Sunday, 31 May 2015

#ExplorePenang Part I: BEACH

My trip to Penang earlier this year was really one of the best times of my life so far, and I feel like it was such a pity that I sort of gave up on blogging about it seeing as the events had already taken place such a long time ago. Also, I've been trying very hard to focus on getting the Perth and China posts out haha, coupled with a few random entries here and there about my everyday life here in SG so you guys don't get sick of hearing only about my overseas adventures :P

Anyway, I was listening to Just One Day by BTS (amaaazing song, btw) and the feelings of nostalgia for my Penang vacation just hit me like a freaking tidal wave. Yes, the week I'd spent in Penang was also the beginning of my Bangtan era where I first discovered their songs and proceeded to loop the crap outta them all throughout my trip lol (my sister was not pleased about it…)

I looked through my photo gallery and there was just a huge grin on my face the entire time I scrolled through the Penang pics.

It was clear that there was no way in hell that I could pass up on sharing my incredible experiences in Penang with you guys, so here you go. The first instalment of my Penang memories series :))


(yes i came up with a very dumb and cringeworthy name for a series of blog posts, yet again. i have no shame lol)

Drove up to the beach and it was a great, chill way to spend the day.

We didn't really have time to eat a proper breakfast before heading out (overslept by like three hours coz the bed in our service apartment was pretty damn comfortable lol) so I was hella chuffed that my mum bought us some toast treats to munch on during our car ride!! :D

How delicious does that kaya toast look though...god damn.


We also had this awesome creation right here...

Holy shit as soon as I laid eyes on it I knew I was gonna love EVERY single second of it being in my mouth. Wow okay that sounded way too sexual lmao my apologies, it was definitely not on purpose HAHA but yeah, you seriously cannot go wrong with hot, melted cheese that's charred on the surface and still gooey when you bite into it. Oh goodness...I'm driving myself crazy just describing it. I LOVE CHEESE SO MUCH UGH HELPP

Underneath the cheese was a mixture of potato chunks and a very delicious barbecue-y, tomato-y kinda sauce. Very tasty indeed but I felt like it would've been a lot better if there was some ham or bacon in there! I just freaking love meat lol sorry

Walked around the beach and we saw people parasailing. I wanted to try it SOOOOO bad but my mum didn't let me :((

I also wanted to get cornrows too HAHAHA obviously my mum was like nah bitch you crazy (not her exact words but you know what i mean) and I honestly think it was the heat of the I felt like since I came all the way I had to do something crazy and my adrenaline levels were just PUMPING so...I'm really glad my mother was there to stop me lolololol

Oh yeah and also because I was still in my OITNB-obsessed era so I wanted to look like Tricia HAHAHAH

See this is why I'm not good at making life decisions. smh

We saw a lot of ang moh tourists! Hope they had fun teehee

They weren't really doing any beach activities like playing with frisbees and stuff like that, they were mostly just sitting on the sand, straight chillin' with their families. Pretty nice way to spend your vacation time, I'd say :))

We didn't stay at the beach for very long, mostly because we weren't dressed for the occasion. We didn't plan on driving up to the beach, you see. It was more of an impromptu decision since we were gonna pass by it on our drive anyway so we just decided to hop out of the car and have a look around. Thus, I was wearing a freaking pullover lol it was crazy. The weather was pretty darn warm, but thankfully my suffering was reduced a tad by the presence of some strong winds from time to time. I love breezy weather :))

On our walk back to the car, we spotted this little corn stall and I almost jumped up and down in glee. I love corn!!!!!!! :D

Also, these little food stalls are just so quaint and it makes me so happy buying from them knowing that the money goes to people working hard and earning a simple living, rather than some huge corporation. The experience is just so much more personal, you know? Also, the food sellers are usually super warm and friendly :))

Got myself a cup of corn which was DELISH.

I watched intently while the man prepared it right in front of my very eyes, skilfully mixing the little corn kernels with a bunch of ingredients contained in unmarked squeezy bottles. After he added the butter, he splashed this mystery ingredient around before giving the cup a nice toss to mix it all up. I think he saw the look of bewilderment on my face which prompted him to say, "Condensed milk. Milk and butter, good combination!" I was so surprised and happy hahaha coz he was just doing everything silently the entire time. He had a pretty solemn vibe to him so yeah. Oh and also his pronunciation was A+, omg. Like, even better than 70% of the English-educated people I go to school with hahaha can you imagine?


That's all for this instalment of #ExplorePenang lololol. Stay tuned for more :D

love ya i hope you have a swaggular day ahead :))

don't forget to eat fruits and drink lotsof h20!! <3

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Suite Life in Guangzhou Part 7: Hengqin Bay Hotel Check-In

Finally, a post of my December China trip that isn't about the buffet! Aren't you glad lol

So anyways, in the previous Suite Life post I left off at the end of our buffet breakfast before heading into a really cool van that brought us about 130 kilometres from Panyu to Hengqin.

Featuring my dad (who pretty much just napped throughout the entire ride lmao), and the chauffeur sitting up front!

I loved the van ride coz I felt like a superstar going on tour to my next performance destination HAHA I'm super lame I know...just let me have my dumb kpop idol fantasies!! Besides, I don't usually get to kick back in relax in such comfy and spacious vehicles, reclining the seat and enjoying the scenery whilst listening to music (my playlist then was The Pinkprint, so fucking bomb omg I LOVE NICKI), maybe catching a little snooze.

We arrived at the newest resort under the Chimelong umbrella...

Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel
Zhuhai, China
Saturday, 27th December 2014

And oh my goodness, it was AMAZING.

Basically this hotel is ocean-themed, which already thrilled me to no end. I LOVE THEMED RESORTS!! I just knew everything was going to be absolutely gorgeous, and the place was so gigantic and clean and NEW! It practically sparkled!!

Oh my goodness, I could barely keep my jaw from dropping to the ground! The beautiful, pristine marble ground!!

Roamed around the area while my parents checked us in, I was completely in awe of how amazing everything looked! And the very fact that I was in that space...I hadn't even made it farther than the lobby of the hotel and I already felt like the most privileged and utterly blessed girl in the world! So very thankful indeed :))

The very cool ceiling light display. How wonderfully psychedelic does it look, huh? I loved the colours too!

And thus, we proceeded to our glorious rooms which were to become our temporary homes for the duration of our very blissful and excitement-filled stay!

Y'all ready for this? I heart was stopping every few beats because of how INSANELY swagtastic each corner of the room was, like straight up.


This was the room that my little sister and I shared. Besides the very spacious and ultra cozy queen sized bed (what is it about hotel beds that make them SOOOOOO ridiculously comfortable to sleep in?!) there was also...

check this out...

adorable bunk beds that are literally BOATS!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! /screaming

The little kid in me who always dreamed of having a cool bunk bed (like those race car ones or the ones where you have to climb up the steps of a mini staircase and get down from scooting on a slide OH MY GOD those were the coolest) but never got one, SCREAMED with sheer, absolute joy.

Goodness me, it was fantastic.

I'm just gonna go on the record and say it wasn't the most comfortable sleeping experience, haha. The mattresses within the "boat" were very thin so there was nary any support between my body and the hard wooden surface. Also, it was way too cramped and I'm the type of person who needs to be totally stretched out like a starfish when I'm sleeping so yeah...still pretty swaggy though haha! I spent a grand total of one night sleeping in the boat bed, and I was just happy with the fact that I had at least tried it out lol

Cozy little sofa in the corner where I'd curl up and just chill every night after a long, fun and adventurous but tiring day. Because I'm too exhausted and lazy to hop into the shower and get clean before collapsing onto the amazingly comfy bed lol

Watched a bunch of cool shows on the tv. I've never had cable in my home (probably coz my parents knew that if they got cable tv i'd NEVER leave the house) so it was a real treat lol. My faves are Discovery Channel and this other one which I forgot the name of but they show programmes like sketchy dudes getting arrested at airport quarantines haha FUN!

More boats!!

Kinda funny how they just situated this boat thingy in a random corner of the room hahaha

Pretty cool to just sit in and chill...ate some snacks there, used my laptop a lil bit.

Here's a photo I got my sister to take of me lolololol

Damn step HAHAHA

The view from the room balcony was incredible, overlooking more or less the entirety of the Hengqin Bay resort.

Standing there and watching as the sky grew darker, I took deep breaths, inhaling the air of the night and just trying my best to soak in the situation I was in. I couldn't believe how blessed I was!! How blessed I am, actually. Even now, it's so hard to imagine what a privileged life I get to live. Shucks, I'm sorry lol but I really, really am very thankful indeed.

Interruption of my cheesy rambling about how much I looooove life with a mirror selfie hahaha. Hello! It's me!! :D


The bathroom was simply wonderful, no surprises there.


That is an instant +1000 points, right there.

Damn, I love bathtubs.

Double-doored bathrooms! In the previous suite at Chimelong Panyu, there were sliding doors which were shared among the toilet and the shower, but this one had a door each teehee. Cool cool!

Shower was AMAZING, of course. I really liked the wooden plank flooring as soon as I laid eyes on it. Yet another subtle touch of their nautical theme hehehe. LOVE!!

One of the first things on my to-buy list (if and) when I become filthy rich is a big ass shower stall with the swaggiest walls and floorings, and possibly a little bench I could sit on too in case I get tired from cleaning myself hahaha. Or, if I just feel like chilling in my ridiculously expensive and fancy bathroom lmao

Yes, these are the kind of things I have fantasies about. DREAM BATHROOMS, YA FEEL ME??

And here we have some more pics taken from the balcony, when the sun went down and the lights came on and everything within the resort looked all sparkly and dazzling :))

Beautiful, really.

That's all for now teehee. Next post will be about food from the Hengqin Bay Hotel hehehe GET EXCITED!! :D :D

ok luv ya bye xoxo

Sunday, 24 May 2015


Note: This post was written on Monday, 18th May but I didn't want to have two entries back to back of me just raving about my undying love for rap music so...yeah lol. I let it marinate in my drafts for a lil bit hehe. Enjoy! :)


The Universe truly works in some weird and wonderful ways.

Literally hours after I had posted my blog entry talking about how much I loved rap music and sort of asked for some recommendations so I could add to the list of artists to check out, I made an awesome discovery.

I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline while taking the train somewhere, and I chanced upon this tweet which I thought was hilarious:

Due to the number of shares it got, I initially thought it was just one of those viral tweets written by random strangers. Yeah, at the time I didn't even recognise the username haha I'M SORRY!! Anywho, turns out the person behind the tweet was this South Korean rapper dude named Tiger JK, and he's from the hip hop group Drunken Tiger. The "Tasha" he was referring to in the tweet is none other than Tasha Reid, probably better known as Yoon Mi Rae, a rapper and singer as well as Tiger JK's wife.

Goddamn, how cool is that haha.

Long story short, I got to reading some of their bios and what they're all about. There was also a link on Tiger JK's Twitter which lead to an interview they did talking about their latest comeback song. I really loved their style and their beliefs with regard to how they feel about music and life in general. One thing lead to another, and before I knew it I was checking out a bunch of their songs and absolutely LOVING them all haha

Yoon Mi Rae was born to an African American dad and a South Korean mom, resulting in her flawless looks, soulful voice and absolutely incredible rap skills and music capabilities in general. (i might sound a tad biased coz i'm now starting to become wildly obsessed with her as an artist, could you tell? HAHAHA)

She and Tiger JK secretly wed in 2007 (that's a whopping seven plus years together!! and he still acts as if he's just beginning to fall in love with her...omg the two of them are really too sweet) and they have a cute little son named Jordan.

Oh my god, I just really have to rave about how HARD and FAST I fell head over heels in love with not only their amazing music, but them as artists as well.

Not gonna lie...I spent the past 24 hours just relentlessly looping those of their songs which I'm about to mention. And watching videos of them too haha, from interviews to snippets of the couple's little interactions caught on camera during the making-of process of their music videos and stuff like that. They really are too adorable for words :))



Very first song of their's that I checked out and INSTANTLY got hooked on. Like, before the very first lyric even came out of Yoon Mi Rae's mouth. Once the beat kicked in, I just knew it man. I was sold. And lemme just tell you, that does not happen often!

This song is absolutely beautiful. Supposedly dedicated to Tiger JK's father who passed away not too long ago. The video has English captions, do check them out! I love the R&B vibes, the incredibly catchy hook (Mi Rae is love, tbh <3) and I just wanna say that Tiger JK's verse in particular is just so powerful and I love love LOVE it.

(the first line of Tiger JK's rap portion was "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Fall seven times, rise on the eighth." so shout-out to my baby girl Nerissa teehee. you have no idea how much strength that quote has given me when I needed it the most, so i kinda got really emotional when that verse was playing and I thought of you haha ❤)

Their sweet little kiss exchange at 2:12 to 2:17 made my heart flutter, and I LOVED the little nod to Taeyang's very old-school song Look Only At Me* at the 1:19 mark hahaha.

*Look Only At Me/Naman Barabwa was like my jam back in the day when I used to study in Macau so...the reference really sent me on a throwback haha


Naturally I was feeling awfully emotional after checking out the music video for Angel so thank goodness this awesome song came in to save the day haha.

The beat on this track is ridiculous...the lyrics are quite simple and repetitive, but listening to it is just a GOOD. ASS. TIME. Holy shit, it's like a little three minute PARTY, it really awakens my freaking spirit HAHA. The video too, damn.

If there's any song that can jolt me out of a funk and make me wanna get up and dance all my troubles away, this is it.

Also, the part where she goes "Bizzy! Tiger! Yoon Mi, Rae!" to the beat just KILLS me every single time hahaha. I love this song ugh :'))


Alright fair warning people, this song is pretty freaking emotional so...probably best not to listen to it at 1AM in the morning when you're already feeling pretty lonely and melancholic hahaha. Like I did...and felt like tearing...OK LOL BRING BACK THE BANG DIGGY BANG BANG HAPPY VIBES PLEASE!!

But yeah, this one has more of a chill, indie vibe and is pretty nice to listen to when you're in the mood for something a little more mellow.

Lyrics may be rather heavy, but they sure as hell are powerful and inspirational.

(i really connected with the first few lines of Tiger JK's verse...i always tend to feel really sad as the day comes to a close and i can physically feel my mood going down together with the sun as the sky turns darker. is anyone else like this? is this like a common thing, or am i just crazy? i just get this strange pang in my heart knowing that yet another day is getting closer and closer to being over haha. night time is truly when my emotions get the most fucked up...and i hate how susceptible i am to it.)

Anyway. lol

Honourable mentions!


Featuring Rapmon from Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS)!! :D

yes i'm a hardcore BTS fan in case you didn't know HAHAHAH my faves are V (Taehyung) and Jimin teehee

The beat is pretty bomb on this song and, oh my goodness. Yoon Mi Rae rapping entirely in English pretty much SLAYED, holy cow. It's spectacular, really. SHE is spectacular. What a fantastic human being she is :))

Also, Tiger JK's rapid fire rapping gives me life.


Yoon Mi Rae's solo track released back in 2007, in which she chronicles the pain she had to face throughout her childhood and adolescent days due to the discrimination against her for being a biracial chick living in South Korea, where it's highly sought after to look as fair and "white" as possible in order be perceived by the society as superior (not different from many Asian countries in general, actually).

Shit is powerful, yo. I mean for real, when she first entered the music industry she was told to deny her African American heritage and to cover up that identity by smearing white makeup on her face. Smh...

Race issues aside, she also talks about how we should keep the faith and believe in our hearts that no matter how difficult things are in our life right now, it will always get better. The message is strong as hell.


Aight, I'm off to discover more of this couple's sheer brilliance hehe. Hip hop legends, no doubt about that. I'm still not over the fact that I only just got to discovering their existence hahaha, but better late then never, right? Also, as far as I can see it, getting to know about their music was kind of a gift from fate that pretty much fell into my lap so...I don't know about you but I think that's pretty cool haha.

Peace out :))

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Suite Life in Guangzhou Part 6: Buffet Adventures II

Part 1: Flight/Arrival/Stranded At Da Airport | Part 2: Brekz & Dinz | Part 3: Circus! | Part 4: Animal Fun Times | Part 4.1: Snakes!! | Part 5: Xmas Buffet Dinner

Gather round, children. It's time for another instalment of Chimelong International Buffet Adventures!!

Friday, 26th December 2014

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Previously it was a buffet dinner, whereas this post will be about a (super late) breakfast my family and I had (it was like 2pm, gosh. hotel beds are very comfy and ridiculously difficult to wake up from and pry myself off of OKAY) before we embarked on a wonderful minivan journey to the new Chimelong resort all the way over at Hengqin!

You'll read all about the trip as well as the spanking new hotel in the next Suite Life post (still boggles my mind that i actually came up with such a silly name for this series of blog entries) (also the fact that i'm unabashedly referring to the series by name as if it were something cool and not completely embarrassing) but for now, cute and yummy food pics await!! :D

In a rare and wonderful treasure find, I managed to spot some adorable dimsum creations for the first and only time throughout all the buffet meals I had on this trip!

Lil piggy, oink oink~

And the cutest little ducky you ever did see! I love how saturated the colours are, oh my. The tiny beak is downright adorable too! Although the deep red colour kinda makes it look like a pair of pouty lips lmao

I'm not really the biggest fan of paus (bread-like dim sum buns) filled with pastes like red bean and lotus, which the above two were, so my mum ate them both hehe :P

Round 1!! Definitely a lot more Asian fare as compared to dinner the day before, as you can see. In fact, everything on that plate is of Chinese cuisine haha. Yay!! Yum yum~~ Oh my goodness just looking at the above pic is making me so so hungry...

We got steamed kai lan (one of my fave green veggies), delicious spicy eggplant slices (one of my fave veggies, period lol), spicy tofu chunks (one of my fave non-meat sources of protein HAHA but honestly speaking these weren't very good, quite hard actually), Yang Zhou fried rice, and the wonderful soy sauce fried noodles which I relentlessly raved about in my previous Chimelong buffet post :)

Bento food art, cool cool! I'm pretty sure it was solely for decoration purposes, though. I doubt anyone would be tempted to grab just a big heap of white rice to dump onto their buffet plate, and there's plenty of fresh fruit to be found at the dessert section anyway. Cute display nonetheless!

Ducky sushi! Essentially super thin duck-shaped pieces of either carrot or yellow, pickled ginger. Not very tasty at all, I'd presume, so I was rather surprised that so many people had actually taken some to eat lol

And here's Round 2! I got myself some nice grilled veggies which I drizzled over with curry sauce that was actually supposed to be paired off with their naan bread (broccoli and curry is a combo that CANNOT be beat, i tell you! i could eat it all day), a slice of beef (YUM <3), some potato wedges (batter was on point, pity they'd already gone very soggy), a couple of potato chips (coz i'm a fatass...*sad face*), a club sandwich, and a deep-fried piece of something skewered onto a bamboo stick that was not identified by the buffet name plates and frankly tasted quite revolting :\

Steak was absolutely delicious though, so yay!

And...dessert time~!! :D

Two little pots of creme brulee, yum yum. The pots are so tiny but stylish, I feel like they'd make great hipster-y plant pots, dontcha think?

And here we have a slice of chocolate Christmas log cake, which admittedly I only got because the whole thing was coated with a solid chocolate shell and I was fascinated by that (i actually hate eating cake lol), a freshly made crepe roll filled with bananas, peaches and fresh cream (quite delicious on its own but i went ahead and drizzled it with chocolate sauce and yummy golden syrup teehee #FATKID) and a little slice of some creamy, green cake...thing.

Honestly I don't know what it was and it didn't taste all that spectacular (it was like a slice of mousse, actually) but isn't the colour gradient just gorgeous?! I love that shade of pastel green :)

And, last but not least...

An ice cream cone for the road! Woohoo~

I love it when you can "tabao" (takeaway) food from a buffet and eat it on the go lol. It's like...technically not breaking the rules, but also it gives me a false sense of being a badass HAHA. Anyways I got a scoop of tiramisu (LOVE!!) and it was SO. GOOD. So good!!

Also, in the background you can kinda see some red chocolate thingies. I forgot to take a proper photo of them but my dad picked them up from the dessert section and they were three red chocolate hearts! For the three of us; my mum, my sister and I! Awwwwww~!!

Teehee anyway I ate mine on the car trip to Hengqin, which will be featured on my next China post! Yippee!! Stay tuned til then :D

And as always, thank you for reading my blog you beautiful human creature, you. Bless ye!

I hope you find free money today :D

Go buy yourself some ice cream, you wonderful being. You deserve it!!


Sunday, 17 May 2015


I try my best not to sound melodramatic, but truth be told, discovering rap music really did save my life.

It was towards the end of 2013 which, as I had talked about in a rather harrowing post titled Kintsukuroi, was one of my worst years.

Prior to discovering rap, I never knew there could be such a simple, accessible, inexpensive, and pretty much entirely harmless way of releasing all the pent up pain and frustration within me. And that was the exact thing that made me fall deeply, madly in love with the genre.

Rappers take all these stories from their lives, be it things they've been through and witnessed or tales that they've heard, and they tap into all that angst, hurt and passion, and they create an art form.

Removing me from a dark place and lifting me up when I'm feeling low is one thing, but another reason why I'm so crazy about rap music is because of the incredibly inspirational and empowering stories that the artists tell within their lyrics. How many of the top rappers do you think managed to get to where they are now due to a stroke of luck, or because someone handed it to them on a silver platter?

Sheer talent and years upon years of hard work aside, all of them were slapped with countless rejections. Unbelievable struggles, setbacks and adversities. And they managed to overcome each and every one of them, rising to the occasion. Sure, they may be celebrities now, with levels of wealth and fame people like you and I could only dream about, but many of them lived a life way rougher than we did, before finally achieving success.

Awful upbringing, poor family backgrounds. Drug and alcohol abuse. Violence from the streets to within their own homes. Broken hearts. Shattered dreams. Suicide attempts.

These are the stories rappers tell.

No, they don't just make music about promiscuity, big butts, and rolling around in their wads of cash. And even if they did, it's just a song that they put out as part of their occupation, and it doesn't necessarily have to reflect their lifestyles and beliefs, or the core of who they are as a person.

(Case in point, everyone's harping on Nicki Minaj's Anaconda but have you listened to her beautiful songs All Things Go and Bed of Lies, both in which she chronicles all the traumatising events in her life before preaching to her audience about living with gratitude for the simple things like family and having a proper education?)

In short, I just am thoroughly grateful and blessed to have found my undying love for rap music. It is very much a huge part of my life, and I really do love it greatly.

Also, I actually felt inspired to write this post because I've recently discovered a new rapper to be completely obsessed with haha. And it's Machine Gun Kelly, otherwise known as MGK.

Damn, it sure feels good to have a whole new source to get my rap music fix from and so far, MGK does not disappoint. Although to be honest, I totally dismissed him at first because I was like, ugh. Another white male rapper. He'll never be like Eminem lol. Yeah yeah, that's just me being a judgemental bitch as I tend to do haha. Sorry! *shrugs* I certainly take it all back.

Definitely check these songs out…I swear you will not regret it! And if you so please, it definitely pays to check out the lyrics on to decipher their deeper meanings! Trust me, your mind will be blown by all the stellar wordplay haha

Breaking News

The very first song of MGK that I checked out and immediately sat up and took notice of how extraordinarily talented he is. The flow is superb and it just sounds soooo catchy. Not gonna lie, this has been on constant loop ever since I first downloaded it to my phone haha

A Little More

Flow on this song is more of a slow and steady one, but still very powerful nonetheless. It's essentially a commentary on the problems in our world so prepare for some really hard-hitting lyrics. The beat goes hard as hell and everything about the music is phenomenal.

Mind of a Stoner

I don't condone drugs so…I'm not saying that I necessarily approve of this song's message haha but Wiz Khalifa's hook portion is just straight up awesome! Damn, who knew he could sing haha! Very uplifting lyrics too, if you just steer your attention away from the fact that many of the lines are about weed lol

See My Tears

A very emotional song indeed…I'm in love with the lyrics heh.

Also, how cute is MGK right?! HAHAHAHAHA *blush*

A little too skinny for my liking (also his height is like 1.93m so it'd be like standing next to a lanky, white-boy tree with an obscene amount of tattoos) but I gotta say, the more I got to know about how humble he is, all the shit he had to go through and how he seems like a genuinely good-hearted guy who's actually interested in touching people's lives and helping them overcome their struggles through his music, the more charming I found him to be hehehe <3

Alrighty that's it for now, I'm off to go loop more of the tracks on my rap playlist :))

And, just because I felt like it (lol) here is a list of all the rappers I absolutely love, as of right now. Hopefully the list continues to expand! (send me some recommendations if you'd like, that would be fantastic)

→Nicki Minaj
→Iggy Azalea (only up til the Beg For It era…the new stuff she's been releasing is downright awful and i find it increasingly difficult to defend her considering that she blatantly plagiarised Kendrick Lamar's verses and somehow made them sound like absolute garbage. but yeah i still listen to all her tracks from The New Classic hehe one of my favourite albums ever, a lot of good memories associated with it too)

And those who I really like, based on the few songs I've heard that were their creations, but probably not enough to call myself a diehard fan of haha (again, specific song recommendations would be greatly appreciated! :D)

→Big Sean
→Wiz Khalifa
→Lil Wayne (he's alright…quite a hit-and-miss but the songs that he manages to nail are REALLY good)
→Machine Gun Kelly
→Childish Gambino!! (excited to hear more of his stuff coz he really seems super talented, like wow. his verses are crazy!)
→Kendrick Lamar
→ASAP Rocky (i used to detest this guy simply because he broke my baby girl Iggy's heart lol…but yeah after listening to, and falling in love with, Fuckin' Problems i'm quite hooked on his flow and lyrics)

Last but not least, I don't even know if this could be considered but I really love Traphik (aka TimothyDeLaGhetto from Youtube)! Holy shit, I could listen to his verses all day haha.

Make sure you go check them out :))

Y'all should get into rap music lol I swear it will make your life infinitely better than what it already is now!

Hahaha good lord, what is wrong with me tbh lol

Aight, I'm out.

Have a blessed day, loves! ❤

Friday, 15 May 2015

Domino's is Love, Domino's is Life

I'm pretty sure Domino's Pizza is my all-time favourite pizza joint in the whole damn Universe, and you're about to find out why.

On a blessed Saturday night during my recent Perth trip, my family ordered the following boxes of sheer, sinful PERFECTION to be delivered straight to our doorstep. Isn't the packaging in itself just extraordinarily cool? Puts other pizza places' box designs to shame, I'd say.

But of course, what's most the beauty that lies within.

Supreme. Pineapple, capsicum, Italian sausage, rashers of bacon (dear lord) and ground beef. My mum also made a special request to throw in some chunks of feta cheese, one of her favourite foods ever.

Feta cheese is awesome??? yum yum

Godfather. Italian sausage, fresh tomato, capsicum, black olives and oregano on a garlic sauce base. Garlic! Oh, my goodness.

I don't care if the shrivelled up olives look kinda like cockroaches embedded into my pizza, they were juicy and oh so delicious.

And now, the undeniable star of the show.

They're not messing around, man. This is. The Best.

*inhales deeply*

This...this is what dreams are made of :')) *sheds a single tear*

This right here is the spectacular Chicken & Camembert pizza. With tender slices of roast chicken breast, camembert chunks, baby spinach, crispy bacon, cherry tomatoes and red onions. Topped with...wait for it.

...Hollandaise sauce. Yep. And you thought it couldn't possibly get better! you were wrong

I've had my fair share of pizzas in my life thus far. Some great, some not so much, and some just downright awful (yeah i'm talking bout chu Canadian Pizza GET YO SHIT TOGETHER). Well. This, my friends, is without a doubt one of the sexiest, most flawless pizzas I've ever tasted. Seriously. It's insane!

The delectable chunks of camembert cheese were ever so slightly charred on the outside...

while remaining soft, creamy and absolutely exquisite on the inside. Simply divine, really.

I couldn't agree more. Bring on the desserts!

Mini dutch pancakes. Aren't they just the cutest?! Downright delicious, too!

Adorable, bite-sized little nuggets of goodness.

Super spongy and chewy!! So much love <3

Chocolate lava cake. Soooooo ridonkulously good, omg. Pity the chocolate sauce already oozed out, but it's all good!

Shout-out to Neri if you're reading this, I was thinking about you while eating this hahaha. Wish I coulda shared it with ya :)) ❤

The other one, because it's legitimately so yummy we had to get two haha.

Not even kidding when I say this is the best chocolate lava cake I've yet to try. The cake is light and fluffy yet full of flavour, the sauce is just warm, fudge-y bliss. All in all, it's just utterly fabulous! I don't even like chocolate cake, but this was to die for. Gosh, paired with some quality vanilla ice cream it would've been MINDBLOWING!

That concludes a truly phenomenal meal, one that was well worth the calories and still has me reminiscing about it to this very day! Oh, Domino's. How I love you so :'))