Thursday, 30 July 2015

"Camera rolling...ACTION!"

1. I feel terrible for breaking my "super regular blogging" streak
2. Sorry for disappearing and leaving this space with no updates whatsoever for more than a week
3. I know that by now, you're probably sick to death of hearing about how over-the-moon, gosh darn happy I am all the time (or at least, whenever i happen to write a new post lol)
4. I apologise in advance for the next point...*grins sheepishly from ear to ear*

/screaming wildly like a hyena as confetti rains from above and "Best Day Ever" by Spongebob is blasting through the speakers in the background

Holy smokes.

I am seriously feeling so, SO insanely grateful for all the amazing things that are coming my way in life right about now.

I've been having the most joyous coupla days so far, and it's largely because of the two awesome productions I had the absolute honour of acting in. Back-to-back short films, WOOHOO!! Good times, heh :))


爱 (After Granny)

First time being a part of a legit, emotional piece. I was the main character (YAY lol) and the two-day shoot was pretty damn intense haha. I'm used to playing roles that mostly emphasise dialogue and facial expressions, but this film required PLENTY of active movement and, boy. Lemme just tell you that my unfit, fuelled-by-junk-food body was NOT ready for that!

There were chasing scenes on the side of a freeway, me breaking out into a sprint and sweating bucketloads by the end of numerous takes, just lots of running scenes in general whilst I sport a backpack and an ill-fitting school uniform lol OH YA. THE SCHOOL UNIFORM.



I felt like I was transformed straight to my secondary school years haha (which would honestly be an all-out nightmare...smh). Also, I found it somewhat trippy how this "prop" uniform is actually almost identical to the uniform I'd worn for real back when I was a Hendersonian. All it was missing was the logo across the breast pocket! Everything else is quite literally the same!!!!!! What on earth lol

It's like...I've already had to go through the pain and suffering of wearing that fugly shit (no offense lol BUT U KNO IT'S TRU!!!!!!) throughout the course of my secondary education. And alas, after about three years of freedom from such hideousness, it is back to HAUNT me. Ugh. *shudders*

Anyway. lol

It's always a blast shooting with the lovely OkaiNo Productions crew, and the duration of filming really brought back some good ol' memories of the time we shot A Latte Love, teehee.

The first episode of which you can watch HERE!! hehehehehe shameless plugging, as usual lmao


My Cup Of Tea

This one was more recent. We just wrapped TODAY!!

This is the production I mentioned auditioning for in this post.

Completely opposite from After Granny, I knew not a single person belonging to the cast and crew of this shoot lol. Save for Natasha, who is the producer/scriptwriter and the one who contacted me in the first place to try out for a role. And even for her, we had NEVER once spoken to each other lol. We literally knew of each other's existence through being mutual followers on Instagram...and her subsequently contacting me for the audition via none other that Twitter dm HAHAHA bless social media!!

A photo posted by Renae Cheng | 佳琪 (@renaecjc) on

I got to act as a BARISTA this time!!!! :D :D :D

exciting shit lol

Anywho, everyone on the team was a sheer delight to work with and I really love meeting new people (who are actually pleasant, yes PLEASE) so overall I really had a tremendously enjoyable time over the course of this two-day (again, lol) shoot! Yes, despite the fact that all of them were at least a year younger than me, which certainly made me feel quite ancient lmao *joints crack everywhere as i ponder which retirement home to check myself into*


Both shoots were so incredibly joyous for me, and I feel utterly blessed and grateful to have had these wonderful experiences and the memories that come with it to cherish forever.

Extremely tiring, yes. But also very fruitful to and, as strange as this is about to sound, emotionally and spiritually rewarding lol. I just love the feeling of being on set!! And that rush and satisfaction when you hear the director yell, "It's a wrap, guys!" is just unbeatable.

Also, that sense of camaraderie and bonding you get to have with your fellow cast and crew members! I love, love, looove everything about it. Be it tucking into hot meals together after many hours of gruelling shoots, or collapsing into an exhausted heap at the end of a long day of filming hahaha. Good times man!

I really, REALLY would like to write individual posts chronicling the time I had for each of these productions (i sound like such a loser right now, sigh. like literally who would even wanna read about it lol BUT OH WELL. let this be like my personal journal, a "dear diary" kinda thing hahaha *hugs laptop*) so I hope that time and energy permits, and that I do not succumb to the temptation of being the ultra procrastinatory, lazy ass that I am haha

For now, I seriously gotz to go and catch some Zs.

I am just flat-out EXHAUSTED right now and I really need every last second of however many hours of sleep I can afford before I get up later at 5AM for school.

I just wanted to quickly document this day as one of the best days EVER, and to keep you guys updated on the fantastic filming adventures I've been in as of late, hehe (not very cool now that i say it like that...HAHAHA but i still love it ok!!!! LIFE IS GR8 <3)

Last but not least, as if today couldn't have gotten any better...

Stopped by JEM to pick up some macarons to treat ma self* :'))

*which i already do, tbh. like, literally all. damn. day. of EVERY day. honestly can it even be called a "treat" if indulgence is pretty much my way of life?! lmao

These gorgeous little babies are almost too pretty to eat...almost. haha!



But is really so, so good. And I'm saying this in all seriousness!

I'm very grateful indeed.


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