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Suite Life in Guangzhou Part 7: Hengqin Bay Hotel Check-In

Finally, a post of my December China trip that isn't about the buffet! Aren't you glad lol

So anyways, in the previous Suite Life post I left off at the end of our buffet breakfast before heading into a really cool van that brought us about 130 kilometres from Panyu to Hengqin.

Featuring my dad (who pretty much just napped throughout the entire ride lmao), and the chauffeur sitting up front!

I loved the van ride coz I felt like a superstar going on tour to my next performance destination HAHA I'm super lame I know...just let me have my dumb kpop idol fantasies!! Besides, I don't usually get to kick back in relax in such comfy and spacious vehicles, reclining the seat and enjoying the scenery whilst listening to music (my playlist then was The Pinkprint, so fucking bomb omg I LOVE NICKI), maybe catching a little snooze.

We arrived at the newest resort under the Chimelong umbrella...

Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel
Zhuhai, China
Saturday, 27th December 2014

And oh my goodness, it was AMAZING.

Basically this hotel is ocean-themed, which already thrilled me to no end. I LOVE THEMED RESORTS!! I just knew everything was going to be absolutely gorgeous, and the place was so gigantic and clean and NEW! It practically sparkled!!

Oh my goodness, I could barely keep my jaw from dropping to the ground! The beautiful, pristine marble ground!!

Roamed around the area while my parents checked us in, I was completely in awe of how amazing everything looked! And the very fact that I was in that space...I hadn't even made it farther than the lobby of the hotel and I already felt like the most privileged and utterly blessed girl in the world! So very thankful indeed :))

The very cool ceiling light display. How wonderfully psychedelic does it look, huh? I loved the colours too!

And thus, we proceeded to our glorious rooms which were to become our temporary homes for the duration of our very blissful and excitement-filled stay!

Y'all ready for this? I heart was stopping every few beats because of how INSANELY swagtastic each corner of the room was, like straight up.


This was the room that my little sister and I shared. Besides the very spacious and ultra cozy queen sized bed (what is it about hotel beds that make them SOOOOOO ridiculously comfortable to sleep in?!) there was also...

check this out...

adorable bunk beds that are literally BOATS!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! /screaming

The little kid in me who always dreamed of having a cool bunk bed (like those race car ones or the ones where you have to climb up the steps of a mini staircase and get down from scooting on a slide OH MY GOD those were the coolest) but never got one, SCREAMED with sheer, absolute joy.

Goodness me, it was fantastic.

I'm just gonna go on the record and say it wasn't the most comfortable sleeping experience, haha. The mattresses within the "boat" were very thin so there was nary any support between my body and the hard wooden surface. Also, it was way too cramped and I'm the type of person who needs to be totally stretched out like a starfish when I'm sleeping so yeah...still pretty swaggy though haha! I spent a grand total of one night sleeping in the boat bed, and I was just happy with the fact that I had at least tried it out lol

Cozy little sofa in the corner where I'd curl up and just chill every night after a long, fun and adventurous but tiring day. Because I'm too exhausted and lazy to hop into the shower and get clean before collapsing onto the amazingly comfy bed lol

Watched a bunch of cool shows on the tv. I've never had cable in my home (probably coz my parents knew that if they got cable tv i'd NEVER leave the house) so it was a real treat lol. My faves are Discovery Channel and this other one which I forgot the name of but they show programmes like sketchy dudes getting arrested at airport quarantines haha FUN!

More boats!!

Kinda funny how they just situated this boat thingy in a random corner of the room hahaha

Pretty cool to just sit in and chill...ate some snacks there, used my laptop a lil bit.

Here's a photo I got my sister to take of me lolololol

Damn step HAHAHA

The view from the room balcony was incredible, overlooking more or less the entirety of the Hengqin Bay resort.

Standing there and watching as the sky grew darker, I took deep breaths, inhaling the air of the night and just trying my best to soak in the situation I was in. I couldn't believe how blessed I was!! How blessed I am, actually. Even now, it's so hard to imagine what a privileged life I get to live. Shucks, I'm sorry lol but I really, really am very thankful indeed.

Interruption of my cheesy rambling about how much I looooove life with a mirror selfie hahaha. Hello! It's me!! :D


The bathroom was simply wonderful, no surprises there.


That is an instant +1000 points, right there.

Damn, I love bathtubs.

Double-doored bathrooms! In the previous suite at Chimelong Panyu, there were sliding doors which were shared among the toilet and the shower, but this one had a door each teehee. Cool cool!

Shower was AMAZING, of course. I really liked the wooden plank flooring as soon as I laid eyes on it. Yet another subtle touch of their nautical theme hehehe. LOVE!!

One of the first things on my to-buy list (if and) when I become filthy rich is a big ass shower stall with the swaggiest walls and floorings, and possibly a little bench I could sit on too in case I get tired from cleaning myself hahaha. Or, if I just feel like chilling in my ridiculously expensive and fancy bathroom lmao

Yes, these are the kind of things I have fantasies about. DREAM BATHROOMS, YA FEEL ME??

And here we have some more pics taken from the balcony, when the sun went down and the lights came on and everything within the resort looked all sparkly and dazzling :))

Beautiful, really.

That's all for now teehee. Next post will be about food from the Hengqin Bay Hotel hehehe GET EXCITED!! :D :D

ok luv ya bye xoxo

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