Sunday, 30 August 2015

How A Song Saved My Life

I'd say I take the music I listen to pretty seriously, and every once in a while, I chance upon a song that is so perfect that I fall head over heels in love with it.

It goes well beyond simply playing it over, over, and over again.

I start noticing every beat, every riff, every single note. The lyrics get seared into my longterm memory.

What I particularly love, are lyrics that I find so meaningful that I actually have to take a moment to just absorb how brilliant a single line can be. And then I start using those quotes in my everyday life hahaha

For example, I overplayed The Way by my bb girl Ariana Grande (although she's been exhibiting some problematic behaviour lately and i'm just NOT feelin it...) SO much during 2013 when I first started my polytechnic journey.

I know it might be hard to believe seeing as I have an insane amount of love, pride and loyalty for all that is my class, my dream course, and the whole of Singapore Poly itself, but the beginnings of it all were actually pretty rocky lol

I was completely for this song which really put me in a more chipper mood to start each day off.

And then I discovered the Spanish-English version, and that was just a whole other level of adoration.

Thus...I present to you my Whatsapp status for the past two years lol

Translation: "You're everything to me. I love you," then "I love it" in English hahaha

It first comes on at the 0:13 second mark and I freaking LOVE IT so much ahhh!!


Amazing hahaha

Gonna try and see if I can stick to this status for the rest of my life. Or until my usage of Whatsapp dies out completely, whichever comes first lol

yes i am crazy

Hell, just look at the number of times I've sampled lyrics from Angel by MFBTY, a song which I was obviously crazy about when I first discovered it a couple months back (still am, tbh!), to use as pointless captions on my Instagram posts lol

There's like a whole series!! here they are in chronological order lmao


Don't you just hate it when people act all deep and poetic by writing some inspirational bullshit in their caption that has nothing to do with the actual photo?? Me too HAHAHAHAHA ehh but seriously! There's actually ~some~ relation between the lyrics and the pics ok lol


1. The lyrics say "like Taeyang (the singer, which also literally translates to the Sun) you Looked Only At Me (this a sneaky little reference to Taeyang's song! hehe how clever)", and the picture shows a sunset! A downright gorgeous one too, I might add.

2. Lyrics: "Angel, my angel. You make me smile. I could do anything for you, could even build a house."'s a picture of a beautiful architectural structure that is the National Museum of Singapore! damn, such symbolism haha MUCH WOW

Translations of the lyrics in 3 & 4 respectively are: "You, melt my heart. You will always be my...(angel)" and "A smile spreads across my face. No matter what they say, Imma hold you closer."

And the relation it has to each of the photos they are captioned absolutely nothing lol HAHAHAHA the photos are of myself!! I just wanted to caption them with some of my freaking favourite lyrics from one of my most loved songs ever, gosh. It brings me great joy okay DON'T JUDGE ME!!!!!


Anywho, I realised the other day while listening to some songs on my old phone that I've yet to discover a song I love as much as I do Moment 4 Life by none other than my queen, Nicki Minaj (lol i legit sound like a crazy fangirl rn is2g...) featuring Drake (who i'm a really big fan of as well! hehe)

i must've contributed to like, 12% of this video's overall views goddamn forreal tho...

These are the things I try my best not to say out loud, coz honestly speaking if someone were to utter such a thing in my presence I would probably just roll my eyes to the back of my head...

but seriously...This song saved my life.

I've mentioned before in previous posts that I first discovered my undying love for rap music some time towards the end of 2013, which coincided with a rather troubling time for me too as I was still quite unstable and struggling to pick myself up from relapses into depression and anxiety every few months or so.

Moment 4 Life was one of the first few tracks I happened to check out, and before the second verse even came on, I was sold.

HOW could a song be so goddamn powerful and inspirational??

Just listen to the words, it tells an amazing story and carries some of the most empowering and motivational messages I'd stumbled upon in a while.

Also, I am soooooooo in love with the beat and the melody is simply INSANE as well. It's one of those songs which I could listen to 6,000 times in a row and still not get sick of. Come to think of it...I'm pretty sure I've come close to that...lolololol

And yup, you guessed it. I love the lyrics so freaking much (how could you NOT?? Nicki writes some bomb ass rhymes and punchlines that hit so hard i can practically feel my mind getting propelled right out of the goddamn Universe lol) that one particular line has been my social media bio for the past two years or so lmao

unrelated to the rest of this post but am i like Swensen's biggest fan or smth?! lol


No such thing as being "lucky", I know when I'm being thoroughly blessed and favoured upon by the Universe, the Gods, the various stars in the skies or whatever greater force out there that you may choose to believe in (i personally believe in a little bit of everything).

And with that being said, I know to be 100% grateful, appreciative and aware of the fact that I am, indeed, (wait for it...)

...#blessed lol HAHAHHAHAHAH

Also, the part (at 3:35 to 3:53) that goes "This is my moment, I waited all my life. I can tell it's time. Drifting away, I'm one with the sunset. I have become alive." just gives me absolute CHILLS every time I hear it.

It's like...yes. I've lived for almost two decades. But the beginning part of my life was so turbulent, and I felt so incredibly shitty most of the time that I spent my days wishing and wanting for my happiness to finally arrive.

And I did it.

I waited. And I suffered. All the pain and torment that came with the years of waiting, wishing and hoping. I took it all. And I survived.

And now, here I am.

Happier than I ever would've even DARED to think would be possible when I was just a little girl.

(i'm not even kidding, there are plenty of days where i just sit back in awe of how mind-bogglingly joyous and blessed i actually feel...and am. like, isn't there a limit to how AWESOME life can be??! hahaha)

And this is it. THIS is the start of my life. I am finally, alive.

"I wish that I could have this moment for life."

To me, it doesn't mean trying to hold on to a moment because you can't bear to let it go.

It's about being present in the moment as it's taking place in your life, being absolutely aware and grateful for it, and having it "for life" in the form of a beautiful new memory, and receiving proof once again that you are an utterly and amazingly BLESSED human being, living an incredible life.

Cheesy, I know. You might even find it super cringeworthy and borderline disgusting haha

I wouldn't say I'm an optimist. I'm quite the compulsive worrier, in fact, and my brain has been wired since young to jump to the worst possible outcome in every situation possible. Every thought that I have just tends to turn to the negative.

I'm not trying to see the world through rose-tinted glasses, where everything is perfect and dandy and it's all sunshine and rainbows and everyone is happy and good and kind all the time and we all get to live forever lol

That ain't what life is about.

All I've been trying to do, and what I hope to continue getting better at with time and continued effort, is to be mindful of and thankful for the infinite blessings in my life, as much as I possibly can.

If it took a Nicki Minaj song to do just that, then I am nothing but grateful for it.

Also, it's a bomb ass song anyways, aye?

*pops booty to the beat*



Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Suite Life in Guangzhou Part 9: Chinese Cuisine @ Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel

I just came home from handing in literally the last piece of work that I EVER have to do as a polytechnic student and I FEEL SO ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, wow. Can't believe it. So this is it, huh? It's all over. WE DID IT, Y'ALL!! :D

/screams and jumps around as i rip every single module overview and CA brief into shreds and toss them into the air, watching them rain down upon my elated being like confetti before scooping it all up and depositing the papers into a recycling bin coz i am a responsible citizen concerned about global warming and the Earth which i, along with my future children and their respective offspring, will be living in

Anyway. lol

Here is a new China post since I haven't done one in a while! Better chop chop and crank the remainders out before I hit the one year mark lmao. That would be embarrassing...

Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel
Zhuhai, China
Sunday, 28th December 2014

This is my kinda dish, right here. A big vat of assorted mushrooms, everything ranging from the broad and flat oyster variety to thick and juicy Chinese ones. Gotta love dem fungi, damn. So chewy and delicious :)

It's tossed in a sauce that contains a whole bunch of special spices and flavourings, creating a super robust taste sensation indeed, as with most Asian dishes.

Bell peppers were awesome too!

China's take on the chee cheong fun (rice noodle rolls) we all know and love. It's stuffed with fluffy scrambled eggs and shrimp! :D :D :D


This dish was SO good. And the sweet dipping sauce was so light and tasted PHENOMENAL! I could really go for a roll or two of this right now haha

I tried a similar version during my previous trip to Guangzhou, where the rice noodles were wrapped around succulent chunks of the most tender duck meat ever, complete with a roasted, crackling skin. Beyond amazing, omg.

I freaking love food lol

I've never really been a fan of paus (steamed Chinese buns) coz I always find the texture too "bread-y" and I don't really think the flour to filling ratio is on point enough for each bite to be adequately flavourful lol (SORRY I'M WEIRD haha) but these were crazily soft and fluffy! The meat filling was pretty bomb too, you can really taste the mix of fresh spices that were used, instead of MSG and all the nonsense

Seafood ramen! Gosh, presentation alone it is already SUPERB.

I'm the kind who prefers to reserve space in my stomach for a bunch of different side dishes rather than a single main dish when it comes to dining at Chinese cuisine, so I gave this a miss.

Of course, not without a small sampling of it first haha. The broth was incredibly rich and tasty Again, you could tell right away that the wonderful flavours and aroma were achieved not by artificial ingredients, but hours upon hours of boiling only the freshest and most high quality seafoods.

It contained morsels of prawns, squid and mussels, all of it were SO fresh I was honestly quite blown away.

Definitely a must-try!

A tad unusual to have Japanese tempura prawns at a Chinese restaurant, but these were definitely on point.

It's so important for tempuras to have the right balance between too little coating that doesn't deliver a satisfying crunch, and a batter that's too thick and spoils the taste of whatever ingredient lies within. Fortunately, this hit the spot! Together with the light soy sauce, it just tasted all sorts of fabulous <3

Leaf-wrapped rice dumplings!! Omg I love these so much~~

Besides the fact that steaming them within the bamboo leaves ups the flavour and aroma intensity by like, 12 hundred notches, it's alway a fun little surprise to unwrap these cuties and see what kind of yumminess lies within!

Honestly, it could be anything! haha

Sorry for the shit-tastic photo, apparently I couldn't be arsed to take a better one coz I was just so gosh darn excited to dive right into it lmao. I'm sure you understand! :P

Super delicious chestnuts, tender chicken chunks, slivers of ultra fragrant Chinese mushrooms and my all-time favourite...SALTED EGG YOLK!!

*moans loudly*

Ohhhhh my godddddd SALTED EGG YOLK IS LIFE!!!!!!!! hahaha but forreal tho, it really is great and if you've never tried it before I highly recommend you get on that shit ASAP, your life will change for the better :)

And now, dessert time!

Amazing, A-MAY-ZINGGG egg tarts. Just, jawdroppingly phenomenal, I tell you. I am not kidding, at all.

These were heavily recommended by the waiter who told us that it was the chef's specialty. Apparently it's made according to a special secret recipe that has been passed on through generations in the village that the chef hails from. Unfortunately, I have completely forgotten what that village is hahaha.

Nevertheless, these are perhaps some of The Best egg tarts I've yet to taste in my close to twenty years of existence. And here's the thing, I don't even like these type of egg tarts! With the smooth egg custard filling and all. I prefer them Portugese style, with a delectably charred top :)

All in all, these were clear winners and what started off as "Oh, I'm super full from dinner, I'll just help myself to one little egg tart as a treat!" resulted in me sweeping up more than half of the plate and still wanting to fight the rest of my family for more lol THEY WERE THAT GOOD!!

Please, try to get your hands on some traditionally prepared, authentic Chinese egg tarts at least once in your lifetime. You won't regret it!!

The mango pudding that was served afterwards paled in comparison, sadly hahaha. I mean it's really hard to beat something as awesome as dem egg tarts ok!

Anywho, they tasted pretty decent still. Nice and refreshing with real chunks of mango :)

And of course, the presentation is utterly adorable!

Finally, we have little beauty right here...

How cute is that petite pot & lid, right? I just love fancy presentations, oh my word.

(notice the exquisitely displayed platter of fresh fruits in the background which i did not bother to take a proper photo of lol)

(never really been a "fruits" kinda person...soz lol)

(such healthy much immune system)

Ta-dah! Take off the pretty cover to unveil a nice bowl of peanut paste! :D

Such a Chinese-style dessert haha, I love it. Really takes me back to my Oriental roots when I eat it lmao HAHAHA

I know the hardened skin part is a tad gross...but once you break through it with your spoon, it's like being transported to a whole new world of wonder and creamy, delicious peanut goodness lol

If you like peanut butter, you will LOVE this. It's a lot soupier and easier to just gobble down one spoonful after the other, but the flavours are sooooo fab oh my goodness.

Damn, I could really go for a steaming bowl of peanut paste right now...

As well as pretty much every other dish that I've mentioned in this post lol


Monday, 24 August 2015

Battle of the KFC Wings


I'm sure most of you have noticed some tantalising new offerings from KFC, not one but TWO spanking new flavours of chicken wings! :D

I had the pleasure of attending a tasting event last week prior to the official launch, and let me just say before I even mention anything in this post about the food, that the KFC outlet at Kallang Stadium is BEYOND gorgeous.

Honestly I've never been in this area (lol sports what sports??! wat r this "sp0r ts" that u speak of) and I probably wouldn't have visited this particular branch if it weren't for the event, but I sure am glad I did because the chill vibes and awesome decor left me very impressed indeed.

Apparently it had undergone a renovation not too long ago, and the entire restaurant is decked out in beautiful modern furnishings with a sporty theme.

There were a couple of young students chillin' there and getting some studying done as well, so it definitely seems like a great hang out spot! Also, the fact that it's an external outlet on its own means temporarily getting away from busy shopping mall crowds, which I personally find really annoying after some time lol

And now, moving on to the much anticipated wings!

They come in two different flavours - Umadare from Japan, and Yang Yeum from Korea.

I was super excited about sampling the both of them, but the Umadare one stood out as a clear favourite for me right when I took my very first bite.

It's sooooo tasty!! Deliciously savoury with just a hint of tang that makes it very addictive indeed. It's the kind of flavour that you won't get sick of even after devouring a whole wing! Or five...HAHAHA but forreal doe

The Yang Yeum one would definitely appeal to you if you happen to love spicy foods. I'm talking some SERIOUS heat up in here lol legit your mouth will be set in flames!! Or maybe that's just coz I'm a spice wimp...hahaha *cries*

Either way, both of them pack a mighty punch in the flavour department and what I love even more is that they're unbelievably crispy, despite being coated in sauce.

After talking to the manager of the store, I was let in on the secret that the wings are actually freshly breaded in-store with a SPECIAL batter, before being deep-fried to crispy, golden perfection and coated with yummy, saucy goodness.

I am in LOVE, oh my gosh.

Make sure you hurry on down to your nearest KFC outlet to give each of these flavours a try to see which one you like best. And while you're at it, why not take part in their fun and simple contest where you stand the chance to win one of 15 sets of $10 KFC vouchers? MORE chicken!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!! lol

All you gotta do is snap a picture or video of you enjoying either the Umadare wings, Yang Yeum wings, or better yet, BOTH, and upload it onto Instagram! In your caption, make sure to include the hashtag #kfcoishii if you preferred the Umadare flavour or #kfcmashisoyo if you preferred Yang Yeum*.

*those words mean "delicious" in Japanese and Korean respectively, btw. lol cool cool

Last but not least, make sure your account is set to public so that they'd be able to see all the fantastic entries you post!

Click here for the full version of contest rules and details :)

Good luck and enjoy dem delicious wings, y'all!!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Filming Adventures: 爱, After Granny (Part I)

So as promised (to myself, actually. hehe!), I’m here with the first post chronicling some of my acting adventures, writing a lil bit about the time I spent as a part of various short films/videos, which I am honestly incredibly humbled and tremendously honoured by.

Take note that these are gonna take on a more diary-like sort of style…probably a lot more heavy on text too!

Tragically, the dates on which I was filming coincided with the very short period of time where I became addicted to Snapchat…again. lol

So yeah, I took quite a bit of photos and videos documenting the sights and sounds throughout the filming days, but I didn’t really get to save all of them and seeing as all snaps in my story get deleted after 24 hours (i’m so sorry if you don’t use Snapchat lol this must all sound so idiotically confusing to you), all of my photographic memories have completely vanished into the forgotten cyberspace abyss, forever.

Instead, I’ve only got a bunch of random photos that I just so happened to take throughout those days, but don’t really have any relevance at all to filming HAHAHA

Anyways…enjoy! :D

Filming for 爱 (After Granny) by Jessica Tan
Day 1
Friday, 24th July 2015

I play Jie Ting, the main character who is a secondary school student living with her sick, elderly grandmother. There’s some sort of strain on the relationship between my parents and I, and there’s a lot of emotion in the plot that deals mainly with kinship and how a teenager is supposed to cope with the troubling feelings surrounding her grandmother, whom she loves.

When I first read through the finalised script I legit had a case of the feely-feels so strong, I almost started bawling in the back of my dad’s car as I scrolled through the pdf file on my phone.

*cue staring out the window all sad and shit pretending i’m in music video as the radio just so happens to play Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. aww gee, THANKS! just play the most emo song in the whole goddamn world to further fuck my emotions all up!*

I was very concerned with a number of things…

  1. How you gon expect me to play a secondary school student when I literally look like I’m 10 years away from retirement age??? (according to my mother, anyway. thanks mum! *thumbs up*)
  2. The emotional scenes are gonna be super hard for me to pull off, without a doubt. I don’t do particularly well with portraying sadness on screen and I definitely am NOT able to cry on demand, sadly enough. It would certainly come in very handy in various situations of my daily life.
  3. I’M GON HAVE TO SLIP ON A FUGLY ASS SCHOOL UNIFORM AGAIN??!?!?! REALLY?!?!?!?!!?!??!!??! EVEN AFTER I SERVED MY TIME AND GRADUATED AFTER FOUR TORTUROUS YEARS OF BEING IN THE SOUL-SUCKING HELLHOLE THAT IS SECONDARY SCHOOL???!!!!!! Also, no make-up at all and I have to pull my hair back into a ponytail and clip the surrounding fringe and tendrils so that I literally look like a bald, long and greasy potato face like. Really?? FORREAL??!?!?!?!? COME ON NOW

So yeah.

My day started off with a good ol’ breakfast lmao

This yogurt right here, is THEBOMB.COM (i hate this phrase and everyone who ever said it in my presence thus influencing me to in turn, also use this god awful phrase that is very damn addictive)

Super thick and creamy, flavour is on POINT (real raspberry bits and dried coconut shreds, oh my lord), and it just makes for a hella fucking good breakfast lmao

Lil bit on the pricey side tho, but's cool coz my mum bought it for me hahaha. Also! It was on discount :))

That day at school was hands down one of the chillest classes in all my three years. Legit we just sat around and played with freaking Play Doh as part of the lesson's activities, it was amazing.

Which also explains how I felt compelled to head to school in perhaps my most lepak outfit ever, forreal.

If it wasn't for the Agency rules I would've worn slippers as well, darn it :\

Oh ya, I also broke my own personal record for being the MOST ON TIME, ever. In my three years of poly. lololololol

Took a screenshot to commemorate a brilliant accomplishment indeed. V v proud of myself :')) HAHA


We made this bomb ass 21st birthday rainbow cake, and if it weren't already fab enough...

We coated it in BLACK FROSTING to up the swag factor and also make for the best damn surprise in yer life lol

Mr Seow cutting into it. With a ruler, no less lol


Such colour, much amaze :')

Yum yum, ramen for break time~~

Took photos of the script so I could read it off my phone and memorise them lol

So after FYP "class" ended, I had about two hours to kill before reporting for call time. I was waaay too exhausted to just hang around the school and I also knew that there was no way I could survive a strenuous day of filming all the way til the end of the night on barely three hours of sleep, so I dashed home for a quick power nap lol

I'm absolutely hopeless at short naps coz it takes me quite a while to fade off into slumber, and once I'm out, I'm out COLD. For a good five or so hours, at least. 

Bless Ed Sheeran's soothing melodies which were able to lull me into an effectively deep sleep haha

Also, TOP TIP! Drink some coffee or other forms of caffeinated beverages just before your nap time.

1. The effects of caffeine supposedly take around 25 minutes to kick in, so by the time you wake up from your power nap you'll definitely feel that much perkier
2. In the time that you took to nap, the liquids would have travelled to your bladder thus forcing you to have to physically get up from the bed and dash to the loo so you don't pee everywhere lmao
3. Coffee is delicious <3

No doubt reason #3 definitely made me a very happy (and HYPER) camper when I woke up, teehee :))

Headed back to school (it felt so ridiculous travelling to and fro SP so many times within the same day, thank goodness i live so near the campus hahaha #BLESSED #ILOVESP lol) and grabbed a nice hot packet of KFC barbeque Meltz coz I sacrificed lunch for sleep hehe

And that's when I headed to change into that god awful ensemble...


(no picture of me wearing the uniform coz it's seriously THAT hideous lol)

(u can find a collage of not one but FOUR pictures of me wearing it posted some time ago on my instagram, if u feel so inclined hahaha)

Honestly speaking tho, as soon as I stepped out of the changing room I started trippin' the FUCK out coz I look exactly like how I did in my secondary school days, and seeing my reflection in the mirror just made me FEEL exactly like I did back in those days, too!! IT WAS CRAZY, OH MY WORD

First scene of the day: me lying on da grass, staring up at the clear blue skies and pondering life lol

Fun times :)

Afterwards we cabbed our way down to Jessica's former secondary school (how cool is that!!) to shoot the campus scenes, which was all sorts of fun.

Encountered two early teenaged girls wearing the uniform of the school we were filming at and they were...peculiar, to say the least. 

Both of them kept giggling maniacally (seemingly at nothing?!) throughout the 30 minutes or so where they spent loitering around the area of the bus stop we were filming at, and they were also pacing back and forth the filming location. I honestly don't know what the hell they were up to. Like, don't you have somewhere to be?!

Anyways I really didn't give a hoot about them so long as they didn't interfere with our filming, and I knew that the two of them were watching as I shot each of my takes. Well, at one point of time this particular girl decided to say the following to me as I walked past them to make my way to the next filming location:

"You're a really good actress!"

*the other girl proceeds to burst into a fit of laughter*

*girl #1 who spoke to me giggles uncontrollably as well*

Me (thinking "wtf. are y'all trying to be sarcastic or...? never mind, i shall give them the benefit of the doubt": Thanks! :)


Girl #2: *dies of laughter*

Me: ...okay then. You're very good actresses then! (at this point i'm fucking creeped out and confused out of my absolute mind)


Girl #2: YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL

(they are both huddled over laughing so hard i could practically feel the tremours, two middle-aged men who are waiting for the bus nearby are visibly concerned and uncomfortable af)

Thus affirming my genuine FEAR and disdain of youths. Even tho I am a youth myself lah but WHATEVER.

THey are fucking terrifying and I want NOTHING to do with them D;

After filming numerous RUNNING takes as the director and DOP stood on the opposite end of the highway (communication was an absolute bitch) (also i was sweaty, stinking, and just all-out gross in general) (everyone driving past thought i was cuckoo bananas but oh well, i'm never gonna know them in my life haha probably...) I was suuuper hungry so shout-out to these amazing lil goodies I'd stuffed in bag before leaving the house:

I never really liked Pepero, more of a Pocky kinda gal :) But me mum bought dese when they were on sale and they taste GRRRR8!!

Soooo yummy omg. If you like mildly sweet/salty biscuits + oreos + condensed milk, you will LOVE these!!

We wrapped the school scenes about...two to three hours later? When the sun went down teehee.

Main takeaways:

I sweated a whole fuckin' lot
Mosquitoes bit the absolute shit outta me (mostly my legs, which are usually well wrapped up but on this day, were exposed due to the icky school skirt ugh YUCKS)
Everybody and their MOM were staring at either me and/or the camera crew and it was like...sigh. what bitch WHAT?!?!????!

im kidding lol

i am a very loving and peaceful human being :))

but seriously doe KUA SIMI KUA


Afterwards we cabbed our way to Belicia's marvellous, fancy ass mansion home lol

It was fab

So many Latte Love memories, oh my word :'))

I played with her qtpie dog, Spot, for a bit before proceeding to absolutely DIE on her couch. Sorry Bel...I really hate having to go to people's homes to sleep/use their toilet HAHAHA idk why tho I just feel like I'm inconveniencing them so so much...but yeah, I was beyond fucking EXHAUSTED.

Had a lovely dinner of ban mian and it was back to shooting the last few scenes of the day!

The very last scene involved me lying in bed, using my phone for a few seconds before turning over and sleeping.


I legit almost fell asleep forreal HAHAHAHAH sorry Belicia your bed is too damn comfy!! LOLL

Oh yeah I should mention at this point that the room was pitch black for the scene was really optimum for sleeping hehehe

Cabbed home at like, freaking past 11 I think. Which felt super surreal considering the fact that I have a ridiculous curfew and I don't particularly like being out of home during late hours of the night anyway to begin with.

Lil treat to round up an awesome but hella tiring day :))

I hate Tswift btw I just wanted to eat the ice cream lol

It was not very good :((

Flavours were quite bland and cheap-tasting, bleh. Oh well. Pretty packaging, though! hahaha


I was originally going to write about Day 2 of filming here as well, but this post is already getting too damn long so ya lol. Til next time!



Wednesday, 12 August 2015

(old) Stateland Cafe Adventures

I know I take a really long time to get a post out after the event itself has already transpired, but damn. This is a first.

Basically I took a bunch of pictures of all my trips to Stateland Café, and I went there a LOT coz my dear friend Danielle used to waitress there for a bit, back in the day.

Obviously, procrastination delayed the act of me sitting down and actually writing this post. Literally a whole year has passed (the photos you are about to see were taken between mid-August to late September 2014) and since then...

The Stateland Café menu has undergone a complete revamp.

Their old menu, now gone. Forever!!

Like, forreal. I went there some time near the end of last year expecting to gobble up the all too familiar, VERY delicious eggs Benedict, but nope. You can find nary an item from their old menu :'(

So yeah, the marvellous "Stateland Café Adventures" post I had enthusiastically planned out several months ago, although now finally coming to fruition, is not going to prove very helpful at all considering that you won't be able to actually order any of the dishes that are going to be featured in this. Like, ever.

Hmmm...come to think of it, I'm feeling mighty ~*exclusive*~ now that I know I'd gotten the pleasure of savouring all these incredible dishes that have since been made unavailable to the general public, even by special request (seriously though, i tried asking).

Anywho. Enjoy the food pics, as usual! Only this time, know that they are all now merely a part of history.

*sheds a single tear*


15th August 2014, Friday

This was Danielle's first day of work - how exciting!! - and I decided to tag along with her after school since it was the end of the week and I'm sure I had nothing else better to do haha. Also, I wanted her to lead me to Stateland since, like most hipster cafés, it is not located within a mall or any building directly connected to a train station, which therefore means I would never in a billion years be able to navigate myself to it without the help of someone who actually possesses a sense of direction.

I must say that I'm rather proud of myself for memorising the route after only one time, and subsequently being able to get to the café all by myself! Hooray! Okay it's only like a short five to eight minute walk that's pretty straightforward BUT STILL.

I'm going to give myself the props that I think I deserve lol

Got myself a nice glass of ice cold Mint Lemonade!

This was before my coffee-loving era (which only started after i began filming for A Latte Love teehee) (yes i'm plugging my web series again because i have no shame ok GO WATCH!!) so I was the type of person who went to cafés to drink non-caffeinated beverages hahaha

Anyway, the mint lemonade was super refreshing and really quenched my monster thirst.

Beautiful table setting. I love their decor! Everything from the quaint bottle table numbers to the industrial-chic walls. Oh and I also remember being extra chuffed that I was assigned table number 16, which just so happens to be my favourite number!! Omg~~~!! *shrieks* :D

cool cool

Beautiful :')

Obviously I had to order the legendary Eggs Benedict, which is one of my fave foods as well as a good gauge of whether or not the eating establishment in question is legit, you know what I mean? Like, if you can nail a plate of eggs ben, it's a safe bet that you know your stuff.

Well, Stateland certainly passed the test.

It was simply delectable, really. The flavours were BOMB, oh my goodness. And the fact that there were so many different components to it; the runny yolked-egg poached to perfection, the savoury slice of ham, the toasted brioche, the amazing Hollandaise sauce, the aromatic stewed mushrooms, and the tangy tomato jam. Topped off with a sprig of dill, holy crap. That shit was PERFECTION, yo.

If ever there was a medley of flavours that was no less than perfect, it was this.

Gosh, it was SO GOOD!!

That was an awesome late lunch/early dinner for me, but I was a tad disappointed that I couldn't get to sample their sweet treats, especially their famous ice cream and waffles! My initial plan was to down the plate of eggs Benedict, sit there and get some work done on my laptop, digest the eggs, get hungry again and order some waffles (lol) but it got a little crowded during the evening and I felt bad for taking up a table.

No worries, coz I headed back there a fortnight later just to get a dose of their dessert! And this time, I brought along a friend! :D

Sunday, 24th August 2014

The gorgeous Miss NerissaNWS, who I'm sure those of you who have been reading my blog for some time are well familiar with :P Had a downright lovely time with her, as always!

Table 15 this time hehe :P

Neri got herself Stateland's Classic Honey Toast, which was a thick slab of toasted bread topped with salted butter, golden syrup, choc chips and a yummy scoop of vanilla ice cream!

A nice and simple dessert that really hits the spot if you're not really feeling up for waffles :)

Meanwhile, I ordered this hefty portion of waffles all for myself hahaha #whatapig.

Red Velvet (!!) Waffles with a big ol' dollop of vanilla ice cream and plenty of choc chips, drizzled with chocolate sauce and the most amaaazing cream cheese glaze ever, oh my goodness.

I'm kinda over the whole waffle craze coz they're just SO overrated nowadays, but these were really good.

The redness of the waffles dyed my vanilla ice cream (which tasted very high quality, btw) to a deep pink colour, creating this beautiful mess :')

And tragically I was unable to finish the whole portion despite REALLY liking how it tasted hahaha seriously though, I'd recommend sharing this.

Awesome day spent chilling with my darling Neri (i still remember to this day that i spent half the time agonising about how hard i was straight up CRUSHIN' on this guy from my course...whose existence i barely even care about now haha damn) and of course, getting to see DanDan do her thang :P

A photo posted by ★ Renae Cheng | 佳琪 (@renaecjc) on

Swell day indeed :)) ❤

And the next member of the Cool Baes whom I dragged to Stateland...Summer!! :D Neri came along too, teehee~~

Friday, 29th Aug 2014

Yes I was there again within the span of one week HAHA wth

Table 12! ;D


The sweater she was wearing was a lovely shade of blue that really matched the skies when we met that day, and it was also infuriatingly soft and wonderful to touch. Is it weird that I still remember such details almost a year later?!

NerNer got Carbonara this time, I forgot how she felt about it but I do remember the aroma of the dish to be spectacular, at the very least!

I love pasta, gosh.

SumSum tried the eggs Ben!! She's like an eggs Benedict connoisseur of sorts, a worthy title too considering the fact that she can poach eggs better than half the restaurants out there who serve eggs Benedict. Check her (beautiful and hilarious) Dayre for proof haha

I was actually craving their eggs Ben too (they're just so good!! UGH) but I wanted to ~*venture out*~ and ~*experience new things*~ lol so I decided to go with the Statelander's Big Breakfast. It consists of a toasted brioche slice, pork sausages, lotsa bacon (LOVE), stewed mushrooms and tomato jam, plus a little side salad with fresh cheese shavings (yayyy).

It's also served with two eggs that you could choose to have cooked either scrambled, fried in olive oil, or omelette style. Basically I was being an indecisive donkey, spending over 10 minutes struggling to pick between the omelette or scrambled eggs. I asked Danielle for her expert advice and recommendation (lol) and she actually said I could have the best of both worlds! :D

So yeah, she put in a special order for me to have the chef cook the eggs separately, in a different style each which I'm sure is not normally allowed coz it's quite a lot of trouble, but DanDan insisted it was fine and I heard her getting mildly chastised by her co-worker, who also told her not to pull this again in the future.


Sorry DanDan!!

Anyways my big breakfast was delicious haha, and the verdict is...go for the scrambled eggs lol.

(the big breakfast is one of the dishes that still remains on Stateland's new menu to this day so yeah hehe. i do recommend it!)

Dan came by to sit with us for a bit when the dinner crowd died down. The cutie was eating a smore prepared specially by one of the chefs haha. I'd never seen a smore before in real life!! So I was v v excited indeed lol. She let me have a lil nibble of it too, it was great :))

Melty marshmallows are looooove <3

Wonderful fun times!! Missing VanVan tho, who was overseas at the time :((

And...last but not least, my final visit to Stateland for my Danielle visitation sessions haha. I ended it how I started, by going solo :)

Friday, 26th September 2014

This was also my first time being in their alternate café a few units down!

Stationed at table no. 1 this time round, and their little table number easels were cute as all hell!

Oh my god, lemme just tell you. That evening was one of the worst times I've been through for a while. A lot of personal shit going on in my life, and my emotions were a swirling storm verging on a highly destructive eruption. I was just feeling really shitty lah!!

I went in thinking a nice cup of coffee would make me feel a lot better, plus the sight of DanDan too. I didn't really wanna talk about the shit I was going through...but it wound up spilling out of me anyway heh. It was a relief. And I was, and am, really so very grateful for Danielle who took the time out of work (i'm so sorry lol) to sit down with me for a few quick minutes whenever she could to hear me talking about my silly problems, and just being there for me, making me feel like I wasn't alone, which was what I had been strongly feeling for a long time before that.

Thank you so much, my love T^T *virtual hugzz*

pic taken with the toycam effect on my camera, intended to be posted on instagram haha thus the filter :P

This certainly perked up my mood as well, I finally got to try their highly acclaimed Toffee Nut Latte! It was yummy indeed, perfect for coffee lovers with a sweet tooth ;)


That concludes my series of Stateland Adventures! Hope you enjoyed reading about these fairytale dishes that are now (mostly) unable to be ordered, ever. hahahah

But in all seriousness, their new menu contains this Laksa Eggs Benedict dish which I was initially really put off by, because NOTHING can replace the sheer magnificence of Hollandaise sauce, but I ordered it and it was pretty yummy, no extreme laksa tastes or anything haha. Unfortunately I didn't get to take proper pics of it coz I was out on a first date...with someone who turned out to be one of the biggest freaking assholes I've ever had the misfortune of spending my time with. And this is an unbiased fact so I'm not sorry for saying it.

Okay this post is getting way too personal hahah...I think my hormones are to blame for all this spilling of truth tea.

I think I should go now lol BYE! :))