Sunday, 17 May 2015


I try my best not to sound melodramatic, but truth be told, discovering rap music really did save my life.

It was towards the end of 2013 which, as I had talked about in a rather harrowing post titled Kintsukuroi, was one of my worst years.

Prior to discovering rap, I never knew there could be such a simple, accessible, inexpensive, and pretty much entirely harmless way of releasing all the pent up pain and frustration within me. And that was the exact thing that made me fall deeply, madly in love with the genre.

Rappers take all these stories from their lives, be it things they've been through and witnessed or tales that they've heard, and they tap into all that angst, hurt and passion, and they create an art form.

Removing me from a dark place and lifting me up when I'm feeling low is one thing, but another reason why I'm so crazy about rap music is because of the incredibly inspirational and empowering stories that the artists tell within their lyrics. How many of the top rappers do you think managed to get to where they are now due to a stroke of luck, or because someone handed it to them on a silver platter?

Sheer talent and years upon years of hard work aside, all of them were slapped with countless rejections. Unbelievable struggles, setbacks and adversities. And they managed to overcome each and every one of them, rising to the occasion. Sure, they may be celebrities now, with levels of wealth and fame people like you and I could only dream about, but many of them lived a life way rougher than we did, before finally achieving success.

Awful upbringing, poor family backgrounds. Drug and alcohol abuse. Violence from the streets to within their own homes. Broken hearts. Shattered dreams. Suicide attempts.

These are the stories rappers tell.

No, they don't just make music about promiscuity, big butts, and rolling around in their wads of cash. And even if they did, it's just a song that they put out as part of their occupation, and it doesn't necessarily have to reflect their lifestyles and beliefs, or the core of who they are as a person.

(Case in point, everyone's harping on Nicki Minaj's Anaconda but have you listened to her beautiful songs All Things Go and Bed of Lies, both in which she chronicles all the traumatising events in her life before preaching to her audience about living with gratitude for the simple things like family and having a proper education?)

In short, I just am thoroughly grateful and blessed to have found my undying love for rap music. It is very much a huge part of my life, and I really do love it greatly.

Also, I actually felt inspired to write this post because I've recently discovered a new rapper to be completely obsessed with haha. And it's Machine Gun Kelly, otherwise known as MGK.

Damn, it sure feels good to have a whole new source to get my rap music fix from and so far, MGK does not disappoint. Although to be honest, I totally dismissed him at first because I was like, ugh. Another white male rapper. He'll never be like Eminem lol. Yeah yeah, that's just me being a judgemental bitch as I tend to do haha. Sorry! *shrugs* I certainly take it all back.

Definitely check these songs out…I swear you will not regret it! And if you so please, it definitely pays to check out the lyrics on to decipher their deeper meanings! Trust me, your mind will be blown by all the stellar wordplay haha

Breaking News

The very first song of MGK that I checked out and immediately sat up and took notice of how extraordinarily talented he is. The flow is superb and it just sounds soooo catchy. Not gonna lie, this has been on constant loop ever since I first downloaded it to my phone haha

A Little More

Flow on this song is more of a slow and steady one, but still very powerful nonetheless. It's essentially a commentary on the problems in our world so prepare for some really hard-hitting lyrics. The beat goes hard as hell and everything about the music is phenomenal.

Mind of a Stoner

I don't condone drugs so…I'm not saying that I necessarily approve of this song's message haha but Wiz Khalifa's hook portion is just straight up awesome! Damn, who knew he could sing haha! Very uplifting lyrics too, if you just steer your attention away from the fact that many of the lines are about weed lol

See My Tears

A very emotional song indeed…I'm in love with the lyrics heh.

Also, how cute is MGK right?! HAHAHAHAHA *blush*

A little too skinny for my liking (also his height is like 1.93m so it'd be like standing next to a lanky, white-boy tree with an obscene amount of tattoos) but I gotta say, the more I got to know about how humble he is, all the shit he had to go through and how he seems like a genuinely good-hearted guy who's actually interested in touching people's lives and helping them overcome their struggles through his music, the more charming I found him to be hehehe <3

Alrighty that's it for now, I'm off to go loop more of the tracks on my rap playlist :))

And, just because I felt like it (lol) here is a list of all the rappers I absolutely love, as of right now. Hopefully the list continues to expand! (send me some recommendations if you'd like, that would be fantastic)

→Nicki Minaj
→Iggy Azalea (only up til the Beg For It era…the new stuff she's been releasing is downright awful and i find it increasingly difficult to defend her considering that she blatantly plagiarised Kendrick Lamar's verses and somehow made them sound like absolute garbage. but yeah i still listen to all her tracks from The New Classic hehe one of my favourite albums ever, a lot of good memories associated with it too)

And those who I really like, based on the few songs I've heard that were their creations, but probably not enough to call myself a diehard fan of haha (again, specific song recommendations would be greatly appreciated! :D)

→Big Sean
→Wiz Khalifa
→Lil Wayne (he's alright…quite a hit-and-miss but the songs that he manages to nail are REALLY good)
→Machine Gun Kelly
→Childish Gambino!! (excited to hear more of his stuff coz he really seems super talented, like wow. his verses are crazy!)
→Kendrick Lamar
→ASAP Rocky (i used to detest this guy simply because he broke my baby girl Iggy's heart lol…but yeah after listening to, and falling in love with, Fuckin' Problems i'm quite hooked on his flow and lyrics)

Last but not least, I don't even know if this could be considered but I really love Traphik (aka TimothyDeLaGhetto from Youtube)! Holy shit, I could listen to his verses all day haha.

Make sure you go check them out :))

Y'all should get into rap music lol I swear it will make your life infinitely better than what it already is now!

Hahaha good lord, what is wrong with me tbh lol

Aight, I'm out.

Have a blessed day, loves! ❤

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  1. I am happy that music has been uplifting for your spirit. I use to think that rap music was all crass but then I started listening to it and found that there are more meaningful songs too.