Tuesday, 21 April 2015

W39 Bistro & Bakery

Visited a new café called W39 Bistro & Bakery two weeks ago with Nerissa. Legitimately one of the best days I've had in a while, and it was just a nice and simple day out chilling over lunch and some delicious cakes. Good food and amazing company is all it takes, to be honest :))

I am wildly in love with their old-school, vintage concept. The decor is so quaint and homely, I am very tempted to go there every day to grab a bite, maybe get some work done and just soak up the wonderful vibes.

They sell candy from our childhood era as well as other various knick-knacks too! I always appreciate these little touches :))

If I didn't know Neri as well as I do, I would definitely assume that she was a mean bitch (sorry ner u know i love you <3) due to how drop dead gorgeous she is. But nope, her heart is just as beautiful. Awwwww~!! 

This girl brings me so much joy, really. It's a huge blessing to have her in my life as such a close friend, and I'll always be grateful of that :))

Abrupt end of mushy words amidst Nerissa's beauty appreciation photos, here come the food pics! :D

I got myself a pulled pork cheek panini with scrumptious melted gruyere cheese.

Three things:

1. This was my first time eating pulled pork.
2. This was my first time eating a panini sandwich.
3. This dish was so good I almost passed out right there and then.

All the above statements are 100% TRUE.

Ho. Ly. SHIT. It was maaaadly delicious. I didn't even know a sandwich could taste THIS good...?! I mean I kinda expected it to be pretty freaking fantastic already because there was meat and cheese, the two ingredients you need to basically make any sandwich at all and have it taste good without fail. But seriously though...this sandwich kinda blew my mind.

The pork was super succulent, nice and juicy and definitely packing a punch in the flavour department. Gruyere was AH-mazing, needless to say. I really appreciate that they stuffed quite a bit of cheese in there so that when I took a bite, the cheese does that thing where it's all hot and melty and it gets stretched out into this long, ooze-y string of absolute deliciousness. Bread was A+ too, man this dish is KILLER.

And yes, I have plenty of good things to say about the side salad as well lol. Leaves were fresh, tossed in balsamic vinaigrette and lending a refreshing touch to this very rich and robustly flavoured dish.

I, LOOOOOOVE THIS DISH. Ugh. I want some right now ;(

Neri got herself a Wagyu Beef Burger, damnnnn that is fancy.

If you're into quality beef burgers I definitely recommend getting this dish. Y'all are gonna think I'm exaggerating, especially after what I just wrote above about my (flawless) panini sandwich, but I swear to the high heavens, this was the first time in my life I've had beef that melts in your mouth.

I'm not kidding.

It is reeeeally tasty, oh my goodness.

Melted cheese, nice dash of mustard. The beef patty in itself is just pure HEAVEN. Oh, and the buns were pretty terrific as well!

I kinda almost wish the fries weren't that good, so for at least once in this entire post I can say something that's negative or even neutral instead of raving on and on about how perfect and amazing everything is...but nah. The fries were SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!

SUPER crunchy, soft and fluffy potatoes on the inside, lightly herby, all-round DELICIOUS even without a heaping of salt or whatever. 

Man, W39 needs to chill with their food coz right now EVERYTHING is driving me insane!! How do they get everything to taste so damn good, HUH?! I'm mad!! honestly.

Alrighty so we were thinking of getting some cakes and they actually have this special promo where you can get TWO CAKES + TWO DRINKS for $19! :D :D :D

That is a GREAT deal considering that all their cakes cost $6.80 as it is, so obviously we had to get it!

The promo is during 3 to 6pm though, and we had some time to kill (as well as appetites to be worked up once again after a VERY satisfying lunch teehee) so we actually foot the bill and left the café, only to return about an hour and a half later lol

In that spare time, we basically just walked around the block and did some exploring before settling down at a park shelter somewhere and lepak-ing haha. Good times!

I'm really quite in love with the neighbourhood because it's very tranquil and has a rather old-fashioned kind of vibe. It really gives the sense that everyone in that area is very down-to-earth and friendly. They just live simple but happy lifestyles, and they don't have that stuck up mentality that many city dwellers have. That's one of the things I love most about Singapore, actually. The warmth and friendliness of heartland neighbourhoods!

We stumbled upon this gem of a shop, initially stopping by only to look at the cheap secondhand books they had on display outside of the store.

It's called The Chapalang Shop and it sells all sorts of random secondhand possessions at dirt cheap prices. They had lots of Asian drama serials, American movies and TV shows on DVD, and a wide range of books from self-help to vintage romance!

This is by far the coolest aspect of the shop. My heart felt so full of joy!! I love that this sort of shop exists in our country today. Do support them by paying them a visit and picking up whatever catches your eye!

The owner of the store was super friendly too :))

After that Neri and I sat our bums down at a cool shelter in the middle of a terrace house neighbourhood. Yay for seats and shelter! lol

We just talked, I watched the video that PaperPlaneProductions made and it was freaking awe-inspiring as usual (link here, do check it out! especially if you're Singaporean, it will hit you right in the feely-feels), and she went through her Snapchat saved videos gallery, which had me laughing so hard I'm honestly surprised none of the residents called the cops on me for public disturbance.

Seriously though, I'm kinda thankful for the existence of Snapchat and of course, Nerissa the secret camerawoman who always films us sneakily and captures our embarrassing moments to be preserved forever lol. A lot of Vanessa and I shamelessly "performing" various songs with a lot of passion before realising that we're being filmed HAHA. My favourite part is how Van's reaction would always be a cute and shy smile, whereas I just look supremely pissed and 300% done with Nerissa hahahaha

Anyways, after working up a sufficient appetite (by walking a tiny bit and sitting our asses down for the rest of the time lol) we headed back to W39 for cakes and drinks! Hooray~!!

Walking back into the café after all the staff had just said goodbye to us less than two hours ago was...awkward, to say the least haha. Actually they were really cool and friendly so it wasn't as bad as I'd expected. We were so nervous to step in lol!

Their fabulous cake display, which I honestly could not stop turning back to stare at when I was having my lunch earlier on. Everything just looks so great!! Sorry the photo turned out kinda shitty lol

They also have this adorable display for the loaves of exotically flavoured bread they have on offer.

Carrot cake + cappuccino (❤) for me and red velvet cake + iced honey lemon drink for Neri!

Both of our cake choices were ~*bestsellers*~ and for good reason!

I had a lil taste of the red velvet and it was faaaaab.

Mine was pretty bomb too, but truth be told I found it just a tad too dense and I felt completely stuffed by the time I was about 3/4 into it. Would've preferred it to be more on the fluffy side, but the flavours were terrific! It was also chock full of red carrot shreds and plenty of black walnuts, so the quality is definitely there. Beautifully spiced, too.

Cream cheese frosting was ON POINT.

And I really enjoyed the chocolate sliver rolled up to form a carrot replica (i completely thought it was a real carrot before tasting it lol...i am such a fail), it lends a nice sweetness to the cake!

Oh yes, my cappuccino was divine as well.

All in all, a wonderful experience indeed!

I simply love discovering new cafés that thoroughly impress me and leave me wanting to visit a lot more in the near future. W39 is a new addition to my list of favourites (right up there with Paddy Hills), woohoo~!! Can't wait to return soon and try out more of their awesome food :D

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