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Suite Life in Guangzhou Part 5: Buffet Adventures I

At long last, we have arrived at the first of what I promise to be many BUFFET POSTS!!

You probably won't find this particularly interesting as compared to posts about the circus and stuff, but honestly just looking at these photos and thinking back to the glorious meals I had back in Guangzhou just thrills me to no end.

If you happen to enjoy looking at drool inducing food pics, yay you've come to the right place! I just hope for your sake that you're not reading this in the middle of the night on an empty stomach hahahaha. We all know how that feels...

With that, I bring you...


I've already had the absolute privilege of dining here in 2008 when I first visited China, so I was mentally prepared for the amazing spread that was going to be on offer.

The restaurant is huge, and you get enjoy all your yummy food up close and personal with either some gorgeous flamingoes or majestic white tigers if you're lucky enough to sit at a table right next to their enclosures!

They stay within a pretty large outdoor glass enclosure complete with lots of trees, rocks and fountains for them to frolic in. The white tigers pretty much just chill in the center, perching on the boulders and stuff but occasionally they'll make their way right up to the glass walls and practically "touch" certain diners! Fun stuff :))

Obviously I was too preoccupied with the marvellous food laying in front of my eyes to have remembered to take a photo...I'm terribly sorry for that haha

Round 1 of the buffet walk! Ding ding!

Over on the bottom left we have a huge slab of grilled purple sweet potato with plenty of tantalising cheese melted on top. Mmmmmmmm so good!! I think that was my first time having sweet potato that's not of the typical orange variety, and it tasted really earthy and, well, sweet! The texture was fab too, and it really went so well with the cheese. But then again what food in the entire existence of the Universe doesn't go well with melted, gooey cheese amirite?

There's also a piece of turkey with sweet stuffing, pasta salad with olives, assorted bell peppers (love) and shrimp (LOVE!!), potato wedges, a smiley potato face, and a creamy corn and cheese salad. I forgot what the random brown ball was lol, but I think it was a deep fried potato ball. Yes, I had a wide range of potato variation dishes hahaha

Check these beauties out...

Ohhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy godddddddddddddddddd?!!

Crying, tbh.

I have never seen such perfection in my life :')

These uber fresh and incredibly well marinated lobsters were just THE BOMB, to be real honest. I hardly ever get to eat lobster (except for the knock off "lobster salads" they always serve at Japanese restaurants, which is just tiny pieces of reject crayfish bits mixed with tons of dressing hahahah but i love eating that anyway lol) coz I ain't a rich bitch, so this was a real treat for me.

One day I really hope to be able to go to the US and try out Red Lobster hahaha. Apparently some people say that their dipping butter sauce tastes absolutely insane and will have your head spinning with glee lol. I believe them.

Round 2!! Sorry for the mess...the presentation is definitely not ideal hahaha

This time round I got a bunch of different meats (seeing as it was Christmas season they had a lot of turkey specials). On the plate is Asian style fried chicken, and thinly sliced turkey ham and beef. The turkey was my favourite! The rest were like ehhhhhh...not really enjoyable.

I also got carbonara pasta, which was SUPER yummy omg. I would like to marry carbonara, if that were ever to be made possible. It also had lots of button mushrooms, which I LOVE so much and am always grateful for, because I can't really stand the icky canned kind. They practically ruin a good dish!

Obviously the carbonara was really superb coz I went back for some more hahaha. Round 3!! Holy shit at this point, looking back I don't understand how I was able to eat all that food in one sitting??! Like, it's A LOT! I love food, and buffets are my life but I've always had a rather small stomach capacity. Well it's good to know I got heaps of value for money at this buffet haha! Oh yeah it was free lol. Complimentary buffet meals for all hotel guests, YAAAAAAAAAS~~

Best deal ever omg.

Anyways, I also got Chinese soy sauce fried noodles which I. Freaking. LOVE!!!!!!! My dad says it was one of his most hated dishes back in the day when he worked at Chimelong and ate at the buffet for lunch break almost every day, because apparently it's really dry. Ummmmm clearly idk what on earth he's talking about coz I would gladly shovel these noodles down my gullet every single day. LOOOOOOVE SOY SAUCE FRIED N00DZ :))

There's also a maki roll and ebi sushi, the latter which I really started to love (how many times in this post have i used the word "love" so far?! jeez i need to CHILL with the way i talk about food, god damn) after first trying it at Sushi Express. The prawn to rice ratio was really off for this one though...I mean forreal the ebi looks paper thin haha. Still good with soy sauce and wasabi dip, though. Still good :))

Oh yes and I got another one of those turkey rolls stuffed with sweet plum sauce. Don't know why though coz I seem to recall not having found it very tasty at all lmao

This here is a bowl of pumpkin soup. Not that great, actually. In fact it was really thick and kinda resembled over-seasoned baby food haha. Garlic bread was A+ though! It was ridonkulously soft and fluffy, and I really love it when the garlic butter is smeared on nice and thick, still a lil bit wet and just glistening in the light hahahaha i am a freak about food seriously

My tummy was full to bursting at this point, but what's a meal without dessert right?! Especially a buffet meal, where you get to fill up your plates with all sorts of cute and fanciful mini dessert dishes.

To create some much needed room in my stomach (lol), I embarked on a trip around the dessert section! Which, by the way, was abso-freaking-lutely gorgeous.

Candy tower!!!!!!!! Every lil kid's dream tbh hahaha. Case in point, I had to stand aside and wait while some small children hopped up and down with sheer excitement, grabbing away at the sweets of their fancy before I could snap the picture.

I like how the second layer is literally just pure sugar lmao

Super cute xmas gingerbread display! I only realised while I was editing the photos that the entire face of the lil gingerbread man near the door was peeling off LOL

Lovely chocolate fountain! I'm not a fan of white chocolate at all so I passed. Was kinda funny though to see a little girl who got really fascinated by it and she tried sticking her hand in to catch the chocolate hahahaha. Luckily the lady chef who was preparing the desserts spotted her and was like noooOOOOOOoooOOOoooOOOO u dirty lil bug >:(

An assortment of tiny cheesecakes, aka the reason for my existence on this Earth. Also, how cute is that little chocolate house?? :D

Here's what I got!! Yayyyyyy

Round 1 of desserts: a fruit jelly cup (colours were GORGEOUS), kebab stick of marshmallows, milk chocolate ball, two different kinds of cheesecake, a chocolate tart, and two super thin sesame seed cookies drizzled with vanilla sauce (there were very visible vanilla pods in there so that was grrreat).

Nothing really stood out except for the cheesecake with the plain brown top, that really made me moan out loud HAHAHAH. Food brings me a lot of pleasure okay I'M SORRY! gosh

Dessert round 2!! lol literally how the hell was i even able to eat all this food without throwing it all up and just dying in a pool of my own vomit i mean REALLY (sorry for putting that gross mental image into your head)

This time I got two chocolate brownies each topped with the cutest little macaron heart (they. were. DELICIOUS.) and a Napoleon puff pastry dessert which, let me just say right now with all the seriousness in the world, was one of the best damn desserts I've ever had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into before sending down my so very blessed oesophagus. No exaggeration, I swear. But more on that in future posts because you'll be seeing a LOT of it haha :P

Also I felt tempted to grab that cute little chocolate pot dessert to try it out and see what it contained. It literally was just that lol. Just chocolate. In a pot. Topped with two almonds and a dash of white chocolate cream. Nothing else lmao.


Cute lil gingerbread man on a stick! Hooray~!! Ugh, it's just ADORABLE.

I actually love gingerbread stuff, not only for the taste but for the memories associated with them as well coz 99.8% of the times I've eaten gingerbread foods was during my time (mostly childhood years) spent in Perth, frolicking happily around shopping malls and pleading my mum for a gingerbread biscuit at the local bakeries teehee. Good times!


That brings us to the first instalment of the buffet-related Guangzhou posts. I hope you enjoyed it coz trust me, there's a lot more where that came from hahahaha forreal. So you better get used to it!!

Love ya lol bye xo

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  1. I love a good buffet. The dessert bar is the most well presented buffet that I have seen. I never saw a white chocolate fountain before.