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Suite Life in Guangzhou Part 9: Chinese Cuisine @ Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel

I just came home from handing in literally the last piece of work that I EVER have to do as a polytechnic student and I FEEL SO ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, wow. Can't believe it. So this is it, huh? It's all over. WE DID IT, Y'ALL!! :D

/screams and jumps around as i rip every single module overview and CA brief into shreds and toss them into the air, watching them rain down upon my elated being like confetti before scooping it all up and depositing the papers into a recycling bin coz i am a responsible citizen concerned about global warming and the Earth which i, along with my future children and their respective offspring, will be living in

Anyway. lol

Here is a new China post since I haven't done one in a while! Better chop chop and crank the remainders out before I hit the one year mark lmao. That would be embarrassing...

Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel
Zhuhai, China
Sunday, 28th December 2014

This is my kinda dish, right here. A big vat of assorted mushrooms, everything ranging from the broad and flat oyster variety to thick and juicy Chinese ones. Gotta love dem fungi, damn. So chewy and delicious :)

It's tossed in a sauce that contains a whole bunch of special spices and flavourings, creating a super robust taste sensation indeed, as with most Asian dishes.

Bell peppers were awesome too!

China's take on the chee cheong fun (rice noodle rolls) we all know and love. It's stuffed with fluffy scrambled eggs and shrimp! :D :D :D


This dish was SO good. And the sweet dipping sauce was so light and tasted PHENOMENAL! I could really go for a roll or two of this right now haha

I tried a similar version during my previous trip to Guangzhou, where the rice noodles were wrapped around succulent chunks of the most tender duck meat ever, complete with a roasted, crackling skin. Beyond amazing, omg.

I freaking love food lol

I've never really been a fan of paus (steamed Chinese buns) coz I always find the texture too "bread-y" and I don't really think the flour to filling ratio is on point enough for each bite to be adequately flavourful lol (SORRY I'M WEIRD haha) but these were crazily soft and fluffy! The meat filling was pretty bomb too, you can really taste the mix of fresh spices that were used, instead of MSG and all the nonsense

Seafood ramen! Gosh, presentation alone it is already SUPERB.

I'm the kind who prefers to reserve space in my stomach for a bunch of different side dishes rather than a single main dish when it comes to dining at Chinese cuisine, so I gave this a miss.

Of course, not without a small sampling of it first haha. The broth was incredibly rich and tasty Again, you could tell right away that the wonderful flavours and aroma were achieved not by artificial ingredients, but hours upon hours of boiling only the freshest and most high quality seafoods.

It contained morsels of prawns, squid and mussels, all of it were SO fresh I was honestly quite blown away.

Definitely a must-try!

A tad unusual to have Japanese tempura prawns at a Chinese restaurant, but these were definitely on point.

It's so important for tempuras to have the right balance between too little coating that doesn't deliver a satisfying crunch, and a batter that's too thick and spoils the taste of whatever ingredient lies within. Fortunately, this hit the spot! Together with the light soy sauce, it just tasted all sorts of fabulous <3

Leaf-wrapped rice dumplings!! Omg I love these so much~~

Besides the fact that steaming them within the bamboo leaves ups the flavour and aroma intensity by like, 12 hundred notches, it's alway a fun little surprise to unwrap these cuties and see what kind of yumminess lies within!

Honestly, it could be anything! haha

Sorry for the shit-tastic photo, apparently I couldn't be arsed to take a better one coz I was just so gosh darn excited to dive right into it lmao. I'm sure you understand! :P

Super delicious chestnuts, tender chicken chunks, slivers of ultra fragrant Chinese mushrooms and my all-time favourite...SALTED EGG YOLK!!

*moans loudly*

Ohhhhh my godddddd SALTED EGG YOLK IS LIFE!!!!!!!! hahaha but forreal tho, it really is great and if you've never tried it before I highly recommend you get on that shit ASAP, your life will change for the better :)

And now, dessert time!

Amazing, A-MAY-ZINGGG egg tarts. Just, jawdroppingly phenomenal, I tell you. I am not kidding, at all.

These were heavily recommended by the waiter who told us that it was the chef's specialty. Apparently it's made according to a special secret recipe that has been passed on through generations in the village that the chef hails from. Unfortunately, I have completely forgotten what that village is hahaha.

Nevertheless, these are perhaps some of The Best egg tarts I've yet to taste in my close to twenty years of existence. And here's the thing, I don't even like these type of egg tarts! With the smooth egg custard filling and all. I prefer them Portugese style, with a delectably charred top :)

All in all, these were clear winners and what started off as "Oh, I'm super full from dinner, I'll just help myself to one little egg tart as a treat!" resulted in me sweeping up more than half of the plate and still wanting to fight the rest of my family for more lol THEY WERE THAT GOOD!!

Please, try to get your hands on some traditionally prepared, authentic Chinese egg tarts at least once in your lifetime. You won't regret it!!

The mango pudding that was served afterwards paled in comparison, sadly hahaha. I mean it's really hard to beat something as awesome as dem egg tarts ok!

Anywho, they tasted pretty decent still. Nice and refreshing with real chunks of mango :)

And of course, the presentation is utterly adorable!

Finally, we have little beauty right here...

How cute is that petite pot & lid, right? I just love fancy presentations, oh my word.

(notice the exquisitely displayed platter of fresh fruits in the background which i did not bother to take a proper photo of lol)

(never really been a "fruits" kinda person...soz lol)

(such healthy much immune system)

Ta-dah! Take off the pretty cover to unveil a nice bowl of peanut paste! :D

Such a Chinese-style dessert haha, I love it. Really takes me back to my Oriental roots when I eat it lmao HAHAHA

I know the hardened skin part is a tad gross...but once you break through it with your spoon, it's like being transported to a whole new world of wonder and creamy, delicious peanut goodness lol

If you like peanut butter, you will LOVE this. It's a lot soupier and easier to just gobble down one spoonful after the other, but the flavours are sooooo fab oh my goodness.

Damn, I could really go for a steaming bowl of peanut paste right now...

As well as pretty much every other dish that I've mentioned in this post lol


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