Saturday, 27 June 2015

Bits & Bobs from the Land Down Under

Been missing Perth like craaazy, so here are some random photos taken during my most recent trip Down Under! I was just scrolling through my phone gallery and seeing all these pictures brought such a smile to my face :'))

Ahh, the nostalgia~!

I've always wanted to try meringue-based goodies and I think this was probably my first...MERINGUE LEMON TART!! Omg how sexy does it look, amirite?! (actually not very...due to the shitty quality of this photo haha but still) That slight caramelisation at the top is just GLORIOUS.

Tasted freaking BOMB too, not surprisingly. I just love lemony desserts! When they're done right, they are sooo unbelievably tangy and delicious!! Ugh <3

My mum wanted to get this lil sippy cup from Boost so I got a free drink out of it teehee. I went with their Chocolate Banana smoothie, which is probably without a doubt the least healthy drink on the entire menu hahaha but SO YUMMY!! love love love omg

So cute :D

One of the many infuriatingly gorgeous Perth sunsets I had the utmost privilege of witnessing. Australia skies are just phenomenally beautiful, like ALL the time. No joke. Such an abundance of stars when night falls, too. Damn.

Went to visit our neighbours and more importantly their ridonkulously adorable dog Teddy awwwwwww!! I LOVE DOGGIESSSSS <3

Cutie!! *heart eye emoji*

It was so hilarious coz we found out at one point that Teddy just loooooves being on camera. 

He'll just be like normal and chill in' but once he realises that someone's snapping pics of him…

HE FLASHES THIS GREAT BIG GRIN ON HIS ADORABLE FACE!! hahhahahahaha model material sia

Here he is again with that incredible smile next to his cute lil doggy bed and kennel! What a happy doggy awwwwww~!! <3

Fell in love with this little cutie when I accompanied my little sis to go look through the aisles of toys at Target. I named her Dolleen. Get it? Coz she's a doll? lmao

I'm so creative :)

Anyways she was so adorable and SQUISHY I was honestly tempted to fork out like, actual cash to buy this useless piece of crap which is intended to be sold to and played with by little toddlers and shit. Ugh what is wrong with me. 

Fortunately, Dolleen was hella overpriced so when I saw that she cost close to thirty bucks I tossed her back into the shelves lol sorry boo xo

So y'all know how much I freaking love Red Rooster's cheesy chicken nuggets right…


It's almost as big as ma face!! HAHAHAHAHAH OMG

Sorry for this pic lol it's so creepy and i look kinda gross coz i'd just stepped out of the shower and my hair's still kinda wet and soggy and there's nary a touch of makeup on my face but I had to illustrate the sheer size of that goddamn nugget lmao

It looks like I don't have a nose omg I look like Voldemort…

Anyway. lol

Taking the metro!! Omg can you believe that after over a decade of being an Australian citizen, this was my first time experiencing a train ride??! CRAZY!!!!!!! So yeah, I was understandably super excited and being really annoying and tourist-y about the whole trip hehehe

I'm kinda obsessed with Magnum ice cream bars, but they're really pricey so when we were doing some grocery shopping at Coles (one of the big supermarkets in Aussie) we decided to try out their house brand of chocolate-coated ice cream bars.

Turns out...the quality was absolutely ON POINT, oh my flippin' goodness gracious me.

The ice cream was really dotted with vanilla pod seeds, and that's when you know it's da real deal!

But what's even better than that...


Even Magnum doesn't have PB flavoured ice cream bars!! GOSH, MAGNUM STEP YOUR GAME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im'ma let y'all know right now, the pb flavoured one tasted OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Went to the city to pick up our car rental and my mum bought TACOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay me gusta tacos very very much lol (ok that was so gross of me to say hahaha I APOLOGISE)

There was beef, chicken and pork. All were freaking fab in their own way and I JUST LOVE TACOS SO MUCH OMG i cannot get enough D;

I need more Mexican food in my life UGH forreal

Saw this adorable fluffy rabbit and the colour scheme just made me crave for Paddle Pops lol (yes, i am never not thinking about ice cream lmao)

Triceratops are my all-time favourite dinosaurs EVER and this lil cutie really stole my heart :'))

How cute is he!! And the pleather texture, oh my goodness. I wanted to purchase it so bad!! But I realised how completely useless it would be to have it in my possession

It even matched my nails! Teehee

Gorgeous little rocking chair. I am in love with the pretty floral patterns omg

Honestly speaking I don't even remember why this picture was in my phone gallery HAHA. But yeah...I suppose I found it interesting at the time that people would actually want galaxy designs on their crotchamus. :)


When my mum came home from the grocery stores with it one night (BLESS HER SOUL) I saw it and almost immediately I began to WEEP like, GOODNESS GRACIOUS, YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! MY HEART CANNOT TAKE THIS LEVEL OF WONDER AND AMAZEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The creamiest, richest and most tantalisingly DELICIOUS cherry ice cream, swirled in with DARK CHOCOLATE FUDGE and chewy shreds of coconut.

Mamma mia. BELLISSIMO!! <3 <3 <3

Ya, even in Australia I crave for summa dat yummy NASI LEMAK, you know what I'm sayin'?

Tragically, however, I am allergic to fish so I was not able to consume the two chunks of very tasty looking fried fish as well as the fish cake in the bottom right corner.

So basically I just ate rice + egg + ikan bilis + chilli lmao

NO COMPLAINTS DOE!! I freaking love sambal chilli and ikan bilis is pretty much my LIFE. 

Fun fact: Did you know that back when I studied primary school in Perth, I would eat a simple meal of ikan bilis (bought from the quaint oriental marts in my neighbourhood, bless them for existing and fuelling my Asian food needs omg) and plain, white rice for lunch AND dinner more than three times a week!


Also, don't ask why I'm allergic to most types of fish but somehow not tuna and ikan bilis hahaha. I don't question it. I'M JUST GRATEFUL TO HAVE IKAN BILIS IN MY LIFE lmao

Walked past this poster and I almost let out a tiny moan. HOW GOOD DOES THAT LOOK/SOUND?! Sadly I didn't get to try it :((

Oh well! During my next trip, then! For now, my imagination will have to suffice teehee *CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH mmmmm yum yum!* 


i literally don't know anymore lol i've been typing this post for so long

This was on our last day of the trip! Teddy came by to bid us farewell awwww :'))

SUCH A SWEET LITTLE BOY!! Miss him so much already ugh T^T

And finish off this post...


ok bye lol

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  1. a happy doggy can lift anyone's day. I tried that Nutella, banana, marshmallow pizza before a few months ago. It tastes alright, nothing to write home about.