Sunday, 5 July 2015


"Much like love, music is a universal language."

I've always been a firm believer of the above quote.

A lot of people are surprised (quite unpleasantly so, i might add lol) whenever I first tell them that I'm a pretty big fan of K-Pop.

When i try and get them to listen to the songs that I'm particularly passionate about and think there's a good chance they'll like it too, many of them get super turned off by it and say that they'll never, ever be interested in listening to K-Pop. Or music of any other language apart from English and perhaps their own mother tongue, for that matter.

They attribute it to two main reasons:

1. They like to be able to sing along to the lyrics
2. They want to be able to understand what the lyrics are


Reason #1 is hardly a problem for me since I listen to whatever song it is I happen to be obsessed with at the moment on loop so many times that each and every syllable of the lyrics, regardless of what language they're in, gets seared into my memory over time lol

As for the second reason, well...

To me, that's not a problem at all haha

It's a huge plus.

You see, I'm one of those people who finds great joy in looking up the lyric translations of songs in foreign languages.

Besides the fact that there are beautiful words and phrases that can only be expressed in certain languages that are not English (i am forever in awe of how poetic some Mandarin song lyrics can be, and how spectacularly AWESOME they sound when rhymed properly!! i'm looking at you, Jay Chou, omg. his songs are pretty much works of art, tbh. anyway, back on topic lol), discovering the meaning of a foreign tune's lyrics brings about a whole new level of enjoyment to each and every song.

Basically I'm writing this entire post today solely because I just learned the meanings of the lyrics behind Mad Clown's 견딜만해 (Gyeondil Manhae, which translates to "it's bearable") (also known by its English song title, Without You), and I was absolutely floored by how amazing and wonderful the words to this song are.

This song that I've been completely hooked on since first discovering it over a year ago. I've been jamming to it relentlessly all these months; by now I probably have not only the lyrics to the chorus AND rap verses memorised by heart, but can recognise every single beat and note of the song. I've watched countless live performance videos of it (mostly due to the fact that i'm totally in love with Hyorin, haha. she is a queen, omg <3) and Mad Clown's stage presence, charisma and rapping capabilities just blow me away each time. It's on my phone's Top 25 Most Played list, I've looped the song to death, and today...

I discovered a whole new dimension to it which made me fall head over heels in love with it, all over again.

It brings me chills, every time. It really does.

"I loved you just enough to not get hurt."



had to create my own rendition of it, teehee lol

it's played too big of a role in my life and my recovery, having a little piece of it that i made myself really feels good.

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