Thursday, 30 July 2015

"Camera rolling...ACTION!"

1. I feel terrible for breaking my "super regular blogging" streak
2. Sorry for disappearing and leaving this space with no updates whatsoever for more than a week
3. I know that by now, you're probably sick to death of hearing about how over-the-moon, gosh darn happy I am all the time (or at least, whenever i happen to write a new post lol)
4. I apologise in advance for the next point...*grins sheepishly from ear to ear*

/screaming wildly like a hyena as confetti rains from above and "Best Day Ever" by Spongebob is blasting through the speakers in the background

Holy smokes.

I am seriously feeling so, SO insanely grateful for all the amazing things that are coming my way in life right about now.

I've been having the most joyous coupla days so far, and it's largely because of the two awesome productions I had the absolute honour of acting in. Back-to-back short films, WOOHOO!! Good times, heh :))


爱 (After Granny)

First time being a part of a legit, emotional piece. I was the main character (YAY lol) and the two-day shoot was pretty damn intense haha. I'm used to playing roles that mostly emphasise dialogue and facial expressions, but this film required PLENTY of active movement and, boy. Lemme just tell you that my unfit, fuelled-by-junk-food body was NOT ready for that!

There were chasing scenes on the side of a freeway, me breaking out into a sprint and sweating bucketloads by the end of numerous takes, just lots of running scenes in general whilst I sport a backpack and an ill-fitting school uniform lol OH YA. THE SCHOOL UNIFORM.



I felt like I was transformed straight to my secondary school years haha (which would honestly be an all-out nightmare...smh). Also, I found it somewhat trippy how this "prop" uniform is actually almost identical to the uniform I'd worn for real back when I was a Hendersonian. All it was missing was the logo across the breast pocket! Everything else is quite literally the same!!!!!! What on earth lol

It's like...I've already had to go through the pain and suffering of wearing that fugly shit (no offense lol BUT U KNO IT'S TRU!!!!!!) throughout the course of my secondary education. And alas, after about three years of freedom from such hideousness, it is back to HAUNT me. Ugh. *shudders*

Anyway. lol

It's always a blast shooting with the lovely OkaiNo Productions crew, and the duration of filming really brought back some good ol' memories of the time we shot A Latte Love, teehee.

The first episode of which you can watch HERE!! hehehehehe shameless plugging, as usual lmao


My Cup Of Tea

This one was more recent. We just wrapped TODAY!!

This is the production I mentioned auditioning for in this post.

Completely opposite from After Granny, I knew not a single person belonging to the cast and crew of this shoot lol. Save for Natasha, who is the producer/scriptwriter and the one who contacted me in the first place to try out for a role. And even for her, we had NEVER once spoken to each other lol. We literally knew of each other's existence through being mutual followers on Instagram...and her subsequently contacting me for the audition via none other that Twitter dm HAHAHA bless social media!!

A photo posted by Renae Cheng | 佳琪 (@renaecjc) on

I got to act as a BARISTA this time!!!! :D :D :D

exciting shit lol

Anywho, everyone on the team was a sheer delight to work with and I really love meeting new people (who are actually pleasant, yes PLEASE) so overall I really had a tremendously enjoyable time over the course of this two-day (again, lol) shoot! Yes, despite the fact that all of them were at least a year younger than me, which certainly made me feel quite ancient lmao *joints crack everywhere as i ponder which retirement home to check myself into*


Both shoots were so incredibly joyous for me, and I feel utterly blessed and grateful to have had these wonderful experiences and the memories that come with it to cherish forever.

Extremely tiring, yes. But also very fruitful to and, as strange as this is about to sound, emotionally and spiritually rewarding lol. I just love the feeling of being on set!! And that rush and satisfaction when you hear the director yell, "It's a wrap, guys!" is just unbeatable.

Also, that sense of camaraderie and bonding you get to have with your fellow cast and crew members! I love, love, looove everything about it. Be it tucking into hot meals together after many hours of gruelling shoots, or collapsing into an exhausted heap at the end of a long day of filming hahaha. Good times man!

I really, REALLY would like to write individual posts chronicling the time I had for each of these productions (i sound like such a loser right now, sigh. like literally who would even wanna read about it lol BUT OH WELL. let this be like my personal journal, a "dear diary" kinda thing hahaha *hugs laptop*) so I hope that time and energy permits, and that I do not succumb to the temptation of being the ultra procrastinatory, lazy ass that I am haha

For now, I seriously gotz to go and catch some Zs.

I am just flat-out EXHAUSTED right now and I really need every last second of however many hours of sleep I can afford before I get up later at 5AM for school.

I just wanted to quickly document this day as one of the best days EVER, and to keep you guys updated on the fantastic filming adventures I've been in as of late, hehe (not very cool now that i say it like that...HAHAHA but i still love it ok!!!! LIFE IS GR8 <3)

Last but not least, as if today couldn't have gotten any better...

Stopped by JEM to pick up some macarons to treat ma self* :'))

*which i already do, tbh. like, literally all. damn. day. of EVERY day. honestly can it even be called a "treat" if indulgence is pretty much my way of life?! lmao

These gorgeous little babies are almost too pretty to eat...almost. haha!



But is really so, so good. And I'm saying this in all seriousness!

I'm very grateful indeed.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015


So I posted this pic in the morning…

A photo posted by ★ Renae Cheng | 佳琪 (@renaecjc) on

Not knowing that my little “prediction” would turn out to be accurate af. Both eerily and gloriously so.

Well, maybe I had an inkling haha.

Remember how chuffed I was the day of this post when I handed in a major assignment?

Miss Trudy gave us a heads-up yesterday that we would be getting our results back today. And boy, was I excited about that hahaha

I’ll admit, a tiny part of me was filled with apprehension because truth be told, I wasn’t 100% confident of the work that I turned in. (this is terrible, but nowadays it’s getting increasingly common for me to just half-ass assignments for the sake of actually having something to hand up in time for the submission deadline. *sigh*)

But I’d much rather find out what my results are instead of prolonging the torment of not knowing lol

As it turns out, I had no reason to worry and ALL the reason to celebrate coz I did GR8!!


such modesty

much wow

But yeah lmao, the grade I got for the assignment turned out to be higher than what I’d expected. Which is awesome, no doubt.

What really sealed the deal and propelled me further into a state of elation though, were the wonderful comments Miss Trudy gave me. It really gives me so much confidence and assurance as a writer and fuels the love I have for what I do!

Needless to say, that really got my day off on a phenomenal start. And it just kept getting better and better, from a whole bunch of simple, little joys :))

Treated myself to a lovely iced mocha during break time. SCRUM-DIDDLY-UMPTIOUS lol

Dat ombre doe!!!!!!!!

Hung out wit ma lil sis after she finished school for the day, which was awesome.

Brought her some ice cream from the cart, and it was bombbbbb oh my goodness.

Ice cream carts just fill my heart with so much glee :’))

They’re so ridonkulously affordable and it’s really heartwarming to know that you’re supporting the friendly uncles instead of some emotionless corporation lol ya know what I’m sayin???

Also, the frozen treats always taste fab af haha

Yam flavoured ice cream (GROSS omg what is wrong with ppl who enjoy yam flavoured THINGS) on rainbow bread for her, and mocha choc chip sandwiched between delectably crunchy biscuits for me.

My M.C.C ice cream was delicious omg. Totally threw me off coz it didn’t taste like the cheap, shitty kind at all. The flavours were actually pretty rich and intense! And the abundance of chocolate chips for me to munch on was a big plus too. THUMBS UP!!

To top it all off, later in the day I received a completely unexpected e-mail from the people at TSL, aka the company I'm going to be interning at starting from September.

In it they brought just the BEST news ever, and I'm so so excited I honestly couldn't even begin to process the amazing information that was presented to me.

I'm not really able to tell you guys exactly what it is as of right now, since everything is still in the planning stages. But I seriously cannot wait til it all falls into place!! Gosh, life is so good :))

Last but not least, I decided to finally record and upload my first ever full length cover! Woohoo~!!

I've been posting short little snippets of me singing to the camera for a while now, but they're all on Instagram so they have to be 15 seconds or under.

There's some random bits of me talking at the end so...stay tuned for that haha

Give it a listen and sing along with me too! yeah, that won't be weird at all lol...

Take care, loves :))


Monday, 20 July 2015

hah. hah. hah. hah. STAYIN ALIVE

...which is what this blog should be doing.

And what I, as the owner and sole content creator (lol), should be striving to achieve!!!!!!!!!!1

So here I am cranking out a solid post real quick before the glorious HBL week + long weekend comes to an end and it's back to school and back to me being a fairly busy but mostly very lazy piece o' poo who only gets round to writing a new post like, once every three hundred years.

Anyway. lol

I have been having a swell coupla days lately, and I'm so so happy and grateful!!


So weird to see this space almost completely empty and deserted.

Headed to school ON A SATURDAY which was also the second day of Hari Raya, no less, for a super duper quick audition/script read.

Oh my goodness, this girl who is in a different course from my school (the Creative Writing for TV and New Media one) and one year my junior suddenly DM-ed me on Twitter the night before asking if I would like to act in one of her short films as part of a school assignment and obviously I was like YOOOOOOOOO yes puh-LEASE!!!!!!! boy, would i!! lol

Seriously it has been a long ass time since I last took part in an acting project and seeing as this is my last year in poly (*sobs*) I just completely stopped thinking about it altogether coz I thought I wouldn't get any more opportunities coming my way.

And now, here we are! OMG bless this girl for even thinking that I can act hahaha I really do feel super humbled and honoured every time someone even considers me for a role!

>>click here to watch the first episode of A Latte Love, the 8-part web series i was in last year, teehee<<

The audition was pree chill and the crew members all seem really nice so I'm hella stoked for production to begin! I'm taking on the role of a barista this time, WOOHOO!! How cool is that haha

Yay life is great :))

BLISS. Any time the Universe presents me with an almost empty train, my mood is instantly lifted by 8000% teehee

(i am so obsessed with that stupid Tumblr meme lol it's all i can hear in my head nowadays and i've even began saying GOOD SHIT GOOD SHIT like, actually out loud, in response to just anything at all in my life that's pleasant HAHAHAHA somebody stop me!! i have absolutely no control and no filter when it comes to these dumb new habits that i keep picking up lmao)

Headed to school at about 11 and the audition literally took like, I don't know, a grand total of no more than ten minutes HAHA.

I didn't want to have woken up at nine in the morning (after an entire week of starting my day at about 5pm lmao), gotten dressed and gone out of the house all the way to Dover just for that, so I called Sumz up for some ice cream and waffles and she was totally down fo dat shit!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Only thing was that she was still at work so I had to kill some time. About four hours, to be exact. Lmao so off I went to Star Vista for some lovely Cedele hangz! On my own!

YESSS i love solo hangz lol

Hope this doesn't get translated as sarcasm but I really do enjoy and value solitude!

I think I spent close to two hours in the café lol, and it was a pretty productive session as well, if I do say so myself :))

Finally got around to doing a truckload of overdue Writing Lab work that I've been procrastinating since...oh, I don't know. The beginning of the school year?! Lmao I am a legit train wreck

Got myself an Irish cream cappuccino (LOVE) and a beautiful little mixed fruits pavlova, as motivation/self rewards for finally doing work teehee

Can you believe that despite all my years spent living in Australia, this was the first time I got to try an actual pavlova??


Hahaha but forreal tho I'm really glad that I've gotten around to trying it because I am a huge, HUUUGE fan of any meringue-based desserts.

On the flipside, I don't really fancy eating fresh fruits all that much...and I REALLY don't like it when I have them on my desserts lol like, obviously I ain't tryna eat healthy here if I'm shoving a bunch of sugary sweet treats down my gullet so please REMOVE yourself and bring me more of dat whipped cream, chocolate, caramel and whatever sinful sweets you can think of lol

But yeah, overall it was DELISH and I can't wait to eat more, honestly hahaha. The shell was so crisp and delectable and the insides were soooo soft and fluffy and YUMMY AS HELL!! God, I love meringues <3

Still had a considerable amount of time to kill after my work session (truth be told, i left before i completed all my assignments coz the café was starting to get a teeny bit crowded and i felt so bad for hogging a space for that amount of time lol!! hey at least i have a sense of awareness ok not like those shameless people *shrugs*) so I just walked around the entire perimeter of Star Vista lmao

Got approached by some insurance promoter peeps who were like, "yo we're givin out this free thing all u gotta do is sit down and listen for like 10 to 15 minutes u don;t gotta buy anything or sign up for shit" (not their exact words but ya) and I was like YOOOOOOOOO forget the free gift man lol I am so bored right now yes!!!!!! JUST TALK TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT LOL

gosh my life sounds so sad sometimes hahahaha

jks :P

So yeah, after their little sales pitch (which wasn't even unpleasant at all to have to sit through, the lady was very nice! and i feel like i actually learned something lol so dat was cool) they insisted on me taking the free gift. So I embarked on my journey to meet Summer for some amazing ice cream and waffles, only now I was toting around a little something extra that I didn't start the day off with...

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! how cute is that hahaha AWWWW!! *heart eye emoji* x100

Freaking adorable for god's sake and I am ALWAYS in need of portable charging so YAY!!

This day just kept getting better and better teehee I was so CHUFFED :)))

Finally, the long awaited ice cream and waffles!! *angels harmonize in the background as glorious harp music plays*

My third time visiting this cute lil café called The Milky Way, tucked in the quaint neighbourhoods of Commonwealth. I really love it there, it's so chill and quiet. And it's kind of like an elderly district, so it's mostly populated by gentle old folk and not rowdy ass youths which I honestly HATE and they intimidate the shit outta me!!!!!!!!

Now you know why I hate going to "cool cool" places like town (especially Cineleisure OMG and Orchard in general tbh) unless absolutely necessary lol

Anywho, lemme just say right now that both the waffles AND the ice cream at this place are nothing short of STELLAR.

First up, the waffles.

Holy effing hell I am NOT exaggerating when I say that they are easily the BEST waffles I've tasted in the whole of Singapore, hands down.

Basically I'm kinda over the whole waffles & ice cream craze that's sure to have been bombarding your Instagram feeds. Literally every hipster café is pushing their own version of this food trend and it's just been so overhyped that I've honestly grown sick of it!

Well, the waffles at Milky Way are not only topnotch, they're the kind which will leave you wanting more and more! Seriously, I keep getting intense cravings for these babies!

Dense, fragrant and absolutely delicious. I also love how they don't soak up the melted ice cream at all and get all soggy and disgusting like many of the other waffles I've had elsewhere do.

Speaking of ice cream! Hoo boy.

What's that you see? KOALA and TEA. That's right, boo. Their ice cream is one hundred percent QUA-LI-TY lmao

Not only is the flavour INTENSE and super duper yummy, I love how their ice cream somehow doesn't seem to melt...Must be magic!

I went with Rum & Raisin this time, one of my faves. (i've also tried their earl grey, sea salt caramel, and roasted pistachio. all were fab, needless to say)

Holy shit, that stuff was potent lol. Creamy and very tasty, spiked with a generous dose of rum and packed with plenty of fat, juicy raisins. I was in looooooove omg. BRUH

It was definitely super duper satisfying finally (even tho the last time i went there was like, literally a week ago lmao) having my cravings satisfied, and I can't wait to head back there again omg! ALL DEM FLAVOURS, MMMMM. GOTTA TASTE THEM ALL!!

(pssst...apparently their coffee drinks are superb too. not surprisingly, haha)

Had a gr8 afternoon of talking about some dumb shit and probably laughing WAY too loud in a public space...but it's all good teehee I HAD SUCH A SWELL TIME

Sumz also gave me this awesome choco biscuit snack from her workplace as a gift...WHAT ON EARTH SUMMER WHY WOULD U EVEN DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!! I really can't take it gosh she is like the nicest sweetest most caring and thoughtful friend there is on the planet like THE FUCK. My heart can't take this level of love!!!

Although... *sigh* her friendship is no doubt the best gift she can ever give me like, straight up...I feel so gosh darn #BLESSED to have her in my life like. What even. Thank you Summer, you have no idea how grateful I am for all that you've done for me omg UGHH *explodes into tears whilst i sweat a lot because the love i have for you is emanating from all of my pores*

(i am sorry you had to read that nasty ass sentence)

Afterwards Sumzicles (like popsicles, which are cute and summery) (not testicles. no.) showed me this really cool district of abandoned HDBs and I was like...woah.


Sadly I was not dressed to impressed at the time so yeah. No pics. NEXT TIME THO!!

Sick looking abandoned playground.

There's something really eerie about how there's sprawling decay amidst all the bright and colourful but ancient-looking structures. Playgrounds in itself just scream happiness and childhood memories, but nobody expects to see them like this.

This is just a horror movie scene waiting to happen lol

*starts thinking about hantu whilst typing this*

FUCK LOL ABORT MISSION ABORT ABORT!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck you brain lol u a bitch sometimes

dis summer, feat. creepy abandoned building in da background

This was moments after she yelled like a banshee for a snapchat, scaring the living daylights out of me. I swear it's a miracle I did not poo on the grass or something. Yes, I am a scaredy cat.

Love Summer's shoes omg they are so feckin' cool and makes me wish I had moneyzz >.<


Everything about her outfit is just on point tbh. Ugh.

Love ya long time Sumeer teehee <3

THANK U FOR THE FUN ASS TIME as usual :))))))




Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Suite Life in Guangzhou Part 8.1: Ocean Kingdom II

Continuation of this post!

Saturday, 27th December 2014
Hengqin Ocean Kingdom: Beluga Show
Zhuhai (Guangzhou, China)

So the stage and performance pool area was pretty darn cool! Btw, the colour scheme of all the pictures (and videos!) in this post are pretty much just gonna be blue throughout so if that's your favourite colour, you're in luck hahaha comes the host! I have no idea whether he's some sort of celebrity in China or just some random guy lmao. But he did a great job hosting! Very good at revving up the crowd and all :)

Out come the trainers, as well as a dwarf orca doing some tricks as an opening act before the belugas make their appearance!

Pretty impressive teehee. They were so cute!

Okay I know this is totally not the focal point of the beluga show AT ALL, but strangely the thing I was most impressed by throughout the whole thing was...the marvellous LED screen displays? lmao

I mean seriously, how gorgeous is this?! But I really don't see how this has ANYTHING to do with belugas or even sea creatures in general HAHA

So pretty :'))

Ahh, yes. Of course they had to throw in some auroras as well while they were at it lololol. I think some guy probably just wanted to show off his mad LED effect skills. Also, a screen that big must've cost a fortune so, might as well make the most of it, right? lmao #notcomplainin

I was kinda losin' my mind a lil bit over how beautiful the screen displays were hahaha ngl

And finally, the cute lil beluga whales make their appearance! Yay!!!!!!!!

They are so freaking adorable omg

Here's a picture of their respective trainers waving to the crowd, and the beluga whales waving to us as well...using their TAIL FINS!! OMG HOW INSANELY CUTE IS THATTT

sidenote but typing the words "tail fin" out just reminded me of that scene in SBSP where Spongebob thought he was some sort of celeb and made out an autograph to Squidward's "tail fin" HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA OMG good times :'))

But anyways. Yeah lol

Here they are getting a little bit more up close and personal!

Awwwww~!! They're such gentle, dainty little angel beings! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH OMG

Cuties!!  ₍₍ ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)◞♡

Their skin looks so shiny and slick, I just wanna touch them so bad to see how it feels like HAHAHA omg that sounds so madly creepy wth...


Here they are performing a trick where they swim around, circling their trainers!

"We're soaring~~
There's not a star in heaven
that we can't reach!"


And as a finishing move to wrap up the show, the trainers rode on the belugas as if they were little surfboards and went round and round the performance pool! My gosh.

Honestly my heart kinda fell when the trainers just climbed on top of the beluga whales and literally stepped on their bodies...but my dad says that the belugas probably aren't hurt by it so...I certainly hope that's the case!

Also, how crazily difficult would it be to remain standing upright whilst the adorable critters carry you around in pretty speedy circles hahaha. I know that I for one would definitely not be able to accomplish that feat. What is balance? WHAT IS COORDINATION lol my body is an awkward mess

Anywho, here's a little clip of some cute beluga action if you're interested :))

(it's just slightly over half a minute long so i'm sure you can take that much time out of your day for some "awwwww~!!" moments haha. trust me, it's good for your soul!)

That concludes this post about da ~*beluga show*~. Next Suite Life entry will be the last instalment in the Ocean Kingdom series of posts, after which it'll be back to food pics and me raving relentlessly about how amazing everything tasted lmao

Idk about you, but I'm pretty damn excited about that HAHA

Ciao for now~! <3


Saturday, 11 July 2015

감아 (Hold Me Tight)

Hi I'm back with more passionate and hyper-enthusiastic rambling about music coz I'm a psycho lmao

I think one of the things that might be greater than finding a song you really rediscovering the song after going a certain period of time having totally forgotten about its existence.

So I just started watching Show Me The Money 4 (yaaaaaaaaaas, K-Hip Hop variety shows are AWESOME hahaha) and Loco was on it.

When I first heard his name I was like, hold up. That sounds familiar as hell. I swear I must've Googled him before in the past, but I couldn't recall why or where I knew him from in the first place.

I proceeded to search for his name on Youtube and sure enough, there was a single video of his that was marked as "watched".



It blew me away when I first gave it a listen, and it sure as hell blew me away when I pressed play and suddenly had all the memories from that era of my life collapsing over me like a tidal wave of emotions and nostalgia.

And lemme just to tell you, I can remember every freaking detail of how I got to know about this song in ridiculously vidid detail, lmao.

It was back in Year 2, around June to July 2014 actually, so pretty much exactly one year ago from now, where I was texting some KOREAN DUDE who I thought was gonna become like my first boyfriend at the time LOLOLOLOLOLOL what a fail. I think he was older than me. Like, I can't even remember that much about him, but obviously back then it was a huge deal and I was all excited and shit, thinking that I was finally gon have my first love and whatnot hahahahaha how tragic.

But yeah anyways lol. I remember clearly that I had finished class one day and seeing that it was still pretty early, i.e I was able to leave the school before evening, I decided to walk home instead of take the train. Yay texty-texty, we had some fun flirty exchanges on Whatsapp lmao which all eventually amounted to a big fat NOTHING haha FUCK DAT. I'm so annoyed with myself now for some reason hahahaha.

So then I decided to grab an early dinz before heading home, and proceeded to visit Ajisen Ramen.

I remember being absolutely famished at the time. Like, to hell with this cute Korean boy lol I JUST WANNA EAT.

I ordered a Japanese hamburg steak with tofu and white rice, and a blue soda coz I was feelin' fancy lol.


Goddamn, why can't I remember like, actual facts and figures that would be useful in my studies with such extreme clarity?!

So yeah I was munching happily on my food, it was soooooo tasty oh my goodness. That I'm happy about still being able to remember ahahaha.

So we were texting as I ate, and we got on the topic of what music we liked and I said I love K-Pop. (as this point of time, horrendous memories of me calling him "oppa" are coming back to haunt me and i am beyond DISGUSTED with myself HAHAHAHA wtf!!) (ok i get it now lmao those memories have been REPRESSED all this time, and for good reason too lol as i'm sure you would agree)

He was like...yo I like K-Pop too but probably not the kind you're familiar with.

And that's when he recommended -- by Loco featuring Crush.

Oh my goodness...this song is literal perfection.


And the lyrics, oh my heart.

Loco's amazing rapping, Crush's incredible voice.


And I also think it's kinda fascinating how at the time, I wasn't the least bit interested in this genre of songs. But now here I am, completely OBSESSED with Korean hip-hop and rap music, and getting into those lesser known but hopelessly addictive music of underground artists and their raw talent and infectious devil-may-care attitudes.

Alright. End of my pointless rambling lol I hope you give the song a listen and LOVE it as much as I do (ok probably not that much hahaha).

I'mma go play it twelve hundred more times now.


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

YAY HAPPY DAY #ilovelife

Back with a new post in the span of less than 24 hours!! OMG!!!!!!!!! What is happening with the world?!!!!!!! :O :O

I've been saving this lil bar thingy for quite some time now coz honestly 我真的很不舍得把它给吃掉 hahahahaha (t\n: i really can't bear to eat it). I first picked it up from Cold Storage (oh, bless thee for providing such cool and exotic groceries from all around the world, it really thrills the supermarket-roaming-lover in me to no end!! and it also makes me weep a little every time coz everything be hella expensive and i am but a broke bitch lol but yeah) a couple of months ago coz I was stocking up on various muesli/snack/energy bars to munch on when I got hungry at work.

This particular one was so exotic I just HAD to save it for a special occasion!!

But this morning there was nothing at all in my house to eat besides this and a bunch of other random snacks and tidbits so...I had no choice but to make it my breakfast haha

It was exciting tho!! FINALLY THIS IS HAPPENING YAYYYYYYY hahahaha and what a good start to my day!!!!! :D

When I first unwrapped it I was like...yo that's pretty fugly hahaha but it's all good. What really threw me of though was the TEXTURE, it was AMAZING YO LET ME TELL YOU.

So freaking soft and dense and MOIST and chewy UGH I almost burst into tears forreal

The flavour was INTENSE as well!

I was super impressed to see real carrot shreds on top of the generous chunks of walnut, so I decided to peep the ingredient list and...yo


Do my eyes deceive me or is this quite possibly the best damn thing on the planet, oh my word.

I was mightily impressed by the fact that the entire bar consisted only of natural ingredients, I gotta tell ya. Pity that my only grievance with it is a pretty major one, and it's that it is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too freaking sweet, like forreal dawg. I was legit DYING from a sweetness overdose after every bite.

I badly had to neutralise the overbearing sweetness with some salty I reached out for a bag of murukku crackers and just stuffed my face with it as part of my wonderful breakfast lmao

Ahhh, healthy living!

So today was a pree chill day at school coz as mentioned in my previous post, it was a day of CA SUBMISSION!! Hooray~!

Basically I showed up in the morning to hand my beautiful, beloved baby i.e the result of many a night's hard work and stressing in, and from there on out there wasn't much going on in class at all hahaha

Just a lil briefing of what to do next week (which is Home-Based Learning week omg...meaning we don't gotta go to school!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS) followed by some meetings and discussions with my project group.

Had some time to kill after class before meeting up with Summer for some Cass Carnival fun times so I decided to head to Starbucks for the first time in months and months!

And I hate myself so much for it lol KILL ME!!!!!!!!!

Sigh...the fact that they can win my heart and ME MONEY just by presenting their mediocre (YEAH I SAID IT) beverages in a pretty ass cup that I am bound to snap several pictures of, possibly with the intent of sharing it on my social media platforms thus further propelling the popularity and influence of Starbucks, and drawing a freaking SMILEY FACE next to my name so that it's not just a more personalised experience, but it makes me feel like I'm goddamn SPECIAL or whatever when clearly I ain't.


It didn't even taste good tbh lol.

The only thing that I really did enjoy was the whipped cream, but I can get like a whole canister of it from the supermarket and just aerosol SPRAY dat shit right into my mouthhole for like, two dollars so yeah lol

I appreciated the caffeine kick tho! I slept like three hours the previous night haha. But seven whole dollars tho...god. COME ON, BRUH. C'MON.

Went to Hilltop Haven for lunch with Sumz and I really love it there so much omg. SO MANY MEMORIES OF ME CHILLIN' ON MY OWN and doing all sorts of random nonsense that I like to convince myself constitutes as "studying" lmao

Also, their food is pretty bomb <3

Instant noodle adventures teehee~~

I WAS FATED TO HAVE CURRY IN MY LIFE YO!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha wtf

I usually don't like cup/bowl noodles at all...idk man they just seem 3000% even more unhealthy than regular instant noodles that actually have to be cooked using a stove. AND they don't even taste that great!

But da cravings kicked in so...yeah.


Obviously snapchats are in order hahaha

(add me if you haven't already it's RENAECJC hehehe)

The content isn't always appropriate tho HAHAHA

or mature, for that matter...i do apologise lmao

With our tummies nice and satisfied (albeit filled with plenty of starch and instant noodle WAX lmao sry), we made our way to the #CassDay2015 Carnival which I was sooooooooo excited about, oh my freaking goodness.

It's so awesome how there are fun activities like this, with various cool knick-knacks to be bought for cheap as well as an array of yummy cupcakes, brownies and chocolates for sale.

The two things I was most excited about...were the stickers and the HENNA.

Ok stickers first, yeah?

Basically I used to be completely OBSESSED with laptop stickers back when I was a young, immature bean in Year 1 lmao. I loaded my laptop case, which was a gorgeous shade of matte frosted mint green mind you, with an INSANE number of childish ass stickers lol

Here's a pic...


But to be fair, I really did like the ones with positive quotes, coz I really did find them motivating. Also, the cupcake stickers were scratch-n-sniff, how cool is that! (y'all know how obsessed i am with smells so i was obvs real chuffed about that haha)

And needless to say, I looove the CASS identifier sticker teehee and it was a free back-to-school gift from the CASS club back in Year 1, too! HOW GREAT IS THAT!!

So I graduated from that overly-decorated laptop case and I've been sticking with a plain, bright yellow protective shell for more than a year now. I chose yellow coz of its psychological effects lol. Did you know that simply looking at the colour yellow elevates your mood?! And I don't know about you but a little extra dash of happiness is always, ALWAYS welcome in my life hahaha

I am straight up IN LOVE with the quote bubble designs hahaha.

Never thought I'd be able to find customised quote bubble stickers with sayings only CASS kids would know, and my heart just flipped in glee when I first laid eyes on it teehee

Idk why but the hilltop quote is so swaggy I almost feel like my three years worth of trudging up the hill early in the A.M for classes is almost WORTH IT hahaha

And MSTs = Mid-Semester Tests, which CASS students have absolutely NONE of, EVER hahahahahahahah SUCK IT!!!!!! :P


They were a dollar each, which I honestly think is pretty steep but I just needed CASS-referencing stickers in my life soooooo bad I was willing to fork that much cash out for little pieces of sticky paper with pixelated words on them lmao


Also, the money goes to their CASS fund for future events anyway, so that's great! :))

Oh yeah the CA(T)SS one was a free gift. Not really my thing since I'm really more of a dog person (i'll stand by the fact that i think most cats are bitches lol DOn"T KILL ME) but still pree cute nonetheless!

And now...HENNA TIME!! omg i was so excited

Idk if y'all remember this but I had a "fake tattoo/fake henna" phase last year lmao where I was obsessed with drawing on myself HAHAHA

click here, here and here for examples teehee :P

This was my first time getting henna done by someone other than myself, and I was SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

OMG :D :D :D

The whole process was sooooo spectacularly relaxing haha I LOVED IT. The henna was kinda cold and tingly, and the girl doing it was super skilled and gentle (CHECK OUT THE SKELETON DESIGN SHE HAD ON HERSELF!! so freaking bomb i swear haha). I felt so excited slowly seeing the design come together!!!!!!!!! :D


And I'd already decided like, a third into the way of her drawing my henna that after this, I am so totally gonna get back into doing my eyeliner "henna" designs hahaha YAY!!!!!! Can't wait :)))

Sumz and I stayed back a lil while more as my henna dried to look at some stupidly hilarious content on Tumblr/Youtube/Vine.

After seeing this Vine I feel like I can say with utmost confidence that my days will be filled with hope and laughter no matter how bad things might seem. *sobs* WHAT A WORK OF ART!!! /guffaws

Took this pic coz I was BEYOND ecstatic about the fact that after a brilliant day in school, the ride home was gonna be on a super chill and empty train.

One of the little things in life that never fail to put a giant smile on my face, gosh.

Later on I noticed how Sum's shirt was matchy-matchy with the seats, and I was planning on Instagramming this pic with a caption along the lines of

"With a friend like you, I know I'll never be blue."

But then I regained my senses and realized how GROSS that is and also because I do not wish for Summer to file a restraining order against me HAHAHAH

(not again...)

(*insert sad pepe*)

But forreal doe Sumeer you are like DA BEST and thank you so much for always filling my days with endless laughter and happiness as well as support at times where I really need it the most and being there for me at my lowest points and offering nothing but comfort and love and acceptance omg bless you for existing and bless you for being mah homie and MAH BRO i just need sum bros in my life man ugh (did u get that reference lol i said "sum" bros coz ur name is summer hahahaha wasn't that a clever play on words!!!!!!11!)

ok this got weird lol bYE

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Happy As A Clam

While I'm not really able to comprehend how exactly a sea mollusc could be experiencing the same level of joy as I am right now, I sure as hell am feeling ECSTATIC today.

First of all, after several weeks of self-tormenting procrastination and plenty of roadblocks in my brain where the ideas just would not flow (seriously there were some nights where i was just stuck staring at my laptop screen for hours in the middle of the night, not knowing how to carry on writing my articles and as a result from being so stressed out my oil-producing facial glands went into overdrive and i began practically DRIPPING grease from my entire head lmao i'm so sorry you had to imagine that, i honestly don't know why i decided to share this information with the internet hahahaha), I finally finished my assignment!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*beams with pride* :')))

That feeling of 100% completion, reading it through for that final check, sending it off for printing and holding the physical copy of your hard work in your just straight up phenomenal.

And the fact that this is gonna be one of the last few assignments I'll ever have to do and print as my poly life draws to a, that just trips me out haha. Thinking about how all this is just another era that is about to come to an end very, very soon messes me up on an emotional level so let's not even go there lmao

Chillin' for a bit (Warm On A Cold Night is a BOMB ASS song and i have been hooked beyond belief on dat shit for quite a while now. tysm Ian for da recommendation on a night where i was feeling hella shitty...shout-out to you if you're reading this lol wassup)...I'm gonna miss this place so goddamn much omg. And everything about the entire school, honestly. Gosh. *sheds a tear*

Treated myself to this little beauty right here while I did the finishing touches on my work. Honestly speaking, any day is a good day as long as it features a Himalayan tea latte, aka the beverage equivalent of HEAVEN ON EARTH.

Printed, bound, and totally DONE! HOORAY!!!!! :D (add me on snapchat teehee my username is renaecjc!)

First time I got a yellow coloured back board teehee. Signifying my continuously soaring state of glee, no doubt :))

Oh yeah, I also decided to treat myself (again. lol) to probably my favourite lunch dish from Koufu/FC4's ever popular Western stall. The queue was absolutely ridonk, but I braved it anyway because I'm telling you...this meal is so worth it.

Also, while I was waiting in line, I had plenty of time to wander off into the depths of my memories and all of a sudden I was thinking about how long it has been since I last ate at FC4...and the fact that we used to have lunch here as a class ALL the time back in Year 1. And as I glanced over at the Western stall's menu, it occurred to me that not only was this one of my favourite meals at school as well as something I tend to get very often (hence, lots and lots of memories there), there's a good chance that it was the very FIRST meal I had as a student of SP.

Oh my god...

My mind was completely blown and I couldn't even handle it haha. I started thinking about how little time there is left between now and graduation...Will I still come by and visit the campus every now and then as a member of the alumni? I love being a DMC student omg...I'm so thankful. For each and every day that I've spent here. I almost couldn't get into SP. It was a dream come true. I'm so so so blessed. My heart will probably beat a little faster every single time I take a train and it passes by Dover station. Omg. I ALMOST STARTED CRYING HAHAHAHAHAH NO JOKE

I need to get a grip on life lmao

aNyWAYz, ya...

Here's da food lol

The presentation isn't ideal (please refer to this post for a better visual HAHA) but hoo boy, I have missed this SO much.

Basically it's a slab of chicken cutlet (crispy fried chicken will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart <3) (lmao i sound like a legit fat kid right now hahaha) drizzled over with yummy cheese sauce (LOVE!) served with not just a side of pasta or a handful of thick cut chips...but BOTH.

YEAH, DAS RIGHT. *Best of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana plays in the background*

Good gracious, it is sooooo tasty omg.

I remember when I ordered this dish for the first time, I wasn't thrilled about the pasta initially coz I'm not a big fan of tomato-based sauces unless I have the option of adding in about 17 tablespoonfuls of parmesan cheese to it (not even kidding, unfortunately for my thighs lol), but the tanginess of the sauce complements the creamy cheese and savoury chicken so damn well! And fries are just super delicious on their own hehe so no complaints about it whatsoever, obvs but yeah ALL HAIL POTATOES!!


It also helps that all this...costs only $4.80, oh my word. WHAT A GREAT DEAL, RIGHT?!!

Nevermind that I'm absolutely DROWNING in carbs and fats hahahaha I think I'm at a point of my life now where I've realised that I'd rather be a happy, well-fed chubster than someone really thin but constantly unhappy and deprived of all the wonderful foods that I wish to eat.

And, like I said...

teehee lol

it's true doe

do it!!!!!!!! u deserve it hunny xo