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Suite Life in Guangzhou Part 6: Buffet Adventures II

Part 1: Flight/Arrival/Stranded At Da Airport | Part 2: Brekz & Dinz | Part 3: Circus! | Part 4: Animal Fun Times | Part 4.1: Snakes!! | Part 5: Xmas Buffet Dinner

Gather round, children. It's time for another instalment of Chimelong International Buffet Adventures!!

Friday, 26th December 2014

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Previously it was a buffet dinner, whereas this post will be about a (super late) breakfast my family and I had (it was like 2pm, gosh. hotel beds are very comfy and ridiculously difficult to wake up from and pry myself off of OKAY) before we embarked on a wonderful minivan journey to the new Chimelong resort all the way over at Hengqin!

You'll read all about the trip as well as the spanking new hotel in the next Suite Life post (still boggles my mind that i actually came up with such a silly name for this series of blog entries) (also the fact that i'm unabashedly referring to the series by name as if it were something cool and not completely embarrassing) but for now, cute and yummy food pics await!! :D

In a rare and wonderful treasure find, I managed to spot some adorable dimsum creations for the first and only time throughout all the buffet meals I had on this trip!

Lil piggy, oink oink~

And the cutest little ducky you ever did see! I love how saturated the colours are, oh my. The tiny beak is downright adorable too! Although the deep red colour kinda makes it look like a pair of pouty lips lmao

I'm not really the biggest fan of paus (bread-like dim sum buns) filled with pastes like red bean and lotus, which the above two were, so my mum ate them both hehe :P

Round 1!! Definitely a lot more Asian fare as compared to dinner the day before, as you can see. In fact, everything on that plate is of Chinese cuisine haha. Yay!! Yum yum~~ Oh my goodness just looking at the above pic is making me so so hungry...

We got steamed kai lan (one of my fave green veggies), delicious spicy eggplant slices (one of my fave veggies, period lol), spicy tofu chunks (one of my fave non-meat sources of protein HAHA but honestly speaking these weren't very good, quite hard actually), Yang Zhou fried rice, and the wonderful soy sauce fried noodles which I relentlessly raved about in my previous Chimelong buffet post :)

Bento food art, cool cool! I'm pretty sure it was solely for decoration purposes, though. I doubt anyone would be tempted to grab just a big heap of white rice to dump onto their buffet plate, and there's plenty of fresh fruit to be found at the dessert section anyway. Cute display nonetheless!

Ducky sushi! Essentially super thin duck-shaped pieces of either carrot or yellow, pickled ginger. Not very tasty at all, I'd presume, so I was rather surprised that so many people had actually taken some to eat lol

And here's Round 2! I got myself some nice grilled veggies which I drizzled over with curry sauce that was actually supposed to be paired off with their naan bread (broccoli and curry is a combo that CANNOT be beat, i tell you! i could eat it all day), a slice of beef (YUM <3), some potato wedges (batter was on point, pity they'd already gone very soggy), a couple of potato chips (coz i'm a fatass...*sad face*), a club sandwich, and a deep-fried piece of something skewered onto a bamboo stick that was not identified by the buffet name plates and frankly tasted quite revolting :\

Steak was absolutely delicious though, so yay!

And...dessert time~!! :D

Two little pots of creme brulee, yum yum. The pots are so tiny but stylish, I feel like they'd make great hipster-y plant pots, dontcha think?

And here we have a slice of chocolate Christmas log cake, which admittedly I only got because the whole thing was coated with a solid chocolate shell and I was fascinated by that (i actually hate eating cake lol), a freshly made crepe roll filled with bananas, peaches and fresh cream (quite delicious on its own but i went ahead and drizzled it with chocolate sauce and yummy golden syrup teehee #FATKID) and a little slice of some creamy, green cake...thing.

Honestly I don't know what it was and it didn't taste all that spectacular (it was like a slice of mousse, actually) but isn't the colour gradient just gorgeous?! I love that shade of pastel green :)

And, last but not least...

An ice cream cone for the road! Woohoo~

I love it when you can "tabao" (takeaway) food from a buffet and eat it on the go lol. It's like...technically not breaking the rules, but also it gives me a false sense of being a badass HAHA. Anyways I got a scoop of tiramisu (LOVE!!) and it was SO. GOOD. So good!!

Also, in the background you can kinda see some red chocolate thingies. I forgot to take a proper photo of them but my dad picked them up from the dessert section and they were three red chocolate hearts! For the three of us; my mum, my sister and I! Awwwwww~!!

Teehee anyway I ate mine on the car trip to Hengqin, which will be featured on my next China post! Yippee!! Stay tuned til then :D

And as always, thank you for reading my blog you beautiful human creature, you. Bless ye!

I hope you find free money today :D

Go buy yourself some ice cream, you wonderful being. You deserve it!!


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