Monday, 20 July 2015

hah. hah. hah. hah. STAYIN ALIVE

...which is what this blog should be doing.

And what I, as the owner and sole content creator (lol), should be striving to achieve!!!!!!!!!!1

So here I am cranking out a solid post real quick before the glorious HBL week + long weekend comes to an end and it's back to school and back to me being a fairly busy but mostly very lazy piece o' poo who only gets round to writing a new post like, once every three hundred years.

Anyway. lol

I have been having a swell coupla days lately, and I'm so so happy and grateful!!


So weird to see this space almost completely empty and deserted.

Headed to school ON A SATURDAY which was also the second day of Hari Raya, no less, for a super duper quick audition/script read.

Oh my goodness, this girl who is in a different course from my school (the Creative Writing for TV and New Media one) and one year my junior suddenly DM-ed me on Twitter the night before asking if I would like to act in one of her short films as part of a school assignment and obviously I was like YOOOOOOOOO yes puh-LEASE!!!!!!! boy, would i!! lol

Seriously it has been a long ass time since I last took part in an acting project and seeing as this is my last year in poly (*sobs*) I just completely stopped thinking about it altogether coz I thought I wouldn't get any more opportunities coming my way.

And now, here we are! OMG bless this girl for even thinking that I can act hahaha I really do feel super humbled and honoured every time someone even considers me for a role!

>>click here to watch the first episode of A Latte Love, the 8-part web series i was in last year, teehee<<

The audition was pree chill and the crew members all seem really nice so I'm hella stoked for production to begin! I'm taking on the role of a barista this time, WOOHOO!! How cool is that haha

Yay life is great :))

BLISS. Any time the Universe presents me with an almost empty train, my mood is instantly lifted by 8000% teehee

(i am so obsessed with that stupid Tumblr meme lol it's all i can hear in my head nowadays and i've even began saying GOOD SHIT GOOD SHIT like, actually out loud, in response to just anything at all in my life that's pleasant HAHAHAHA somebody stop me!! i have absolutely no control and no filter when it comes to these dumb new habits that i keep picking up lmao)

Headed to school at about 11 and the audition literally took like, I don't know, a grand total of no more than ten minutes HAHA.

I didn't want to have woken up at nine in the morning (after an entire week of starting my day at about 5pm lmao), gotten dressed and gone out of the house all the way to Dover just for that, so I called Sumz up for some ice cream and waffles and she was totally down fo dat shit!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Only thing was that she was still at work so I had to kill some time. About four hours, to be exact. Lmao so off I went to Star Vista for some lovely Cedele hangz! On my own!

YESSS i love solo hangz lol

Hope this doesn't get translated as sarcasm but I really do enjoy and value solitude!

I think I spent close to two hours in the café lol, and it was a pretty productive session as well, if I do say so myself :))

Finally got around to doing a truckload of overdue Writing Lab work that I've been procrastinating since...oh, I don't know. The beginning of the school year?! Lmao I am a legit train wreck

Got myself an Irish cream cappuccino (LOVE) and a beautiful little mixed fruits pavlova, as motivation/self rewards for finally doing work teehee

Can you believe that despite all my years spent living in Australia, this was the first time I got to try an actual pavlova??


Hahaha but forreal tho I'm really glad that I've gotten around to trying it because I am a huge, HUUUGE fan of any meringue-based desserts.

On the flipside, I don't really fancy eating fresh fruits all that much...and I REALLY don't like it when I have them on my desserts lol like, obviously I ain't tryna eat healthy here if I'm shoving a bunch of sugary sweet treats down my gullet so please REMOVE yourself and bring me more of dat whipped cream, chocolate, caramel and whatever sinful sweets you can think of lol

But yeah, overall it was DELISH and I can't wait to eat more, honestly hahaha. The shell was so crisp and delectable and the insides were soooo soft and fluffy and YUMMY AS HELL!! God, I love meringues <3

Still had a considerable amount of time to kill after my work session (truth be told, i left before i completed all my assignments coz the café was starting to get a teeny bit crowded and i felt so bad for hogging a space for that amount of time lol!! hey at least i have a sense of awareness ok not like those shameless people *shrugs*) so I just walked around the entire perimeter of Star Vista lmao

Got approached by some insurance promoter peeps who were like, "yo we're givin out this free thing all u gotta do is sit down and listen for like 10 to 15 minutes u don;t gotta buy anything or sign up for shit" (not their exact words but ya) and I was like YOOOOOOOOO forget the free gift man lol I am so bored right now yes!!!!!! JUST TALK TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT LOL

gosh my life sounds so sad sometimes hahahaha

jks :P

So yeah, after their little sales pitch (which wasn't even unpleasant at all to have to sit through, the lady was very nice! and i feel like i actually learned something lol so dat was cool) they insisted on me taking the free gift. So I embarked on my journey to meet Summer for some amazing ice cream and waffles, only now I was toting around a little something extra that I didn't start the day off with...

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! how cute is that hahaha AWWWW!! *heart eye emoji* x100

Freaking adorable for god's sake and I am ALWAYS in need of portable charging so YAY!!

This day just kept getting better and better teehee I was so CHUFFED :)))

Finally, the long awaited ice cream and waffles!! *angels harmonize in the background as glorious harp music plays*

My third time visiting this cute lil café called The Milky Way, tucked in the quaint neighbourhoods of Commonwealth. I really love it there, it's so chill and quiet. And it's kind of like an elderly district, so it's mostly populated by gentle old folk and not rowdy ass youths which I honestly HATE and they intimidate the shit outta me!!!!!!!!

Now you know why I hate going to "cool cool" places like town (especially Cineleisure OMG and Orchard in general tbh) unless absolutely necessary lol

Anywho, lemme just say right now that both the waffles AND the ice cream at this place are nothing short of STELLAR.

First up, the waffles.

Holy effing hell I am NOT exaggerating when I say that they are easily the BEST waffles I've tasted in the whole of Singapore, hands down.

Basically I'm kinda over the whole waffles & ice cream craze that's sure to have been bombarding your Instagram feeds. Literally every hipster café is pushing their own version of this food trend and it's just been so overhyped that I've honestly grown sick of it!

Well, the waffles at Milky Way are not only topnotch, they're the kind which will leave you wanting more and more! Seriously, I keep getting intense cravings for these babies!

Dense, fragrant and absolutely delicious. I also love how they don't soak up the melted ice cream at all and get all soggy and disgusting like many of the other waffles I've had elsewhere do.

Speaking of ice cream! Hoo boy.

What's that you see? KOALA and TEA. That's right, boo. Their ice cream is one hundred percent QUA-LI-TY lmao

Not only is the flavour INTENSE and super duper yummy, I love how their ice cream somehow doesn't seem to melt...Must be magic!

I went with Rum & Raisin this time, one of my faves. (i've also tried their earl grey, sea salt caramel, and roasted pistachio. all were fab, needless to say)

Holy shit, that stuff was potent lol. Creamy and very tasty, spiked with a generous dose of rum and packed with plenty of fat, juicy raisins. I was in looooooove omg. BRUH

It was definitely super duper satisfying finally (even tho the last time i went there was like, literally a week ago lmao) having my cravings satisfied, and I can't wait to head back there again omg! ALL DEM FLAVOURS, MMMMM. GOTTA TASTE THEM ALL!!

(pssst...apparently their coffee drinks are superb too. not surprisingly, haha)

Had a gr8 afternoon of talking about some dumb shit and probably laughing WAY too loud in a public space...but it's all good teehee I HAD SUCH A SWELL TIME

Sumz also gave me this awesome choco biscuit snack from her workplace as a gift...WHAT ON EARTH SUMMER WHY WOULD U EVEN DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!! I really can't take it gosh she is like the nicest sweetest most caring and thoughtful friend there is on the planet like THE FUCK. My heart can't take this level of love!!!

Although... *sigh* her friendship is no doubt the best gift she can ever give me like, straight up...I feel so gosh darn #BLESSED to have her in my life like. What even. Thank you Summer, you have no idea how grateful I am for all that you've done for me omg UGHH *explodes into tears whilst i sweat a lot because the love i have for you is emanating from all of my pores*

(i am sorry you had to read that nasty ass sentence)

Afterwards Sumzicles (like popsicles, which are cute and summery) (not testicles. no.) showed me this really cool district of abandoned HDBs and I was like...woah.


Sadly I was not dressed to impressed at the time so yeah. No pics. NEXT TIME THO!!

Sick looking abandoned playground.

There's something really eerie about how there's sprawling decay amidst all the bright and colourful but ancient-looking structures. Playgrounds in itself just scream happiness and childhood memories, but nobody expects to see them like this.

This is just a horror movie scene waiting to happen lol

*starts thinking about hantu whilst typing this*

FUCK LOL ABORT MISSION ABORT ABORT!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck you brain lol u a bitch sometimes

dis summer, feat. creepy abandoned building in da background

This was moments after she yelled like a banshee for a snapchat, scaring the living daylights out of me. I swear it's a miracle I did not poo on the grass or something. Yes, I am a scaredy cat.

Love Summer's shoes omg they are so feckin' cool and makes me wish I had moneyzz >.<


Everything about her outfit is just on point tbh. Ugh.

Love ya long time Sumeer teehee <3

THANK U FOR THE FUN ASS TIME as usual :))))))




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