Wednesday, 22 July 2015


So I posted this pic in the morning…

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Not knowing that my little “prediction” would turn out to be accurate af. Both eerily and gloriously so.

Well, maybe I had an inkling haha.

Remember how chuffed I was the day of this post when I handed in a major assignment?

Miss Trudy gave us a heads-up yesterday that we would be getting our results back today. And boy, was I excited about that hahaha

I’ll admit, a tiny part of me was filled with apprehension because truth be told, I wasn’t 100% confident of the work that I turned in. (this is terrible, but nowadays it’s getting increasingly common for me to just half-ass assignments for the sake of actually having something to hand up in time for the submission deadline. *sigh*)

But I’d much rather find out what my results are instead of prolonging the torment of not knowing lol

As it turns out, I had no reason to worry and ALL the reason to celebrate coz I did GR8!!


such modesty

much wow

But yeah lmao, the grade I got for the assignment turned out to be higher than what I’d expected. Which is awesome, no doubt.

What really sealed the deal and propelled me further into a state of elation though, were the wonderful comments Miss Trudy gave me. It really gives me so much confidence and assurance as a writer and fuels the love I have for what I do!

Needless to say, that really got my day off on a phenomenal start. And it just kept getting better and better, from a whole bunch of simple, little joys :))

Treated myself to a lovely iced mocha during break time. SCRUM-DIDDLY-UMPTIOUS lol

Dat ombre doe!!!!!!!!

Hung out wit ma lil sis after she finished school for the day, which was awesome.

Brought her some ice cream from the cart, and it was bombbbbb oh my goodness.

Ice cream carts just fill my heart with so much glee :’))

They’re so ridonkulously affordable and it’s really heartwarming to know that you’re supporting the friendly uncles instead of some emotionless corporation lol ya know what I’m sayin???

Also, the frozen treats always taste fab af haha

Yam flavoured ice cream (GROSS omg what is wrong with ppl who enjoy yam flavoured THINGS) on rainbow bread for her, and mocha choc chip sandwiched between delectably crunchy biscuits for me.

My M.C.C ice cream was delicious omg. Totally threw me off coz it didn’t taste like the cheap, shitty kind at all. The flavours were actually pretty rich and intense! And the abundance of chocolate chips for me to munch on was a big plus too. THUMBS UP!!

To top it all off, later in the day I received a completely unexpected e-mail from the people at TSL, aka the company I'm going to be interning at starting from September.

In it they brought just the BEST news ever, and I'm so so excited I honestly couldn't even begin to process the amazing information that was presented to me.

I'm not really able to tell you guys exactly what it is as of right now, since everything is still in the planning stages. But I seriously cannot wait til it all falls into place!! Gosh, life is so good :))

Last but not least, I decided to finally record and upload my first ever full length cover! Woohoo~!!

I've been posting short little snippets of me singing to the camera for a while now, but they're all on Instagram so they have to be 15 seconds or under.

There's some random bits of me talking at the end so...stay tuned for that haha

Give it a listen and sing along with me too! yeah, that won't be weird at all lol...

Take care, loves :))


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  1. Yay! Congratulations on getting a good score for your assignment. I hope your new internship goes well. It will be a learning experience and an adventure.