Friday, 5 June 2015

Day 156

We are almost midway through 2015, and it never fails to trip me out just how rapidly time seems to pass us by.

Year after year, the first few months seem to come and go in a flash and before I know it, I look to the calendar in a state of sheer bewilderment over the realisation that it's already freaking June.

2015 is no exception, but I ain't even mad to be honest. Coz life is just straight up FANTASTIC right now :))

My June got off to a GR8 start when I finally got around to watching Unpretty Rapstar.

(the following paragraphs are just gonna be of me raving relentless about how flawless and amazing i think the show is so if that is of no interest to you, please skip past the blockquoted section hahaha)

If it weren't already painfully obvious (to people who know me in real life, or have been reading my blog for quite some time, at least), I am a huge fan of K-music and rap/hip hop music is pretty much my LIFE PASSION at this point lmao (that, and writing). So it would only make sense that a show like Unpretty Rapstar, which is essentially a South Korean reality programme/contest for female rappers, would have me hooked instantly.


That happened lol

Forreal tho, within like five minutes of the first episode I was already screaming internally over how AWESOME this show is.

I've been wanting to check it out since FOREVER (a billion thanks to Vanz for introducing me to it in the first place, which was like months and months ago haha and i just kept ignoring her recommendation lol!) but I just never got the time to sit down and start on a new tv series, ya know?

Anywho, the show is swaggy af and I highly, HIGHLY recommend it to anyone in the world, ever, regardless of whether you are a fan of this music genre or whether you are interested in South Korean television programmes lmao (THERE ARE ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE YA, DON'T WORRY!!)

You should definitely watch it so that we can chat about it (i will mostly be screaming as my enthusiasm cannot be tamed) and subsequently become best friends. :)

My absolute faves are Cheetah and Jessi (QUEENS, OMG <3). I honestly think that the song "My Type" is a gift from the gods HAHAHAHA forreal tho, it features both of my favourites and naturally they be sounding BOMB as hell. The song just sounds amazing, it's catchy and I love the lyrics. Of course, bonus points for the fact that it was produced by Verbal Jint, whom I only got to realise through watching him on the show, is very very sexy HAHAHA

The show is great. Very inspirational lyrical content, raw and incredible talent, and the juicy drama element that makes a reality show worth watching. Gosh, I love it so much.

A lil bit sad that I finished the entire series yesterday (obviously i had no self control not to binge-watch lmao) but it's all good. I'm starting on Show Me The Money 3 now teehee, hope it's just as good :))

Okay end of my raving lmao

I am currently in a state of elation because, get this...

For the past few weeks I've been pretty stressed and bummed out coz the deadline for us to self-source our internship companies has been looming and I haven't made much progress at all.


Today I headed down to the headquarters of a company I have really been liking, and it's also a place where I would REALLY enjoy working at. They were kind enough to call me up for an interview when I sent in my application, which to me was just HUGE.

Literally like three hours after I left the office...

They called me up and...

I got the job.


*explodes into a cloud of confetti*


I am so relieved and THANKFUL, and beyond excited to begin my journey working with them :))

(which won't be until a few months down the road lah but still)

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! teehee

Aside from this wonderful and amazing piece of news that is definitely cause for some SERIOUS celebration (*proceeds to eat an entire Hokkaido cheesecake all by myself in one sitting*), I have just been feeling super grateful lately, for how blessed my life is. Like, really, INSANELY so. Sometimes it makes my head spin haha, just how fortunate and privileged and BLESSED I am.

I am by no means trying to boast or rub it in the faces of people who may not have it as good as me...

I just want to express how thankful I am and honestly, how much I fucking LOVE life oh my god...It's crazy, really.

Side note but the unhappiest people I've ever met are also the most past self included. So yeah, something to think about.

I am very very thankful for everything I have in life!!

I am surrounded by my loving family and supportive friends. I got a comfy bed to sleep in every night. I indulge in wickedly good food all the time.

(pardon the shitty quality of the photos, they were all taken on my phone hehe)

Sometimes the best food is the most simple food. LOVE ikan bilis omg. and sambal chilli...and SEAWEED CHICKEN!! ugh Malay food is grrr8 <3

One of my fave school canteen dishes: BLACK PEPPER FRIED UDON NOODLES!!

Soooooo freaking delicious omg, and I don't even like black pepper that much rofl

Lava eggs are alway awesome!

I love the curry butter chicken biryani from 7-11 so, so much oh my goodness...I don't even care that it's instant/microwaveable/probably chock full of preservatives WHATEVER OK it's hella delish!! And it only costs freaking $3.90 LIKE OH MY GOD WHAAAAAAAT

*buys 25 boxes to have for every single meal for the rest of this week*

The ribeye steak sets at Pepper Lunch Express give me life, omg. Forreal. SO YUMMY!!

And for once my phone managed to snap a pic that actually looks pretty stellar hahaha. Okay I slapped a filter on it BUT STILL

Same set on a different occasion. The mashed potatoes (very delicious btw! lots o' creamy, buttery notes) look so much like a scoop of ice cream hahaha :P

Went to visit my godmother to catch up and she brought cakes from Cedele! :D

One of my favourite cafés, oh my. There was red velvet (which i already had before) and oreo cheesecake, which was soooooooo so good.

Super creamy, flavourful, decadent and just all-out YUMZZ!!!!!! So much love <3

She also gave a stick of this AMAAAAAAZING Owl's Teh Tarik to take home. It really tastes fab, I highly recommend it! Why is milk tea so delish ugh :'))

Tried this Pork & Scrambled Egg Wrap from Paris Baguette (love love love) and it mind.

Besides the yummy scrambled eggs and ridonkulously delicious, succulent slivers of marinated pork, there was also cheese, caramelised onions and a super duper tasty sauce.

It was like a flavour explosion, oh my god. Every bite was PACKED with yumminess. It costs $5, which is kinda steep. But well worth it once in a while as a treat! #unintentionalrhyming #rapgod


Hangz @ Swensens w/ Sumz, which was a marvellous time (think we spent close to two hours there lolll). I got my usual ham & cheese omelette, SO GOOD.

This little beauty right here, oh my gosh.

I've kinda been obsessed with iced milo lately, like, more so than usual. This Milo Dinosaur Float was everything I ever wanted HAHAHA

With a scoop of chocolate malt ice cream too, damnnn. <3

Himalayan tea latte, aka heaven in a cup.

I know it doesn't look all that aesthetically pleasing, but honestly it tastes SUPERB and is one of my all-time favourite beverages not just at McCafé, but quite possibly the entire world hahaha. Try it!!

Even at work I'm snacking on such great-tasting food haha (speaking of work, i absolutely LOVE my current part-time job and am so thankful to Summer for hooking me up with it).

I actually am a pretty big fan of rosemary, I've come to realise lol

But yeah this biscuits are terrific! *thumbs up*

Butter cookies, a nice mug of coffee, and a spectacular view.

I mean, seriously?! How sick is this view haha

Ugh. Just so blessed :'))

I'm genuinely surrounded with love and positivity, and that is something I am truly, TRULY grateful for and will never take for granted.

Also, to end off, I realised that I've been singing and rapping a lot these days, and it's helped improve my mood and general wellbeing TREMENDOUSLY!

I rave a lot about how much I love rap music, but truthfully it really is an extraordinary outlet for me to pour all my passions into.

As cheesy as it sounds, music gives me strength haha :)) <3

Me rapping lmao:

A video posted by ★ Renae Cheng | 佳琪 (@renaecjc) on

Singing as well :))

A video posted by ★ Renae Cheng | 佳琪 (@renaecjc) on

Last but not least, I seem to recall having read on Twitter that singing about 10 to 15 minutes every day significantly reduces the chances of getting depression.

Not sure how scientifically accurate that is (you know how the internet gets haha), but I can vouch for the fact that singing out loud really does have the power to transform your mood. It's happened to me countless times, especially on days where I'm just feeling so shitty that nothing seems to make me smile, only to feel like a million bucks after I simply belt out a couple of my fave tunes hehe

Try it!!

In the meantime, stay happy, healthy and hydrated!

Know that you are loved and valued :)) <3



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  1. Your rapping is pretty good and I'm not just saying that. I think it's awesome that Korea has a female rapper reality show. We need more badass girls in the world. I also love dishes that involve a runny egg. I love mixing yolk into rice.