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Note: This post was written on Monday, 18th May but I didn't want to have two entries back to back of me just raving about my undying love for rap music so...yeah lol. I let it marinate in my drafts for a lil bit hehe. Enjoy! :)


The Universe truly works in some weird and wonderful ways.

Literally hours after I had posted my blog entry talking about how much I loved rap music and sort of asked for some recommendations so I could add to the list of artists to check out, I made an awesome discovery.

I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline while taking the train somewhere, and I chanced upon this tweet which I thought was hilarious:

Due to the number of shares it got, I initially thought it was just one of those viral tweets written by random strangers. Yeah, at the time I didn't even recognise the username haha I'M SORRY!! Anywho, turns out the person behind the tweet was this South Korean rapper dude named Tiger JK, and he's from the hip hop group Drunken Tiger. The "Tasha" he was referring to in the tweet is none other than Tasha Reid, probably better known as Yoon Mi Rae, a rapper and singer as well as Tiger JK's wife.

Goddamn, how cool is that haha.

Long story short, I got to reading some of their bios and what they're all about. There was also a link on Tiger JK's Twitter which lead to an interview they did talking about their latest comeback song. I really loved their style and their beliefs with regard to how they feel about music and life in general. One thing lead to another, and before I knew it I was checking out a bunch of their songs and absolutely LOVING them all haha

Yoon Mi Rae was born to an African American dad and a South Korean mom, resulting in her flawless looks, soulful voice and absolutely incredible rap skills and music capabilities in general. (i might sound a tad biased coz i'm now starting to become wildly obsessed with her as an artist, could you tell? HAHAHA)

She and Tiger JK secretly wed in 2007 (that's a whopping seven plus years together!! and he still acts as if he's just beginning to fall in love with her...omg the two of them are really too sweet) and they have a cute little son named Jordan.

Oh my god, I just really have to rave about how HARD and FAST I fell head over heels in love with not only their amazing music, but them as artists as well.

Not gonna lie...I spent the past 24 hours just relentlessly looping those of their songs which I'm about to mention. And watching videos of them too haha, from interviews to snippets of the couple's little interactions caught on camera during the making-of process of their music videos and stuff like that. They really are too adorable for words :))



Very first song of their's that I checked out and INSTANTLY got hooked on. Like, before the very first lyric even came out of Yoon Mi Rae's mouth. Once the beat kicked in, I just knew it man. I was sold. And lemme just tell you, that does not happen often!

This song is absolutely beautiful. Supposedly dedicated to Tiger JK's father who passed away not too long ago. The video has English captions, do check them out! I love the R&B vibes, the incredibly catchy hook (Mi Rae is love, tbh <3) and I just wanna say that Tiger JK's verse in particular is just so powerful and I love love LOVE it.

(the first line of Tiger JK's rap portion was "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Fall seven times, rise on the eighth." so shout-out to my baby girl Nerissa teehee. you have no idea how much strength that quote has given me when I needed it the most, so i kinda got really emotional when that verse was playing and I thought of you haha ❤)

Their sweet little kiss exchange at 2:12 to 2:17 made my heart flutter, and I LOVED the little nod to Taeyang's very old-school song Look Only At Me* at the 1:19 mark hahaha.

*Look Only At Me/Naman Barabwa was like my jam back in the day when I used to study in Macau so...the reference really sent me on a throwback haha


Naturally I was feeling awfully emotional after checking out the music video for Angel so thank goodness this awesome song came in to save the day haha.

The beat on this track is ridiculous...the lyrics are quite simple and repetitive, but listening to it is just a GOOD. ASS. TIME. Holy shit, it's like a little three minute PARTY, it really awakens my freaking spirit HAHA. The video too, damn.

If there's any song that can jolt me out of a funk and make me wanna get up and dance all my troubles away, this is it.

Also, the part where she goes "Bizzy! Tiger! Yoon Mi, Rae!" to the beat just KILLS me every single time hahaha. I love this song ugh :'))


Alright fair warning people, this song is pretty freaking emotional so...probably best not to listen to it at 1AM in the morning when you're already feeling pretty lonely and melancholic hahaha. Like I did...and felt like tearing...OK LOL BRING BACK THE BANG DIGGY BANG BANG HAPPY VIBES PLEASE!!

But yeah, this one has more of a chill, indie vibe and is pretty nice to listen to when you're in the mood for something a little more mellow.

Lyrics may be rather heavy, but they sure as hell are powerful and inspirational.

(i really connected with the first few lines of Tiger JK's verse...i always tend to feel really sad as the day comes to a close and i can physically feel my mood going down together with the sun as the sky turns darker. is anyone else like this? is this like a common thing, or am i just crazy? i just get this strange pang in my heart knowing that yet another day is getting closer and closer to being over haha. night time is truly when my emotions get the most fucked up...and i hate how susceptible i am to it.)

Anyway. lol

Honourable mentions!


Featuring Rapmon from Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS)!! :D

yes i'm a hardcore BTS fan in case you didn't know HAHAHAH my faves are V (Taehyung) and Jimin teehee

The beat is pretty bomb on this song and, oh my goodness. Yoon Mi Rae rapping entirely in English pretty much SLAYED, holy cow. It's spectacular, really. SHE is spectacular. What a fantastic human being she is :))

Also, Tiger JK's rapid fire rapping gives me life.


Yoon Mi Rae's solo track released back in 2007, in which she chronicles the pain she had to face throughout her childhood and adolescent days due to the discrimination against her for being a biracial chick living in South Korea, where it's highly sought after to look as fair and "white" as possible in order be perceived by the society as superior (not different from many Asian countries in general, actually).

Shit is powerful, yo. I mean for real, when she first entered the music industry she was told to deny her African American heritage and to cover up that identity by smearing white makeup on her face. Smh...

Race issues aside, she also talks about how we should keep the faith and believe in our hearts that no matter how difficult things are in our life right now, it will always get better. The message is strong as hell.


Aight, I'm off to discover more of this couple's sheer brilliance hehe. Hip hop legends, no doubt about that. I'm still not over the fact that I only just got to discovering their existence hahaha, but better late then never, right? Also, as far as I can see it, getting to know about their music was kind of a gift from fate that pretty much fell into my lap so...I don't know about you but I think that's pretty cool haha.

Peace out :))

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