Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Happy As A Clam

While I'm not really able to comprehend how exactly a sea mollusc could be experiencing the same level of joy as I am right now, I sure as hell am feeling ECSTATIC today.

First of all, after several weeks of self-tormenting procrastination and plenty of roadblocks in my brain where the ideas just would not flow (seriously there were some nights where i was just stuck staring at my laptop screen for hours in the middle of the night, not knowing how to carry on writing my articles and as a result from being so stressed out my oil-producing facial glands went into overdrive and i began practically DRIPPING grease from my entire head lmao i'm so sorry you had to imagine that, i honestly don't know why i decided to share this information with the internet hahahaha), I finally finished my assignment!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*beams with pride* :')))

That feeling of 100% completion, reading it through for that final check, sending it off for printing and holding the physical copy of your hard work in your hands...is just straight up phenomenal.

And the fact that this is gonna be one of the last few assignments I'll ever have to do and print as my poly life draws to a close...man, that just trips me out haha. Thinking about how all this is just another era that is about to come to an end very, very soon messes me up on an emotional level so let's not even go there lmao

Chillin' for a bit (Warm On A Cold Night is a BOMB ASS song and i have been hooked beyond belief on dat shit for quite a while now. tysm Ian for da recommendation on a night where i was feeling hella shitty...shout-out to you if you're reading this lol wassup)...I'm gonna miss this place so goddamn much omg. And everything about the entire school, honestly. Gosh. *sheds a tear*

Treated myself to this little beauty right here while I did the finishing touches on my work. Honestly speaking, any day is a good day as long as it features a Himalayan tea latte, aka the beverage equivalent of HEAVEN ON EARTH.

Printed, bound, and totally DONE! HOORAY!!!!! :D (add me on snapchat teehee my username is renaecjc!)

First time I got a yellow coloured back board teehee. Signifying my continuously soaring state of glee, no doubt :))

Oh yeah, I also decided to treat myself (again. lol) to probably my favourite lunch dish from Koufu/FC4's ever popular Western stall. The queue was absolutely ridonk, but I braved it anyway because I'm telling you...this meal is so worth it.

Also, while I was waiting in line, I had plenty of time to wander off into the depths of my memories and all of a sudden I was thinking about how long it has been since I last ate at FC4...and the fact that we used to have lunch here as a class ALL the time back in Year 1. And as I glanced over at the Western stall's menu, it occurred to me that not only was this one of my favourite meals at school as well as something I tend to get very often (hence, lots and lots of memories there), there's a good chance that it was the very FIRST meal I had as a student of SP.

Oh my god...

My mind was completely blown and I couldn't even handle it haha. I started thinking about how little time there is left between now and graduation...Will I still come by and visit the campus every now and then as a member of the alumni? I love being a DMC student omg...I'm so thankful. For each and every day that I've spent here. I almost couldn't get into SP. It was a dream come true. I'm so so so blessed. My heart will probably beat a little faster every single time I take a train and it passes by Dover station. Omg. I ALMOST STARTED CRYING HAHAHAHAHAH NO JOKE

I need to get a grip on life lmao

aNyWAYz, ya...

Here's da food lol

The presentation isn't ideal (please refer to this post for a better visual HAHA) but hoo boy, I have missed this SO much.

Basically it's a slab of chicken cutlet (crispy fried chicken will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart <3) (lmao i sound like a legit fat kid right now hahaha) drizzled over with yummy cheese sauce (LOVE!) served with not just a side of pasta or a handful of thick cut chips...but BOTH.

YEAH, DAS RIGHT. *Best of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana plays in the background*

Good gracious, it is sooooo tasty omg.

I remember when I ordered this dish for the first time, I wasn't thrilled about the pasta initially coz I'm not a big fan of tomato-based sauces unless I have the option of adding in about 17 tablespoonfuls of parmesan cheese to it (not even kidding, unfortunately for my thighs lol), but the tanginess of the sauce complements the creamy cheese and savoury chicken so damn well! And fries are just super delicious on their own hehe so no complaints about it whatsoever, obvs but yeah ALL HAIL POTATOES!!


It also helps that all this...costs only $4.80, oh my word. WHAT A GREAT DEAL, RIGHT?!!

Nevermind that I'm absolutely DROWNING in carbs and fats hahahaha I think I'm at a point of my life now where I've realised that I'd rather be a happy, well-fed chubster than someone really thin but constantly unhappy and deprived of all the wonderful foods that I wish to eat.

And, like I said...

teehee lol

it's true doe

do it!!!!!!!! u deserve it hunny xo

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  1. What an exciting time for you. I know the feeling of submitting the last assignment and waiting for graduation. I hope you treat yourself to something special for your graduation ceremony.