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#ExplorePenang Part 2: AMAZING INDIAN FOOD

Tuesday, 7th October 2014
Indian Palace (Indian restaurant in Georgetown)
Penang, Malaysia

Can you believe...that prior to this meal that I had during my Penang trip, I had never properly experienced Indian cuisine before? I mean FORREAL. Over 18 years spent living in a country where Indians make up one of three major ethnicity groups. There's Indian food available EVERYWHERE! Be it fancy restaurants or kopitiams (coffee shops) in your neighbourhood where you can get a full Indian meal that's authentic as it can get, probably for under five bucks.

Yet, for some inconceivable reason, I never once thought to sample the amazing delicacies Indian cuisine has to offer.

Sure, it goes without saying that I've had my fair share of regular Indian curry, and I do love prata. Not forgetting to mention papadum, one of my all-time favourite crispy snacks! But that was about it. I didn't even eat biryani, for crying out loud. How tragic is that?! :(

Anyway, this void in my life was filled when my family decided to dine at this incredible restaurant called Indian Palace. It was situated right next to the service apartment we were staying at! How's that for convenience?

Best believe that if I were to live there, I'd probably head down to the restaurant every single day to get my fix of yummy Indian goodness. (food. i'm talking about food. just in case there was a need for clarification...)

Since this meal, I have taken a HUGE liking to Indian cuisine and I'm glad to say that I've been a little more adventurous in trying out new dishes that are beyond those which I know and love haha. FOOD IS GREAT!! I love exploring new types of cuisines and discovering new favourites hehehe. One of the greatest joys in life, to be honest :'))

EIGHTEEN YEARS, though. It took almost TWO DECADES for me to learn just how bombastically delicious Indian food is. What a waste of my youth lmao. But oh well, better late then never, I say.

And I'm living a wonderful, very happy and biryani-filled life right now haha. So it's all good :))


Incredible food aside, the restaurant was also stunningly decorated. And pretty damn huge, too! As you will soon see from the many pictures I took of the place haha

Isn't the place just gorgeous?! I was so in LOVE with it and I hadn't even sat my arse down yet!!

Tiny little Christmas tree on the counter, nice touch!

There was a whole bunch of gorgeous looking paintings, and all of a sudden I kinda wished that I was one of those super cultured people who knew how to properly appreciate art haha

Cool cool

They served us plain water in these very cool looking metal cups. I'm pretty sure there's a traditional name for them...but I haven't the faintest clue what it would be haha. Anyway, they were hella heavy lol like forreal

And now, time for some sexy food pics! HOORAY~!! *confetti cannon goes off*

A nice little appetiser of spring rolls to kick things off. Definitely not the same as the Asian spring rolls most of y'all are probably familiar with, but still super delicious nonetheless.

The veggies are much softer and marinated in some light spices. Reeeally good!

What's an Indian meal without papadum, amirite?

Crispy, flavourful, and utterly ADDICTIVE, I tell you.

Also, shout-out to that little dish of green goodness omg.

I'm not entirely sure of how accurate this is...but I believe it's called raita. It's this fabulous dipping sauce that has the most insanely subtle yet impactful flavours, does that make sense?! Like, the flavours aren't super rich or anything. It's actually very light and appetising, but still super duper tasty. Omg it's just so great I tell you. You HAVE to try it out yourself to understand how freaking good it is!!

I loved it so much hahaha

This was the main dish that I got! Tandoori chicken, naan bread and a bowl of curry.

Hoo, boy. The tandoori chicken was somethin' else, I tell you. Soooo delectably well-marinated, succulent and flavour-packed from start to finish. The ever-so-slightly charred bits were my fave, mmm. Yuuummmmmmmm!!

Comes with a nice, refreshing yogurt dip and more of that heavenly green sauce teehee. Curry was bomb too, obviously.

I didn't take proper pictures of everyone else's mains, but you can sorta see what my dad got. It was essentially biryani rice with a whole selection of various curries.

Man, it was like a mini buffet party of spicy deliciousness. So much fun!! I always love trying each of the curries one after the other and picking out your favourites haha. They were all so, SO tasty. Oh my goodness. Help me please I LOVE INDIAN FOOD!! T^T

Also, I know this isn't anything super special or whatever but goddamn, their mango juice was FRESH as all hell, oh my word. Mango is probably my all-time favourite type of juice (right up there with breakfast juice) and their's was on point. On, freaking, POINT, I tell ya!!

As if this meal wasn't already completely perfect, right here we got some cheese naan.

Oh, that's right. You heard me. Or, rather, saw the words I typed lol. Cheese. Muthafreakin'. NAAN.

I had been anticipating its arrival to our table with all the glee and excitement in the world and when it finally came, good lord. I was not ready.

The cheese aroma? Hit me in the face. Just, right in the face. HIT ME. Like a ton of bricks!!

Holy smokes, the fragrance was overwhelmingly delicious. It's the kind of smell that is capable of sending your head whirling around and drool spilling uncontrollably out of your mouth. Not the most pleasant sight to imagine, I know. But it's the damn truth!!

Naan bread is yummy as hell. Cheese is just, well. It's PERFECTION! You just can't go wrong with cheese! You can't! I'm sorry, but it's a fact of the Universe.

Well, combine these two things which are already freaking delicious on their own, and bam.

It's's just divine. Oh my god. I'm crying just thinking about it :'))

And the best part? It was hella cheap too. Oh, wow. My, my. The world is just all sorts of wonderful. I should've ordered like seven whole BUCKETFULS of that amazing goodness, forreal. Ugh. Just so great.

After one helluva flawless and amazing meal, my sis and I decided to get out of our seats and wander about, exploring the restaurant a lil bit.

We actually discovered this whole other section, with a staircase leading up to a whole other floor!! Oh my goodness, how freaking huge is this place hahaha

Big, for sure, but also pretty empty in case you haven't realised. And I simply cannot begin to fathom why??! I mean, umm. The food is perfection and the prices are beyond pocket-friendly????!

To make your Indian Palace even more marvellous than it already is, might I add that their service is superb too.

Waiters are very warm and friendly, and they're more than happy to help if you're someone like who doesn't have the faintest clue how to pronounce certain dishes, or even know what ingredients they contain.

This curious little tub of white bits was lying on their counter when my mum was settling the bill. Catching sight of my utterly confused expression, the awesome waiter explained that they were sorta like little natural mints that you chew on after a meal to cleanse your palate. How cool is that!!

I helped myself to a tiny spoonful, it was great haha. Super refreshing and it just trips me out that it is 100% natural! Damn, Mother Nature. You swaggy af!

A few nights later I was having some pretty hardcore cravings for that phenomenal cheese naan so my mum tabao-ed (takeaway) it for me, HOORAY!!!!!!!!!! Complete with my looove, aka that delectable green sauce.

Let me just tell you that even after chucking the leftovers in the fridge overnight, bringing them out to sit in the room temperature environment (coz ain't nobody got time for microwaves, apparently lol), having the cheese naan go sorta stale and the dipping sauce all chilly and weird, IT STILL TASTED BOMB.

Man, what is this magic right here?!

Realised I didn't take a nice, proper photo of the restaurant's entrance plus signboard and stuff, so I took care of that during one of the last days of our trip. We'd just come back from a shopping trip and it was pretty late at night, but I passed by the majestic place of wonder and happy tastebuds so there you have it...


I want some cheese naan right now :(

SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /screaming

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  1. I'm glad that you enjoyed Indian food. I like eating cheese Naan too. It's my favourite kind of bread. The chicken tandoori looks good. If it were me, I would have wished for three pieces. My best friend is Indian and she once made me some fresh naan. It was delicious.