Wednesday, 8 July 2015

YAY HAPPY DAY #ilovelife

Back with a new post in the span of less than 24 hours!! OMG!!!!!!!!! What is happening with the world?!!!!!!! :O :O

I've been saving this lil bar thingy for quite some time now coz honestly 我真的很不舍得把它给吃掉 hahahahaha (t\n: i really can't bear to eat it). I first picked it up from Cold Storage (oh, bless thee for providing such cool and exotic groceries from all around the world, it really thrills the supermarket-roaming-lover in me to no end!! and it also makes me weep a little every time coz everything be hella expensive and i am but a broke bitch lol but yeah) a couple of months ago coz I was stocking up on various muesli/snack/energy bars to munch on when I got hungry at work.

This particular one was so exotic I just HAD to save it for a special occasion!!

But this morning there was nothing at all in my house to eat besides this and a bunch of other random snacks and tidbits so...I had no choice but to make it my breakfast haha

It was exciting tho!! FINALLY THIS IS HAPPENING YAYYYYYYY hahahaha and what a good start to my day!!!!! :D

When I first unwrapped it I was like...yo that's pretty fugly hahaha but it's all good. What really threw me of though was the TEXTURE, it was AMAZING YO LET ME TELL YOU.

So freaking soft and dense and MOIST and chewy UGH I almost burst into tears forreal

The flavour was INTENSE as well!

I was super impressed to see real carrot shreds on top of the generous chunks of walnut, so I decided to peep the ingredient list and...yo


Do my eyes deceive me or is this quite possibly the best damn thing on the planet, oh my word.

I was mightily impressed by the fact that the entire bar consisted only of natural ingredients, I gotta tell ya. Pity that my only grievance with it is a pretty major one, and it's that it is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too freaking sweet, like forreal dawg. I was legit DYING from a sweetness overdose after every bite.

I badly had to neutralise the overbearing sweetness with some salty I reached out for a bag of murukku crackers and just stuffed my face with it as part of my wonderful breakfast lmao

Ahhh, healthy living!

So today was a pree chill day at school coz as mentioned in my previous post, it was a day of CA SUBMISSION!! Hooray~!

Basically I showed up in the morning to hand my beautiful, beloved baby i.e the result of many a night's hard work and stressing in, and from there on out there wasn't much going on in class at all hahaha

Just a lil briefing of what to do next week (which is Home-Based Learning week omg...meaning we don't gotta go to school!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS) followed by some meetings and discussions with my project group.

Had some time to kill after class before meeting up with Summer for some Cass Carnival fun times so I decided to head to Starbucks for the first time in months and months!

And I hate myself so much for it lol KILL ME!!!!!!!!!

Sigh...the fact that they can win my heart and ME MONEY just by presenting their mediocre (YEAH I SAID IT) beverages in a pretty ass cup that I am bound to snap several pictures of, possibly with the intent of sharing it on my social media platforms thus further propelling the popularity and influence of Starbucks, and drawing a freaking SMILEY FACE next to my name so that it's not just a more personalised experience, but it makes me feel like I'm goddamn SPECIAL or whatever when clearly I ain't.


It didn't even taste good tbh lol.

The only thing that I really did enjoy was the whipped cream, but I can get like a whole canister of it from the supermarket and just aerosol SPRAY dat shit right into my mouthhole for like, two dollars so yeah lol

I appreciated the caffeine kick tho! I slept like three hours the previous night haha. But seven whole dollars tho...god. COME ON, BRUH. C'MON.

Went to Hilltop Haven for lunch with Sumz and I really love it there so much omg. SO MANY MEMORIES OF ME CHILLIN' ON MY OWN and doing all sorts of random nonsense that I like to convince myself constitutes as "studying" lmao

Also, their food is pretty bomb <3

Instant noodle adventures teehee~~

I WAS FATED TO HAVE CURRY IN MY LIFE YO!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha wtf

I usually don't like cup/bowl noodles at all...idk man they just seem 3000% even more unhealthy than regular instant noodles that actually have to be cooked using a stove. AND they don't even taste that great!

But da cravings kicked in so...yeah.


Obviously snapchats are in order hahaha

(add me if you haven't already it's RENAECJC hehehe)

The content isn't always appropriate tho HAHAHA

or mature, for that matter...i do apologise lmao

With our tummies nice and satisfied (albeit filled with plenty of starch and instant noodle WAX lmao sry), we made our way to the #CassDay2015 Carnival which I was sooooooooo excited about, oh my freaking goodness.

It's so awesome how there are fun activities like this, with various cool knick-knacks to be bought for cheap as well as an array of yummy cupcakes, brownies and chocolates for sale.

The two things I was most excited about...were the stickers and the HENNA.

Ok stickers first, yeah?

Basically I used to be completely OBSESSED with laptop stickers back when I was a young, immature bean in Year 1 lmao. I loaded my laptop case, which was a gorgeous shade of matte frosted mint green mind you, with an INSANE number of childish ass stickers lol

Here's a pic...


But to be fair, I really did like the ones with positive quotes, coz I really did find them motivating. Also, the cupcake stickers were scratch-n-sniff, how cool is that! (y'all know how obsessed i am with smells so i was obvs real chuffed about that haha)

And needless to say, I looove the CASS identifier sticker teehee and it was a free back-to-school gift from the CASS club back in Year 1, too! HOW GREAT IS THAT!!

So I graduated from that overly-decorated laptop case and I've been sticking with a plain, bright yellow protective shell for more than a year now. I chose yellow coz of its psychological effects lol. Did you know that simply looking at the colour yellow elevates your mood?! And I don't know about you but a little extra dash of happiness is always, ALWAYS welcome in my life hahaha

I am straight up IN LOVE with the quote bubble designs hahaha.

Never thought I'd be able to find customised quote bubble stickers with sayings only CASS kids would know, and my heart just flipped in glee when I first laid eyes on it teehee

Idk why but the hilltop quote is so swaggy I almost feel like my three years worth of trudging up the hill early in the A.M for classes is almost WORTH IT hahaha

And MSTs = Mid-Semester Tests, which CASS students have absolutely NONE of, EVER hahahahahahahah SUCK IT!!!!!! :P


They were a dollar each, which I honestly think is pretty steep but I just needed CASS-referencing stickers in my life soooooo bad I was willing to fork that much cash out for little pieces of sticky paper with pixelated words on them lmao


Also, the money goes to their CASS fund for future events anyway, so that's great! :))

Oh yeah the CA(T)SS one was a free gift. Not really my thing since I'm really more of a dog person (i'll stand by the fact that i think most cats are bitches lol DOn"T KILL ME) but still pree cute nonetheless!

And now...HENNA TIME!! omg i was so excited

Idk if y'all remember this but I had a "fake tattoo/fake henna" phase last year lmao where I was obsessed with drawing on myself HAHAHA

click here, here and here for examples teehee :P

This was my first time getting henna done by someone other than myself, and I was SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

OMG :D :D :D

The whole process was sooooo spectacularly relaxing haha I LOVED IT. The henna was kinda cold and tingly, and the girl doing it was super skilled and gentle (CHECK OUT THE SKELETON DESIGN SHE HAD ON HERSELF!! so freaking bomb i swear haha). I felt so excited slowly seeing the design come together!!!!!!!!! :D


And I'd already decided like, a third into the way of her drawing my henna that after this, I am so totally gonna get back into doing my eyeliner "henna" designs hahaha YAY!!!!!! Can't wait :)))

Sumz and I stayed back a lil while more as my henna dried to look at some stupidly hilarious content on Tumblr/Youtube/Vine.

After seeing this Vine I feel like I can say with utmost confidence that my days will be filled with hope and laughter no matter how bad things might seem. *sobs* WHAT A WORK OF ART!!! /guffaws

Took this pic coz I was BEYOND ecstatic about the fact that after a brilliant day in school, the ride home was gonna be on a super chill and empty train.

One of the little things in life that never fail to put a giant smile on my face, gosh.

Later on I noticed how Sum's shirt was matchy-matchy with the seats, and I was planning on Instagramming this pic with a caption along the lines of

"With a friend like you, I know I'll never be blue."

But then I regained my senses and realized how GROSS that is and also because I do not wish for Summer to file a restraining order against me HAHAHAH

(not again...)

(*insert sad pepe*)

But forreal doe Sumeer you are like DA BEST and thank you so much for always filling my days with endless laughter and happiness as well as support at times where I really need it the most and being there for me at my lowest points and offering nothing but comfort and love and acceptance omg bless you for existing and bless you for being mah homie and MAH BRO i just need sum bros in my life man ugh (did u get that reference lol i said "sum" bros coz ur name is summer hahahaha wasn't that a clever play on words!!!!!!11!)

ok this got weird lol bYE

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