Tuesday, 23 June 2015

RISE & GRIND. (not really lol)

I'm currently in the last week of my first term break of the academic year (gasp!) and it has just occurred to me that this is pretty much the first time in over a fortnight where I'm actually sitting at home with no plans whatsoever, for the entire day.

And it's tripping me out, man!!!!!! I never used to be like this, omg.

Holidays for me have always equated to day after day of just doing absolutely NOTHING at all!! I'm talking like, lying in bed (which i love dearly and always miss SO much during the semester *sobs*) and doing useless, mind-numbing activities like playing dumb yet addictive phone games for so long that I leave a total body imprint in my mattress lmao

Please see this post from the exact same term break one year ago about how incredibly "productive" my school vacation went HAHAHAHA. Now that I think of it, wow. It really is super easy for me to spiral out of control as soon as I don't have a proper, fixed schedule and routine to stick to. Which is a really big and SCARY problem for me lmao damn


I decided to take advantage of the invaluable free time I have to spare today to finally get started on a writing project for school, one that I have quite literally been procrastinating on since the very beginning of the school year when it was first assigned to us HAHA. Not even kidding omg…which is quite tragic.

I've just been dreading it for so long, but now that I've finally seated my lazy ass down to begin writing it…I actually realised that...

I almost kinda miss being on my grind.

(i still got a mad stash of those delicious iced gems left over from the CNY period where i got a lil bit carried away and stockpiled enough packets to last through the year lmao)

The sense of urgency to rush out an essay (because let's face it, with me it's always either last minute, or nothing at all). That sweet momentum I gain once the gears in my head start churning and the right words just pop into my head and appear on my computer screen one after the other. Hearing the familiar clickity-clack noises of the keyboard cheering me on as I type furiously away. And quite possibly my favourite, the huge sense of satisfaction and relief when I'm finally done and can safely close all the burdensome school-related tabs I have open in my browser, press "save" on the document I've toiled over for however many gruelling hours, and just close Microsoft Word, completely at ease over the fact that I no longer have to worry about that particular project anymore.

Subsequently, I'd tend to reward myself with about 19 straight hours of scrolling through Tumblr as well as binge-watching inane Youtube videos, and perhaps eating one or four Magnum ice cream bars.

It's a great little system, really.

Anyways, I don't know if you've noticed by now but this entire post is pretty much pointless and I'm actually typing it out right now as a means to procrastinate even further on my essay HAHAHA oh, goodness me.

Gonna leave y'all with this:

I bought this milk baumkuchen cake thingy from 7-11 some time ago (I LOVE 7-11!! OMG ever since i was a lil kid i've been telling my mum that i want to MARRY 7-11 HAHAHAHA that's how much i love the stores!!!!!) (I FREAKING LOVE ANYTHING THAT'S 24 HOURS TBH LOL) and I finally decided to rip this cutie up and taste it (that sounds SO wrong lmao my apologies) today as a nice little study treat!

I've had this underlying obsession with baumkuchens ever since my psychotic Fairywoods Patisserie addiction era lol. Man, those were some dark times.

I know it doesn't look super pleasant or anything, but it actually tastes pretty bomb!! I gotta say I was quite surprised haha. What I was most impressed with was the texture of it. Even though it's packaged in a way that's intended to be kept for quite a long time, the cake was soooooo delectably soft and fluffy!! And MOIST, omg. So, very, MOIST. (for all those people who are turned off by the word "moist", am i making you uncomfortable yet? moist moist moi-si-ty MOIST)

Taste-wise, I wouldn't say it was bombastic or anything (definitely nowhere near the flavour standards of those fancy schmancy baumkuchens at Takashimaya haha) but it does make for a decently enjoyable snack if you're craving some sweet cakes to munch on! Also, they're really super soft. And MOIST. lolololololol

Peeped the ingredient list and there's honey in it, which immediately made me like it 300% more hahaha. YAY, HONEY!! <3

That was like my second Milo packet of the day…and I have a feeling I'm gonna have at least one more tonight omg…Is it possible to overdose on Milo? T^T WHY IT GOTTA BE SO DAMN GOOD THOOOOO

*exo sings in the background as i finish slurping up my 18th packet of Milo for the day* IGEON OVERDOSE!

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  1. I am glad that you are enjoying your break and also getting some school work done. I also had that habit of completing assignments at the last minute. I usually started them a week before and I would submit them minutes before submission closed. I always wanted to stop doing that but I did that for my entire uni life. This week is the last week before school holidays in Australia. As a teacher, I get to go on vacation too. I plan to veg out at home like you, as well as use the opportunity to see friends and read some new books. I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation.