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Craft Bakery & Cafe | Churrosity

I've noticed a small lack of posts that aren't of my travels (which all took place several months ago anyway lol) and seeing as the past two blog entries have both been about buffets, I decided to add a little variety by writing about some café-hopping adventures I've had in Singapore!


aka café heaven. There are streets upon streets of good cafés!

My darling friend Steffi and I decided to have lunch over at Craft Bakery & Café, which I'd first visited back when I was in Year 1. One of the best days ever, omg. (blog post here) So many good memories :'))

I love that they have outdoor seating because

a) The café does have limited seats and as such, they're pretty packed most of the time. Good luck trying to get a table during meal time peak periods!
b) The airconditioning can get rather intense for people like me who can't tolerate the cold at all haha

Chilling with friends over an al fresco brunch or cuppa joe is just perfect when Singapore has one of those glorious, cool and windy days. The artificial grass flooring is a nice touch too!

I got myself a nice Bacon & Cheese Frittata, which was served with a simple side salad of rocket leaves tossed in vinaigrette. I have been LOVING frittatas like crazy ever since I first tasted it on one of SIA's inflight breakfasts (like the one i blogged about here). It's a pity they're quite a rare dish to find on most menus!

It was really cheesy and delicious. Quite generous with the bacon, which I definitely appreciate! Only gripes I have would be that there was lotsa water content at the bottom of the ramekin, which made the last few mouthfuls rather awful. Also, they were way too heavy-handed with the pepper!

Other than that, a very tasty dish :)

Steffi got herself a slice of Banana Cake and an iced coffee drink (i forgot what it was exactly haha my bad). They have quite a wide array of freshly baked cakes on display every day (the carrot cake and red velvet always look especially tantalising)!

The banana flavours were definitely robust, but it's just one of those things where it tastes good...but only for the first few bites. Then it just becomes kind of a chore to eat :\ It was a lil bit too dense, and bordering on the dry side. Oh well.

After lunch we decided to make our way to Vivo City, but en route to the train station I passed by Churrosity and obviously the delightful aroma of deep-fried dough sticks rolled in cinnamon sugar proved to be too overwhelming for my wavering sense of self-control.

Isn't their signboard just adorable? Teehee

Despite a pretty full stomach, I caved in and bought some churro bites...

Greasy, sugar-laden nuggets of gold glistening in the light...

And drizzled with dulce de leche sauce!

Yum yum~~ ♡

my hand looks ultra deformed omg what on earth

I also bought myself this drink (please ignore the fact that i'm photographing food whilst riding the train lol i mean cmon it's not like i was actually EATING or DRINKING them pls don't fine me if you're an smrt staff reading this) and let me just say...IT WAS HORRIBLE.

Absolutely...VILE. disgusting

this is a bAD drink DO  NOT BUY


0 out of 12


Holy shit though this was a tremendous waste of money and a sheer torture to ingest into my mouth where I actually have precious TASTE BUDS present.

Basically it was supposed to be a Red Velvet Frappe which sounds pretty delectable in theory, right?

Well, I'm not entirely sure if it was because the lady who prepared it for me (keep in mind i waited for a good 10 minutes or so for her to make me the damn drink which ended up tasting like ASS) bungled the recipe, but this beverage, which essentially consists of milk and red velvet flavoured powder, physically made me sick.

The flavour was ridiculously artificial, and the milk to powder ratio was so off I had to choke back gag after gag every time I took a damn sip.

do NOT get this drink!!

On that rather unsavoury note, we have come to the end of this post lol

Please continue supporting Churrosity, they're a gr8 go-to for getting your churro fix.

The drinks, however...

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  1. This is the first time reading about something you didn't enjoy. Red Velvet doesn't sound like it would be a good drink but I didn't think it would taste terrible. I thought it would taste like vanilla and cakey.