Saturday, 27 June 2015

Bits & Bobs from the Land Down Under

Been missing Perth like craaazy, so here are some random photos taken during my most recent trip Down Under! I was just scrolling through my phone gallery and seeing all these pictures brought such a smile to my face :'))

Ahh, the nostalgia~!

I've always wanted to try meringue-based goodies and I think this was probably my first...MERINGUE LEMON TART!! Omg how sexy does it look, amirite?! (actually not very...due to the shitty quality of this photo haha but still) That slight caramelisation at the top is just GLORIOUS.

Tasted freaking BOMB too, not surprisingly. I just love lemony desserts! When they're done right, they are sooo unbelievably tangy and delicious!! Ugh <3

My mum wanted to get this lil sippy cup from Boost so I got a free drink out of it teehee. I went with their Chocolate Banana smoothie, which is probably without a doubt the least healthy drink on the entire menu hahaha but SO YUMMY!! love love love omg

So cute :D

One of the many infuriatingly gorgeous Perth sunsets I had the utmost privilege of witnessing. Australia skies are just phenomenally beautiful, like ALL the time. No joke. Such an abundance of stars when night falls, too. Damn.

Went to visit our neighbours and more importantly their ridonkulously adorable dog Teddy awwwwwww!! I LOVE DOGGIESSSSS <3

Cutie!! *heart eye emoji*

It was so hilarious coz we found out at one point that Teddy just loooooves being on camera. 

He'll just be like normal and chill in' but once he realises that someone's snapping pics of him…

HE FLASHES THIS GREAT BIG GRIN ON HIS ADORABLE FACE!! hahhahahahaha model material sia

Here he is again with that incredible smile next to his cute lil doggy bed and kennel! What a happy doggy awwwwww~!! <3

Fell in love with this little cutie when I accompanied my little sis to go look through the aisles of toys at Target. I named her Dolleen. Get it? Coz she's a doll? lmao

I'm so creative :)

Anyways she was so adorable and SQUISHY I was honestly tempted to fork out like, actual cash to buy this useless piece of crap which is intended to be sold to and played with by little toddlers and shit. Ugh what is wrong with me. 

Fortunately, Dolleen was hella overpriced so when I saw that she cost close to thirty bucks I tossed her back into the shelves lol sorry boo xo

So y'all know how much I freaking love Red Rooster's cheesy chicken nuggets right…


It's almost as big as ma face!! HAHAHAHAHAH OMG

Sorry for this pic lol it's so creepy and i look kinda gross coz i'd just stepped out of the shower and my hair's still kinda wet and soggy and there's nary a touch of makeup on my face but I had to illustrate the sheer size of that goddamn nugget lmao

It looks like I don't have a nose omg I look like Voldemort…

Anyway. lol

Taking the metro!! Omg can you believe that after over a decade of being an Australian citizen, this was my first time experiencing a train ride??! CRAZY!!!!!!! So yeah, I was understandably super excited and being really annoying and tourist-y about the whole trip hehehe

I'm kinda obsessed with Magnum ice cream bars, but they're really pricey so when we were doing some grocery shopping at Coles (one of the big supermarkets in Aussie) we decided to try out their house brand of chocolate-coated ice cream bars.

Turns out...the quality was absolutely ON POINT, oh my flippin' goodness gracious me.

The ice cream was really dotted with vanilla pod seeds, and that's when you know it's da real deal!

But what's even better than that...


Even Magnum doesn't have PB flavoured ice cream bars!! GOSH, MAGNUM STEP YOUR GAME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im'ma let y'all know right now, the pb flavoured one tasted OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Went to the city to pick up our car rental and my mum bought TACOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay me gusta tacos very very much lol (ok that was so gross of me to say hahaha I APOLOGISE)

There was beef, chicken and pork. All were freaking fab in their own way and I JUST LOVE TACOS SO MUCH OMG i cannot get enough D;

I need more Mexican food in my life UGH forreal

Saw this adorable fluffy rabbit and the colour scheme just made me crave for Paddle Pops lol (yes, i am never not thinking about ice cream lmao)

Triceratops are my all-time favourite dinosaurs EVER and this lil cutie really stole my heart :'))

How cute is he!! And the pleather texture, oh my goodness. I wanted to purchase it so bad!! But I realised how completely useless it would be to have it in my possession

It even matched my nails! Teehee

Gorgeous little rocking chair. I am in love with the pretty floral patterns omg

Honestly speaking I don't even remember why this picture was in my phone gallery HAHA. But yeah...I suppose I found it interesting at the time that people would actually want galaxy designs on their crotchamus. :)


When my mum came home from the grocery stores with it one night (BLESS HER SOUL) I saw it and almost immediately I began to WEEP like, GOODNESS GRACIOUS, YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! MY HEART CANNOT TAKE THIS LEVEL OF WONDER AND AMAZEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The creamiest, richest and most tantalisingly DELICIOUS cherry ice cream, swirled in with DARK CHOCOLATE FUDGE and chewy shreds of coconut.

Mamma mia. BELLISSIMO!! <3 <3 <3

Ya, even in Australia I crave for summa dat yummy NASI LEMAK, you know what I'm sayin'?

Tragically, however, I am allergic to fish so I was not able to consume the two chunks of very tasty looking fried fish as well as the fish cake in the bottom right corner.

So basically I just ate rice + egg + ikan bilis + chilli lmao

NO COMPLAINTS DOE!! I freaking love sambal chilli and ikan bilis is pretty much my LIFE. 

Fun fact: Did you know that back when I studied primary school in Perth, I would eat a simple meal of ikan bilis (bought from the quaint oriental marts in my neighbourhood, bless them for existing and fuelling my Asian food needs omg) and plain, white rice for lunch AND dinner more than three times a week!


Also, don't ask why I'm allergic to most types of fish but somehow not tuna and ikan bilis hahaha. I don't question it. I'M JUST GRATEFUL TO HAVE IKAN BILIS IN MY LIFE lmao

Walked past this poster and I almost let out a tiny moan. HOW GOOD DOES THAT LOOK/SOUND?! Sadly I didn't get to try it :((

Oh well! During my next trip, then! For now, my imagination will have to suffice teehee *CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH mmmmm yum yum!* 


i literally don't know anymore lol i've been typing this post for so long

This was on our last day of the trip! Teddy came by to bid us farewell awwww :'))

SUCH A SWEET LITTLE BOY!! Miss him so much already ugh T^T

And finish off this post...


ok bye lol

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

RISE & GRIND. (not really lol)

I'm currently in the last week of my first term break of the academic year (gasp!) and it has just occurred to me that this is pretty much the first time in over a fortnight where I'm actually sitting at home with no plans whatsoever, for the entire day.

And it's tripping me out, man!!!!!! I never used to be like this, omg.

Holidays for me have always equated to day after day of just doing absolutely NOTHING at all!! I'm talking like, lying in bed (which i love dearly and always miss SO much during the semester *sobs*) and doing useless, mind-numbing activities like playing dumb yet addictive phone games for so long that I leave a total body imprint in my mattress lmao

Please see this post from the exact same term break one year ago about how incredibly "productive" my school vacation went HAHAHAHA. Now that I think of it, wow. It really is super easy for me to spiral out of control as soon as I don't have a proper, fixed schedule and routine to stick to. Which is a really big and SCARY problem for me lmao damn


I decided to take advantage of the invaluable free time I have to spare today to finally get started on a writing project for school, one that I have quite literally been procrastinating on since the very beginning of the school year when it was first assigned to us HAHA. Not even kidding omg…which is quite tragic.

I've just been dreading it for so long, but now that I've finally seated my lazy ass down to begin writing it…I actually realised that...

I almost kinda miss being on my grind.

(i still got a mad stash of those delicious iced gems left over from the CNY period where i got a lil bit carried away and stockpiled enough packets to last through the year lmao)

The sense of urgency to rush out an essay (because let's face it, with me it's always either last minute, or nothing at all). That sweet momentum I gain once the gears in my head start churning and the right words just pop into my head and appear on my computer screen one after the other. Hearing the familiar clickity-clack noises of the keyboard cheering me on as I type furiously away. And quite possibly my favourite, the huge sense of satisfaction and relief when I'm finally done and can safely close all the burdensome school-related tabs I have open in my browser, press "save" on the document I've toiled over for however many gruelling hours, and just close Microsoft Word, completely at ease over the fact that I no longer have to worry about that particular project anymore.

Subsequently, I'd tend to reward myself with about 19 straight hours of scrolling through Tumblr as well as binge-watching inane Youtube videos, and perhaps eating one or four Magnum ice cream bars.

It's a great little system, really.

Anyways, I don't know if you've noticed by now but this entire post is pretty much pointless and I'm actually typing it out right now as a means to procrastinate even further on my essay HAHAHA oh, goodness me.

Gonna leave y'all with this:

I bought this milk baumkuchen cake thingy from 7-11 some time ago (I LOVE 7-11!! OMG ever since i was a lil kid i've been telling my mum that i want to MARRY 7-11 HAHAHAHA that's how much i love the stores!!!!!) (I FREAKING LOVE ANYTHING THAT'S 24 HOURS TBH LOL) and I finally decided to rip this cutie up and taste it (that sounds SO wrong lmao my apologies) today as a nice little study treat!

I've had this underlying obsession with baumkuchens ever since my psychotic Fairywoods Patisserie addiction era lol. Man, those were some dark times.

I know it doesn't look super pleasant or anything, but it actually tastes pretty bomb!! I gotta say I was quite surprised haha. What I was most impressed with was the texture of it. Even though it's packaged in a way that's intended to be kept for quite a long time, the cake was soooooo delectably soft and fluffy!! And MOIST, omg. So, very, MOIST. (for all those people who are turned off by the word "moist", am i making you uncomfortable yet? moist moist moi-si-ty MOIST)

Taste-wise, I wouldn't say it was bombastic or anything (definitely nowhere near the flavour standards of those fancy schmancy baumkuchens at Takashimaya haha) but it does make for a decently enjoyable snack if you're craving some sweet cakes to munch on! Also, they're really super soft. And MOIST. lolololololol

Peeped the ingredient list and there's honey in it, which immediately made me like it 300% more hahaha. YAY, HONEY!! <3

That was like my second Milo packet of the day…and I have a feeling I'm gonna have at least one more tonight omg…Is it possible to overdose on Milo? T^T WHY IT GOTTA BE SO DAMN GOOD THOOOOO

*exo sings in the background as i finish slurping up my 18th packet of Milo for the day* IGEON OVERDOSE!

Friday, 19 June 2015


I just went from having my heart beat wildly against my chest at alarming speeds, my hands trembling uncontrollably and not knowing whether I'd be able to make it through the night, much less face the rest of the world and just carry on living my life as if an emotional crisis involving affairs of the heart hadn't just occurred, to feeling light as a feather. Happier than I've ever felt in a long, long while.

I guess I've just been carrying this horrible, horrible weight with me for way too long. This burden on my heart, this sorrow in my head that's been constantly gnawing at the back of my mind, slowly but surely eating away at all the joy I could've had in my life.

And all it took for me to get rid of it all, and feel as refreshed as I do now, like I'm all brand new, was a good ol' fashioned cry.

(thank you soooooooooo much, Summer, for always being there for me when i truly need you the most. and i'm sorry you had to sit at a public bench after work just to listen to me bawling hysterically on the phone for almost half an hour and yelling vulgarities in between loud, heavy sobs lol. you are The Best, and i honestly don't know what i would do without you. you are without a doubt my ultimate source of strength for when shit happens, no question about it. and i am so, so grateful for you. ❤)

On the bright side, I won't have to be dealing with a certain someone from here on out. Someone who has been contributing pretty much nothing but agony to my life for quite a while now, and I dare say that he was perhaps the one and only aspect of my life which was negative.

Can you imagine that? I actually sat down and thought about it one fine day and came to the incredible realisation that my life is actually all-out splendid. (not trying to brag or rub it in any of your faces but yeah, 'tis the truth) Full of love and joy, very #blessed indeed lol and all that jazz!

Be it family and friends, school, work, post-school plans, health, relaxation, food, fun, travel, entertainment, music, literally EVERYTHING about my life, tick tick tick. All the boxes, checked.

Except for this one particular aspect, that has just been dragging me down and making me feel like absolute shit.

Yes, this one single element somehow had the power of seemingly ERASING all the other great stuff about my life. I hate to say it, but it's true. It made me forget all the other blessings I had in life. It made me take everything else for granted. And as a result, I allowed myself to feel utterly miserable over this one aspect of my life, over the person who was behind it.

LESSON OF THE DAY: Cut the poison out of your life.

No matter who it is, if that person is causing you way more anguish than joy, it's time to sit down and really deliberate over what kind of role they play in your life, and what exactly they mean to you. From there, you need to consciously take action to ensure that they know exactly what it is they did wrong and thus no longer have the excuse of hurting you again in future, or simply to remove them from your life completely.

DO NOT allow someone into your life who is only going to be a thief of your joy.

You do NOT owe them anything.

I'm 98% sure that the person I'm referring to doesn't read my blog but even if he does see this, I don't give a shit. I really don't! He knows good and well what he's done to me.

*takes a deep breath*


In a way, I'm really glad this happened. And I know that it had to happen, so while the pain that I'm experiencing right now is borderline excruciating, I know that this too shall pass.

Another thing that I learned from this: Closure is astoundingly important. And I'm so thankful that I received it today, and not a single moment later. I don't want this needless suffering to go on any longer than it already has.

And now for those who are keeping score (aka just me, basically lol), here it goes.

As of today, at the age of 19 years and seven months old, I still haven't had my first boyfriend, first kiss, …etc etc. You can probably use your imagination to figure out how the rest of this list goes. But yeah. 100% virgin territories here, HAHAHAHA literally, if ya know what I mean LOL. Ahem.

I still stand by the notion of saving it all for that person who is truly special, (no, i don't believe in waiting til marriage lmao I'M SORRY) so yeah. It's good that I didn't give him anything, so to speak. And yes, I'm glad.

Lastly, remember: You are so worthy of someone who genuinely likes and cares for you, and who wants to be with you for all the right reasons. Do not make the mistake of being with someone just for the sake of it. It may take time, but there is someone out there who is just right for you. And they're gonna make you so happy without even trying, your insides will feel all warm and fuzzy at the very thought of them, and you'll just feel loved. Really, really loved. I hope you all find that person soon, without too much trouble along the way :))

Yes, including you, the guy I'm talking about in this post, on the off-chance that you might be reading this. Because despite the damage that you've done to me, and how much I resent you for all the unnecessary torment you put me through, the sad thing is…I don't think I could bring myself to hate you.

With that being said, I wish you nothing but the best, from the bottom of my heart.

But get the fuck out of my life. Forreal.

You've done enough to fuck it up.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

#ExplorePenang Part 2: AMAZING INDIAN FOOD

Tuesday, 7th October 2014
Indian Palace (Indian restaurant in Georgetown)
Penang, Malaysia

Can you believe...that prior to this meal that I had during my Penang trip, I had never properly experienced Indian cuisine before? I mean FORREAL. Over 18 years spent living in a country where Indians make up one of three major ethnicity groups. There's Indian food available EVERYWHERE! Be it fancy restaurants or kopitiams (coffee shops) in your neighbourhood where you can get a full Indian meal that's authentic as it can get, probably for under five bucks.

Yet, for some inconceivable reason, I never once thought to sample the amazing delicacies Indian cuisine has to offer.

Sure, it goes without saying that I've had my fair share of regular Indian curry, and I do love prata. Not forgetting to mention papadum, one of my all-time favourite crispy snacks! But that was about it. I didn't even eat biryani, for crying out loud. How tragic is that?! :(

Anyway, this void in my life was filled when my family decided to dine at this incredible restaurant called Indian Palace. It was situated right next to the service apartment we were staying at! How's that for convenience?

Best believe that if I were to live there, I'd probably head down to the restaurant every single day to get my fix of yummy Indian goodness. (food. i'm talking about food. just in case there was a need for clarification...)

Since this meal, I have taken a HUGE liking to Indian cuisine and I'm glad to say that I've been a little more adventurous in trying out new dishes that are beyond those which I know and love haha. FOOD IS GREAT!! I love exploring new types of cuisines and discovering new favourites hehehe. One of the greatest joys in life, to be honest :'))

EIGHTEEN YEARS, though. It took almost TWO DECADES for me to learn just how bombastically delicious Indian food is. What a waste of my youth lmao. But oh well, better late then never, I say.

And I'm living a wonderful, very happy and biryani-filled life right now haha. So it's all good :))


Incredible food aside, the restaurant was also stunningly decorated. And pretty damn huge, too! As you will soon see from the many pictures I took of the place haha

Isn't the place just gorgeous?! I was so in LOVE with it and I hadn't even sat my arse down yet!!

Tiny little Christmas tree on the counter, nice touch!

There was a whole bunch of gorgeous looking paintings, and all of a sudden I kinda wished that I was one of those super cultured people who knew how to properly appreciate art haha

Cool cool

They served us plain water in these very cool looking metal cups. I'm pretty sure there's a traditional name for them...but I haven't the faintest clue what it would be haha. Anyway, they were hella heavy lol like forreal

And now, time for some sexy food pics! HOORAY~!! *confetti cannon goes off*

A nice little appetiser of spring rolls to kick things off. Definitely not the same as the Asian spring rolls most of y'all are probably familiar with, but still super delicious nonetheless.

The veggies are much softer and marinated in some light spices. Reeeally good!

What's an Indian meal without papadum, amirite?

Crispy, flavourful, and utterly ADDICTIVE, I tell you.

Also, shout-out to that little dish of green goodness omg.

I'm not entirely sure of how accurate this is...but I believe it's called raita. It's this fabulous dipping sauce that has the most insanely subtle yet impactful flavours, does that make sense?! Like, the flavours aren't super rich or anything. It's actually very light and appetising, but still super duper tasty. Omg it's just so great I tell you. You HAVE to try it out yourself to understand how freaking good it is!!

I loved it so much hahaha

This was the main dish that I got! Tandoori chicken, naan bread and a bowl of curry.

Hoo, boy. The tandoori chicken was somethin' else, I tell you. Soooo delectably well-marinated, succulent and flavour-packed from start to finish. The ever-so-slightly charred bits were my fave, mmm. Yuuummmmmmmm!!

Comes with a nice, refreshing yogurt dip and more of that heavenly green sauce teehee. Curry was bomb too, obviously.

I didn't take proper pictures of everyone else's mains, but you can sorta see what my dad got. It was essentially biryani rice with a whole selection of various curries.

Man, it was like a mini buffet party of spicy deliciousness. So much fun!! I always love trying each of the curries one after the other and picking out your favourites haha. They were all so, SO tasty. Oh my goodness. Help me please I LOVE INDIAN FOOD!! T^T

Also, I know this isn't anything super special or whatever but goddamn, their mango juice was FRESH as all hell, oh my word. Mango is probably my all-time favourite type of juice (right up there with breakfast juice) and their's was on point. On, freaking, POINT, I tell ya!!

As if this meal wasn't already completely perfect, right here we got some cheese naan.

Oh, that's right. You heard me. Or, rather, saw the words I typed lol. Cheese. Muthafreakin'. NAAN.

I had been anticipating its arrival to our table with all the glee and excitement in the world and when it finally came, good lord. I was not ready.

The cheese aroma? Hit me in the face. Just, right in the face. HIT ME. Like a ton of bricks!!

Holy smokes, the fragrance was overwhelmingly delicious. It's the kind of smell that is capable of sending your head whirling around and drool spilling uncontrollably out of your mouth. Not the most pleasant sight to imagine, I know. But it's the damn truth!!

Naan bread is yummy as hell. Cheese is just, well. It's PERFECTION! You just can't go wrong with cheese! You can't! I'm sorry, but it's a fact of the Universe.

Well, combine these two things which are already freaking delicious on their own, and bam.

It's's just divine. Oh my god. I'm crying just thinking about it :'))

And the best part? It was hella cheap too. Oh, wow. My, my. The world is just all sorts of wonderful. I should've ordered like seven whole BUCKETFULS of that amazing goodness, forreal. Ugh. Just so great.

After one helluva flawless and amazing meal, my sis and I decided to get out of our seats and wander about, exploring the restaurant a lil bit.

We actually discovered this whole other section, with a staircase leading up to a whole other floor!! Oh my goodness, how freaking huge is this place hahaha

Big, for sure, but also pretty empty in case you haven't realised. And I simply cannot begin to fathom why??! I mean, umm. The food is perfection and the prices are beyond pocket-friendly????!

To make your Indian Palace even more marvellous than it already is, might I add that their service is superb too.

Waiters are very warm and friendly, and they're more than happy to help if you're someone like who doesn't have the faintest clue how to pronounce certain dishes, or even know what ingredients they contain.

This curious little tub of white bits was lying on their counter when my mum was settling the bill. Catching sight of my utterly confused expression, the awesome waiter explained that they were sorta like little natural mints that you chew on after a meal to cleanse your palate. How cool is that!!

I helped myself to a tiny spoonful, it was great haha. Super refreshing and it just trips me out that it is 100% natural! Damn, Mother Nature. You swaggy af!

A few nights later I was having some pretty hardcore cravings for that phenomenal cheese naan so my mum tabao-ed (takeaway) it for me, HOORAY!!!!!!!!!! Complete with my looove, aka that delectable green sauce.

Let me just tell you that even after chucking the leftovers in the fridge overnight, bringing them out to sit in the room temperature environment (coz ain't nobody got time for microwaves, apparently lol), having the cheese naan go sorta stale and the dipping sauce all chilly and weird, IT STILL TASTED BOMB.

Man, what is this magic right here?!

Realised I didn't take a nice, proper photo of the restaurant's entrance plus signboard and stuff, so I took care of that during one of the last days of our trip. We'd just come back from a shopping trip and it was pretty late at night, but I passed by the majestic place of wonder and happy tastebuds so there you have it...


I want some cheese naan right now :(

SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /screaming

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Pink Dot 2015

Attended Pink Dot for the very first time in my life today, and it was an absolute blast!

For those of you who aren't familiar, Pink Dot is an event held annually at Hong Lim Park for Singaporeans to gather and show their support for the LGBT community.

It started out in 2009, and look how much the "pink dot" has grown over the years!

And this year, the event had a record-breaking turnout of a whopping 28,000 people!! How crazy is that?!

You can only imagine how awe-inspiring that big of a crowd would look from an aerial view, right?

Well, no need to imagine. See for yourself:

Wow. Just WOW. Spectacular, isn't it?

I love this picture so much, it really is beautiful. But more than that, it speaks a great deal about how Singapore is taking some pretty big steps into the direction of progress. And I'm so, so happy and thankful to say that I am a part of it :))


The event was pretty awesome. We got to soak up the good vibes of just being in such a caring and positive environment. That feeling of being in this huge space where thousands of people decked out in pink clothes just like you, people of all ages and races, from all walks of life. And they all have one thing in common: they believe in LGBT rights. It's just an incredible feeling, really.

There was also a mini concert! The highlights for me personally were Hirzi's performance (a pity that Munah couldn't make it, but getting to hear him belt out all their hilarious parody covers live was AMAZING), the freaking fantastic dance performance (it was SO good, omg), and of course...freaking. SHIGGA. SHAY.

Oh my goodness, let me just tell you.

I am a fan of Shigga Shay and his music. I mean, seriously, any form of local rap and hip-hop music, I am 100% down. And Grizzle Grind Crew is just TEARING up the game.

But, I am not a crazy fangirl for Shigga Shay.

So admittedly, I was looking forward to his performance, but that was it. I was excited to see him do his thing, and rock out to some good music, but it's not like I would scream and go into manic hyper fangirl mode or anything.


I was wrong. Coz that happened.

Holy shit, I don't know what came over me, honestly. I think it was the lack of anticipation. I thought they would make an announcement or something before he came onto the stage, so as to hype the crowd up and stuff. But nooooo. He just came strolling in midway through some other guy (ok it was Darren Tan lol)'s performance, rapping and shit. In Chinese, no less!

So yeah, I started screaming lol

I literally could not stop screaming lmao. I think I was having a nervous breakdown hahaha

Then he started performing Lion City Kia and I was like...bruh.


I started rapping along to it and I was just like...UGH. I WAS SO INTO IT, OMG!

So yeah. Pretty good experience lol

Summer snapped this picture of me having a moment of spiritual awakening whilst watching Shigga perform a NEW song omg. It sounded hella good, man. Mad props to him (Y)

Sky was freaking gorgeous omg. There were streaks of pink as the sun went down leading up to the moment where we all pointed our pink torches in the air to form the pink dot. The Universe has spoken!! teehee lol

Some pictures we took throughout the event!

A photo posted by ★ Renae Cheng | 佳琪 (@renaecjc) on

A photo posted by ★ Renae Cheng | 佳琪 (@renaecjc) on

They had a photobooth complete with lots of wacky props, including...a pudding hat. OBVIOUSLY I had to put it on, right? #puddingfan4lyfe lmao

It even matches the little icon of this blog! FATE hahahahah


Today, I am grateful for all the wonderful homosexual/bisexual/transgender people I have gotten the pleasure of knowing in my life. Without them, I would probably have remained an ignorant young individual like I was many years ago, possibly even a little bit hateful, too.

There's still have a long way to go in terms of the LGBT community being granted of full acceptance, but I believe that if we all walk together hand in hand with all the support we can get, the journey won't be as hard.

Reminder that ALL of us, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, have the right to be safe and happy ALWAYS.

#FreedomToLove ❤


Here are some random photos taken throughout the day that are unrelated to the event itself! Pretty much just food we ate pre- and post-Pink

Summer took us to this super cute ice cream and waffles café which is honestly the bomb DIGGITY.

We got Earl Grey and Sea Salt Caramel ice cream. How huge are the scoops?! omg

They tasted fecking PERF too. As did the waffles, which were drizzled with just the right amount of chocolate sauce + syrup before a light dusting of sugar.


I wish to go there again. Like, real soon. Twelve hundred more times.

jks lol

Probs just until I get to try out all of their yummy ice cream flavours :))

Summer also got this awesome AFFOGATO concoction on the house from the boss coz she's a hella regular customer there. But then she put the price of it in their tip jar afterwards so. Yeah lol

AFFOGATO WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!! Quality shit, right there.

I want so many ice creams right now :((

Headed to Saizeriya after Pink Dot for a nice, quick, cheap and DELICIOUS dinner.

Didn't really notice it til we left the event venue but I was pretty famished hahaha

Gosh, I freaking love Saizeriya :'))

Oh yeah, Kenneth bought along some matcha (♥) cookies which he'd baked.

They were downright STELLAR, omg.

I'm not even kidding when I say those things are goddamn ADDICTIVE. Like, DRUG level addictive, I tell you. I literally could not stop reaching out for one after the other. They were SO good!! With the little white chocolate chips, OMG. I don't even LIKE white chocolate!!!!!! But these were yummy as hell. YOU DA MAN, KENNETH. (hi if you're reading this) (BAKE ME MORE STUFF) (pls)

I ordered this scrumptious curry baked rice with crispy fried chicken and LOTSA CHEESE (♥), plus the free-flow drink bar (where i just helped myself to trip after trip to the majestic MILO (♥) machine hahaha) and, get this...


Oh my lordy.

Have I ever mentioned how much I freaking LOVE Saizeriya?!