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Suite Life in Guangzhou Part 8: Ocean Kingdom I

This is going to be the first instalment of posts about my time spent at Hengqin Ocean Kingdom, a day so eventful and packed with wondrous happenings that it had to split into a total of three sections teehee.

Saturday, 27th December 2014
Hengqin Ocean Kingdom
Zhuhai (Guangzhou, China)

It was a truly magical place and I had so, so, so, SO much fun there.

The entrance into the theme park is sheltered by a freaking ginormous LED screened ceiling, which stretches all the way across the long walkway and plays various clips non-stop.

Because the videos showing are of different colour schemes - for example bright blue and full of bubbles then dark red with underwater volcanoes and the like - the lighting within the walkway is constantly changing and it's a pretty trippy experience haha

Oh yeah and there were plenty of mascots for visitors to take pictures with, too!

Of course I had to get in on that shit lmao

:P (idk why my feet look so flat omg they look like two pieces of paper at the bottom of my legs wtf)

I was thoroughly impressed by the architecture of all these adorable structures, like forreal.

So beautiful and majestic!


Fun fact: This "Squid King" kiosk was actually a food stall selling various types of squid snacks lol I was like um...why you sellin' dead and deep-fried squids to people at a freaking OCEAN PARK lmao goodness me...

Look at that gigantic whale!! Trust me, you'll be seeing a lot more of him throughout this post hahaha

And look at that insane rollercoaster...which we didn't go on coz I wasn't really feelin' it that day. I knew there was an amusement park chock full of thrilling rides waiting for me back in Panyu's Chimelong resort that was on our itinerary! But for this day, it was just for chillin' and looking at some cool fishies and other underwater creatures :)

Huge ship thingy! And that whale again, hello lol

There were humans in cool costumes you could take pictures with, à la Universal Studios Singapore.

I decided to give it a miss coz there was a pretty massive line of people waiting for their turn lol

Gasp! When I walked to this section, the beautiful sights quite literally took my breath away.

I simply love how they have a winter, ski resort-themed kinda section. Complete with snowy mountains, log cabins and all!

A gorgeous sight to behold and not that far off, I'd say. It was pretty cold at the time, at least to someone like myself who has been living in a tropical climate for most of my life hahaha

I may or may not have been shivering just a lil bit :P

Oh, of course. It's the giant whale AGAIN lol

Fast forward to night time! We went and watched the beluga whale show and the sky went dark by the time we came out.

Anyway, the belugas were absolutely adorable and it was so much fun to see them doing awesome tricks! That portion is pretty lengthy, however, so I've decided to shift it to a separate post. Keep your eyes peeled okay, coz it'll be in part II of the Ocean Kingdom entries! Stay tuned :))

After the show we headed to some sort of indoor ride. I didn't really care what it was but I desperately needed to get into a sheltered place that has HEAT. It was freezing!!

Very cool water capsule thingies leading the way to the ride...they look so badass and science-y lmao idk I was just really impressed! HAHA

Gasp! such cool, much swag

So basically we got into the little "cars" (i think they were modelled to look like submarines for two people each) which took us down a pretty dope undersea-themed track.

There were fake fishes poking out of the walls! ew lol

Some robot fishes. I'm not sure how this fit in with the rest of the theme hahaha

The ride isn't like super thrilling or anything, but at one point it did a 360 degree spin whilst heading down a slope lmao THAT SHIT WAS INTENSE!! I thought I was gonna fall right onto the track and die lol

Very cool and psychedelic light display, I'm sorry my camera wasn't able to capture the prettiness in full glory coz it was really dark and also we were moving :\

And then we entered REAL, LIVE AQUARIUMS ZONE!! OMG!!!!!!


Holy effing shit I LOVE stingrays!! THEY ARE SO FECKIN' CUTE UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg I love how they always look like they're kinda smiling lol they're just the CUTEST <3

Also, hello there little shark!

Look at this little creeper being all friendly and adorable UGHHHHH I HATE YOU!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Sudden transition into the mildly terrifying underwater volcano zone. Like. Um...I don't really see where they're going with all these constantly changing themes hahaha

Still cool tho!

What a majestic looking fake volcano :)

Basically we just went one round circling the entire volcano, watching as the lighting effects simulated an eruption. I would've loved it if the submarine cars we were in shook violently at one point hahaha. Or if there were like, rocks flying out of the volcano which we'd have to dodge. That would've been fun :)

Oh my, so scary.

Bye bye, volcano. It's been fun!

I wonder what's next!

Oh it's a talking fish emerging from the walls! So much excitement! :D

Anddd...we're back to the real live aquariums. Nice lol

Came out the end and we were greeted by some plastic sea creature displays!

And amidst the plastic replicas...were real fish! amazing

I don't know why but I really liked this tv screen display of some jellyfishes lol I thought they were really cute? Would've preferred it without those creepy ass faces haha but that's just me!

So that was the end of the ride! Pretty chill, it was a welcome escape from the harsh coldness that was still there to greet us the minute we stepped outside. Brrrr...just thinking back to how much I was suffering makes me shiver a lil bit. I was definitely not dressed for the weather lol

Very very beautiful Xmas tree with spectacular LED light effects which you can see in the instavid I posted...

Hell yeah EXO lol Christmas Day was my freaking JAM back in December '14 hahaha. Ugh, gotta love hearing EXO singing in Mandarin teehee :)

Aight, that's all I got for you guys now.

See you guys in the next instalment of my Suite Life in Guangzhou (barfs) (i am so shameless and disgusting hahaha) posts! Get ready for some ridiculously adorable belugas :))

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