as a kid I got to handle some whenever I visited my veterinarian dad at work. They're just so smooth, cool (both in terms of temperature and being straight up SWAGTASTIC) and utterly beautiful. Hence, you can imagine what a ball of a time I was having looking at all these gorgeous and amazing critters.

Hope you do, too! :))

Oh my lord. This is too adorable to be true!! My all-time favourite snakes are the yellow and white ones haha. They really remind me of milk and corn...Or the corn kueh from Bengawan Solo. Forreal doe, I'm not kidding.

SO FREAKING AWESOME. I love how that lil fella's just chillin in the water hahaha

Omg hiiiiiiii cutie <3

Look at it's face!! Adorable UGH

Such a shy qtpie (˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )

These two are badass as absolute hell. Look at the texture on their bodies, damn.

And the eyes. Oh my god, THE EYES.

They were these beautiful stoney grey, with so much detail. Almost like marble, really. This is so cool, I can't.

Milk snakes! Can you spot the two little heads? Not to be confused with the very similar coral snakes teehee.

I remember reading a book on reptiles during Silent Reading when I was studying primary school in Perth, and there was a dandy little rhyme for you to remember so you could distinguish between a harmless milk snake and the venomous coral snake, both of which are striped and have a colour scheme of red, black and yellow.

"Red and yellow, deadly fellow; red and black, friendly Jack."

Super cool, right?! Anyway I thought it'd be useful for me to keep at the back of my head since I was living in Australia where there's all sorts of freaky wildlife roaming about which could quite possibly kill you. I never got to use this piece of reference though, as I had never once encountered a wild snake throughout all my time Down Under. Just a whole bunch of icky spiders, bleugh.

Soooooooooo freaking gorgeous OH MY GOD!!!!!

Look at this giant mofo, damn.

I love seeing them all elaborately curled up like this. I hope they're happy and comfortable :))

Ahhhh!! Giant cobra out on the loose!!

jks lol

This is obviously a fake display. Yup, they have an entire exhibition of snake REPLICAS, just in case their extensive array of real snakes aren't enough to satisfy your massive love for snakes. aka me.

Look at this humongous hissing one! The tip of the tail kinda grossed me out, not gonna lie.

Hanging from the trees above you, watch out!

Btw I do apologise for the shitty quality of these pics, the "fake snakes" exhibit area was super dim so the lighting wasn't exactly optimal for photo taking.

I know these are supposed to be cute but they freaking GROSSED ME THE ABSOLUTE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! Wtf get them away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Lil green snakes darting out from the bushes! Very pretty :)

Here's me trying to take a pic with one of the hanging snakes from above, and subsequently getting annoyed at my mum who does not know how to work my camera lol

This is probably my favourite thing out of all the fake snakes, a giant badass python crushing the living hell out of a big ol' crocodile. How freaking cool is that?!

Damn, nature. Full of wonder and amazement as usual.

So we've already gone through two different sections of the Snake Zone, the regular "real, live snakes" exhibits, and the fake but totally AWESOME snake replicas. You'd think that it'd be about enough already, but nope.

Continue walking, and you'll find yourself standing one floor above an underground snake enclosure, with nothing separating you from it other than a completely see-through, and what I was hoping to be a thick and extremely strong, layer of glass.

A few more steps forward and...

Look at this huge mofo omg!!!!

Snakes aside, I was freaking out just a teeny tiny bit coz I absolutely hate standing on these stupid see-through surfaces, like oh my god I can't even begin to tell you how much I DETEST it. It's cool and all but my heart would just be POUNDING the whole time coz I'd be hella convinced that the floor was gonna give way and I'd be falling and just crashing through, plummeting to my inevitable death.

Still, pretty cool experience haha

On the flipside, when you continue walking further on (and yes, we have resumed walking on normal, regular flooring), you'd see snakes not below you, but above.

Oh my god?! FATTY ALERT

This is me pointing at the fatty so you can compare its size to my finger and see how enormous it is lol


I seriously cannot get over how drop dead gorgeous this little beauty right here is. And how vibrant the yellow (which happens to be my second fave colour) parts are! UGHHHH. So much love ♡♡♡

It just looks absolutely PERFECT, honestly.

And now, to end of this post,

The longest mofo you ever did see.

All I see is an extremely elongated corn

Somebody get me a snake, PLEASE T_T

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