Sunday, 31 May 2015

#ExplorePenang Part I: BEACH

My trip to Penang earlier this year was really one of the best times of my life so far, and I feel like it was such a pity that I sort of gave up on blogging about it seeing as the events had already taken place such a long time ago. Also, I've been trying very hard to focus on getting the Perth and China posts out haha, coupled with a few random entries here and there about my everyday life here in SG so you guys don't get sick of hearing only about my overseas adventures :P

Anyway, I was listening to Just One Day by BTS (amaaazing song, btw) and the feelings of nostalgia for my Penang vacation just hit me like a freaking tidal wave. Yes, the week I'd spent in Penang was also the beginning of my Bangtan era where I first discovered their songs and proceeded to loop the crap outta them all throughout my trip lol (my sister was not pleased about it…)

I looked through my photo gallery and there was just a huge grin on my face the entire time I scrolled through the Penang pics.

It was clear that there was no way in hell that I could pass up on sharing my incredible experiences in Penang with you guys, so here you go. The first instalment of my Penang memories series :))


(yes i came up with a very dumb and cringeworthy name for a series of blog posts, yet again. i have no shame lol)

Drove up to the beach and it was a great, chill way to spend the day.

We didn't really have time to eat a proper breakfast before heading out (overslept by like three hours coz the bed in our service apartment was pretty damn comfortable lol) so I was hella chuffed that my mum bought us some toast treats to munch on during our car ride!! :D

How delicious does that kaya toast look though...god damn.


We also had this awesome creation right here...

Holy shit as soon as I laid eyes on it I knew I was gonna love EVERY single second of it being in my mouth. Wow okay that sounded way too sexual lmao my apologies, it was definitely not on purpose HAHA but yeah, you seriously cannot go wrong with hot, melted cheese that's charred on the surface and still gooey when you bite into it. Oh goodness...I'm driving myself crazy just describing it. I LOVE CHEESE SO MUCH UGH HELPP

Underneath the cheese was a mixture of potato chunks and a very delicious barbecue-y, tomato-y kinda sauce. Very tasty indeed but I felt like it would've been a lot better if there was some ham or bacon in there! I just freaking love meat lol sorry

Walked around the beach and we saw people parasailing. I wanted to try it SOOOOO bad but my mum didn't let me :((

I also wanted to get cornrows too HAHAHA obviously my mum was like nah bitch you crazy (not her exact words but you know what i mean) and I honestly think it was the heat of the I felt like since I came all the way I had to do something crazy and my adrenaline levels were just PUMPING so...I'm really glad my mother was there to stop me lolololol

Oh yeah and also because I was still in my OITNB-obsessed era so I wanted to look like Tricia HAHAHAH

See this is why I'm not good at making life decisions. smh

We saw a lot of ang moh tourists! Hope they had fun teehee

They weren't really doing any beach activities like playing with frisbees and stuff like that, they were mostly just sitting on the sand, straight chillin' with their families. Pretty nice way to spend your vacation time, I'd say :))

We didn't stay at the beach for very long, mostly because we weren't dressed for the occasion. We didn't plan on driving up to the beach, you see. It was more of an impromptu decision since we were gonna pass by it on our drive anyway so we just decided to hop out of the car and have a look around. Thus, I was wearing a freaking pullover lol it was crazy. The weather was pretty darn warm, but thankfully my suffering was reduced a tad by the presence of some strong winds from time to time. I love breezy weather :))

On our walk back to the car, we spotted this little corn stall and I almost jumped up and down in glee. I love corn!!!!!!! :D

Also, these little food stalls are just so quaint and it makes me so happy buying from them knowing that the money goes to people working hard and earning a simple living, rather than some huge corporation. The experience is just so much more personal, you know? Also, the food sellers are usually super warm and friendly :))

Got myself a cup of corn which was DELISH.

I watched intently while the man prepared it right in front of my very eyes, skilfully mixing the little corn kernels with a bunch of ingredients contained in unmarked squeezy bottles. After he added the butter, he splashed this mystery ingredient around before giving the cup a nice toss to mix it all up. I think he saw the look of bewilderment on my face which prompted him to say, "Condensed milk. Milk and butter, good combination!" I was so surprised and happy hahaha coz he was just doing everything silently the entire time. He had a pretty solemn vibe to him so yeah. Oh and also his pronunciation was A+, omg. Like, even better than 70% of the English-educated people I go to school with hahaha can you imagine?


That's all for this instalment of #ExplorePenang lololol. Stay tuned for more :D

love ya i hope you have a swaggular day ahead :))

don't forget to eat fruits and drink lotsof h20!! <3

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  1. Your adventures never fail to make me smile. I'm glad that you enjoyed your time in Penang. I love how you could get corn kernels in a cup, ,that is a convenient way of eating. I think I would of had a cob and eaten it like a barbarian though. I didn't know that condensed milk and corn go together.