Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Baking Adventures #1: MILO BROWNIES!! ❤

Following the fun and truly life-changing evening I spent baking with my darling Danielle (mostly because her strawberry and almond blondies were so gosh darn yummy that it lead to me experiencing some kind of spiritual awakening), I decided that it was finally time I started doing some baking on my own, too!

It also opened my eyes to the fact that you can, in fact, use a simple little toaster oven to bake some sweet treats!

(see this post on my toaster oven adventures so far and how i absolutely ADORE the idea of cooking and especially BAKING but tragically, have not really been able to do so *sad face*)

Being addicted to Milo - rather severely I might add…I frequently worry that I might one day overdose on way too many cups a day than is recommended for the average human body - obviously I decided that my first ever baking project would be something Milo-related.

And I found the perfect recipe, courtesy of The Smart Local! :D

click here to read the full article!

Omg I swear when I first laid eyes on just the mere TITLE of this article I was so excited I almost leapt right out the window of my high-storeyed HDB home in sheer ecstasy. And when I opened the article up, heart thumping and a surge of adrenaline coursing through my veins as I scrolled through all the ridonkulously yummy-looking pictures, GOOD LORD ALMIGHTY. I almost shed a tear :')

Decided to go with brownies since this was gonna be my first time baking solo and I didn't want to get too ambitious haha. Also, my toaster oven is freaking ANCIENT so I really wasn't sure whether it was even gonna work at all lmao

Brownies are pretty foolproof and straightforward, right? Heh :P


As I've never baked anything at home prior to this, a lot of the ingredients had to be obtained from a specially made trip to the grocery store. Which was fine and dandy, seeing as I personally looove having supermarket adventures lol. It just thrills me to no end!!

Dry ingredients, woohoo! Just seeing the process leading up to the actual baking stage makes me so, so happy omg

Look at all dat Milo, doe. *heart eyes emoji*

(using a plastic takeaway container coz i don't own any appropriately-sized mixing ghetto is that lmao)


At this point of time the brownie batter was already starting to smell downright amaaazing, omg. If you like the rich aroma of chocolate, multiply that goodness by 12,000 times coz this right here, is MILO we’re talking about. Good golly.

I know it looks pretty gross lah, lol. But the smell was splendid and I sure as hell had an awesome time mixing the batter. And seeing how the brownie was coming along so well made my insides tingle with excitement!! hahaha ok gross

Oh ya, I should probably mention that I don’t own any baking equipment/utensils at all and I tried to purchase them at the shopping mall near my place but they were literally nowhere to be found…it was a tragic day indeed.

I was so sad lol and I almost thought my baking plans were going to fall through at the last minute. Thankfully, I was able to more or less estimate the quantity of the ingredients using a small cup in lieu of a proper measuring jug or kitchen scales.

And the biggest problem I had of all was that I couldn’t find any sort of baking tray/tin to actually pour my batter into before stuffing it in the oven to bake…so fortunately I was able to find this lol...

A freaking aluminium foil tray lmao (pls try and ignore how atrociously blurry this photo turned out, i was so excited to chuck it in the oven that i didn't notice it and take a better shot hahaha)

Honestly I was really scared and worried about whether or not it would even work as a substitute.

Not gonna lie lol I actually Googled “aluminium foil tray in toaster oven” just to be safe HAHAHA. I wasn’t about to risk having the entire damn thing explode into smithereens and blast burning hot, Milo-splattered shrapnel at myself and my beloved family, ya know what I’m sayin?



This is the result:


It’s all good tho, coz I sort of carved the top layer off (which was hella chao da, btw) and the inside was pretty on point, even if I do say so myself. Teehee :P

(i really like how this pic turned out hehehe V PROUD OF MY PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS yaaas #shamelessselfpraising #sorrynotsorry #whyamievenhashtaggingomg)

Most importantly, the middle parts of the brownie were just a tad bit gooey. And that, to me, is the mark of a good ass brownie.

I always describe good food here on my blog but now that I’m about to do so for something that I baked myself, it sounds so damn conceited lol. Like I’m tootin’ my own BROWNIE horn ahahahaha.

Oh well. Im’ma do it anyway lol

The chocolatey-ness was BOMB. Pretty moist and delicious, I must say. Although the edges were a lil bit overdone, kinda charred and too hard but overall it’s definitely passable, especially considering this was my MAIDEN ATTEMPT, goddamn. Yaaaaaas kill ‘em.

Can’t wait for more baking adventures, hopefully in the very near future hehehe.

Meanwhile, I’ve also gained this wonderful new headband lol

bless me

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