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Filming Adventures: 爱, After Granny (Part I)

So as promised (to myself, actually. hehe!), I’m here with the first post chronicling some of my acting adventures, writing a lil bit about the time I spent as a part of various short films/videos, which I am honestly incredibly humbled and tremendously honoured by.

Take note that these are gonna take on a more diary-like sort of style…probably a lot more heavy on text too!

Tragically, the dates on which I was filming coincided with the very short period of time where I became addicted to Snapchat…again. lol

So yeah, I took quite a bit of photos and videos documenting the sights and sounds throughout the filming days, but I didn’t really get to save all of them and seeing as all snaps in my story get deleted after 24 hours (i’m so sorry if you don’t use Snapchat lol this must all sound so idiotically confusing to you), all of my photographic memories have completely vanished into the forgotten cyberspace abyss, forever.

Instead, I’ve only got a bunch of random photos that I just so happened to take throughout those days, but don’t really have any relevance at all to filming HAHAHA

Anyways…enjoy! :D

Filming for 爱 (After Granny) by Jessica Tan
Day 1
Friday, 24th July 2015

I play Jie Ting, the main character who is a secondary school student living with her sick, elderly grandmother. There’s some sort of strain on the relationship between my parents and I, and there’s a lot of emotion in the plot that deals mainly with kinship and how a teenager is supposed to cope with the troubling feelings surrounding her grandmother, whom she loves.

When I first read through the finalised script I legit had a case of the feely-feels so strong, I almost started bawling in the back of my dad’s car as I scrolled through the pdf file on my phone.

*cue staring out the window all sad and shit pretending i’m in music video as the radio just so happens to play Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. aww gee, THANKS! just play the most emo song in the whole goddamn world to further fuck my emotions all up!*

I was very concerned with a number of things…

  1. How you gon expect me to play a secondary school student when I literally look like I’m 10 years away from retirement age??? (according to my mother, anyway. thanks mum! *thumbs up*)
  2. The emotional scenes are gonna be super hard for me to pull off, without a doubt. I don’t do particularly well with portraying sadness on screen and I definitely am NOT able to cry on demand, sadly enough. It would certainly come in very handy in various situations of my daily life.
  3. I’M GON HAVE TO SLIP ON A FUGLY ASS SCHOOL UNIFORM AGAIN??!?!?! REALLY?!?!?!?!!?!??!!??! EVEN AFTER I SERVED MY TIME AND GRADUATED AFTER FOUR TORTUROUS YEARS OF BEING IN THE SOUL-SUCKING HELLHOLE THAT IS SECONDARY SCHOOL???!!!!!! Also, no make-up at all and I have to pull my hair back into a ponytail and clip the surrounding fringe and tendrils so that I literally look like a bald, long and greasy potato face like. Really?? FORREAL??!?!?!?!? COME ON NOW

So yeah.

My day started off with a good ol’ breakfast lmao

This yogurt right here, is THEBOMB.COM (i hate this phrase and everyone who ever said it in my presence thus influencing me to in turn, also use this god awful phrase that is very damn addictive)

Super thick and creamy, flavour is on POINT (real raspberry bits and dried coconut shreds, oh my lord), and it just makes for a hella fucking good breakfast lmao

Lil bit on the pricey side tho, but's cool coz my mum bought it for me hahaha. Also! It was on discount :))

That day at school was hands down one of the chillest classes in all my three years. Legit we just sat around and played with freaking Play Doh as part of the lesson's activities, it was amazing.

Which also explains how I felt compelled to head to school in perhaps my most lepak outfit ever, forreal.

If it wasn't for the Agency rules I would've worn slippers as well, darn it :\

Oh ya, I also broke my own personal record for being the MOST ON TIME, ever. In my three years of poly. lololololol

Took a screenshot to commemorate a brilliant accomplishment indeed. V v proud of myself :')) HAHA


We made this bomb ass 21st birthday rainbow cake, and if it weren't already fab enough...

We coated it in BLACK FROSTING to up the swag factor and also make for the best damn surprise in yer life lol

Mr Seow cutting into it. With a ruler, no less lol


Such colour, much amaze :')

Yum yum, ramen for break time~~

Took photos of the script so I could read it off my phone and memorise them lol

So after FYP "class" ended, I had about two hours to kill before reporting for call time. I was waaay too exhausted to just hang around the school and I also knew that there was no way I could survive a strenuous day of filming all the way til the end of the night on barely three hours of sleep, so I dashed home for a quick power nap lol

I'm absolutely hopeless at short naps coz it takes me quite a while to fade off into slumber, and once I'm out, I'm out COLD. For a good five or so hours, at least. 

Bless Ed Sheeran's soothing melodies which were able to lull me into an effectively deep sleep haha

Also, TOP TIP! Drink some coffee or other forms of caffeinated beverages just before your nap time.

1. The effects of caffeine supposedly take around 25 minutes to kick in, so by the time you wake up from your power nap you'll definitely feel that much perkier
2. In the time that you took to nap, the liquids would have travelled to your bladder thus forcing you to have to physically get up from the bed and dash to the loo so you don't pee everywhere lmao
3. Coffee is delicious <3

No doubt reason #3 definitely made me a very happy (and HYPER) camper when I woke up, teehee :))

Headed back to school (it felt so ridiculous travelling to and fro SP so many times within the same day, thank goodness i live so near the campus hahaha #BLESSED #ILOVESP lol) and grabbed a nice hot packet of KFC barbeque Meltz coz I sacrificed lunch for sleep hehe

And that's when I headed to change into that god awful ensemble...


(no picture of me wearing the uniform coz it's seriously THAT hideous lol)

(u can find a collage of not one but FOUR pictures of me wearing it posted some time ago on my instagram, if u feel so inclined hahaha)

Honestly speaking tho, as soon as I stepped out of the changing room I started trippin' the FUCK out coz I look exactly like how I did in my secondary school days, and seeing my reflection in the mirror just made me FEEL exactly like I did back in those days, too!! IT WAS CRAZY, OH MY WORD

First scene of the day: me lying on da grass, staring up at the clear blue skies and pondering life lol

Fun times :)

Afterwards we cabbed our way down to Jessica's former secondary school (how cool is that!!) to shoot the campus scenes, which was all sorts of fun.

Encountered two early teenaged girls wearing the uniform of the school we were filming at and they were...peculiar, to say the least. 

Both of them kept giggling maniacally (seemingly at nothing?!) throughout the 30 minutes or so where they spent loitering around the area of the bus stop we were filming at, and they were also pacing back and forth the filming location. I honestly don't know what the hell they were up to. Like, don't you have somewhere to be?!

Anyways I really didn't give a hoot about them so long as they didn't interfere with our filming, and I knew that the two of them were watching as I shot each of my takes. Well, at one point of time this particular girl decided to say the following to me as I walked past them to make my way to the next filming location:

"You're a really good actress!"

*the other girl proceeds to burst into a fit of laughter*

*girl #1 who spoke to me giggles uncontrollably as well*

Me (thinking "wtf. are y'all trying to be sarcastic or...? never mind, i shall give them the benefit of the doubt": Thanks! :)


Girl #2: *dies of laughter*

Me: ...okay then. You're very good actresses then! (at this point i'm fucking creeped out and confused out of my absolute mind)


Girl #2: YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL

(they are both huddled over laughing so hard i could practically feel the tremours, two middle-aged men who are waiting for the bus nearby are visibly concerned and uncomfortable af)

Thus affirming my genuine FEAR and disdain of youths. Even tho I am a youth myself lah but WHATEVER.

THey are fucking terrifying and I want NOTHING to do with them D;

After filming numerous RUNNING takes as the director and DOP stood on the opposite end of the highway (communication was an absolute bitch) (also i was sweaty, stinking, and just all-out gross in general) (everyone driving past thought i was cuckoo bananas but oh well, i'm never gonna know them in my life haha probably...) I was suuuper hungry so shout-out to these amazing lil goodies I'd stuffed in bag before leaving the house:

I never really liked Pepero, more of a Pocky kinda gal :) But me mum bought dese when they were on sale and they taste GRRRR8!!

Soooo yummy omg. If you like mildly sweet/salty biscuits + oreos + condensed milk, you will LOVE these!!

We wrapped the school scenes about...two to three hours later? When the sun went down teehee.

Main takeaways:

I sweated a whole fuckin' lot
Mosquitoes bit the absolute shit outta me (mostly my legs, which are usually well wrapped up but on this day, were exposed due to the icky school skirt ugh YUCKS)
Everybody and their MOM were staring at either me and/or the camera crew and it was like...sigh. what bitch WHAT?!?!????!

im kidding lol

i am a very loving and peaceful human being :))

but seriously doe KUA SIMI KUA


Afterwards we cabbed our way to Belicia's marvellous, fancy ass mansion home lol

It was fab

So many Latte Love memories, oh my word :'))

I played with her qtpie dog, Spot, for a bit before proceeding to absolutely DIE on her couch. Sorry Bel...I really hate having to go to people's homes to sleep/use their toilet HAHAHA idk why tho I just feel like I'm inconveniencing them so so much...but yeah, I was beyond fucking EXHAUSTED.

Had a lovely dinner of ban mian and it was back to shooting the last few scenes of the day!

The very last scene involved me lying in bed, using my phone for a few seconds before turning over and sleeping.


I legit almost fell asleep forreal HAHAHAHAH sorry Belicia your bed is too damn comfy!! LOLL

Oh yeah I should mention at this point that the room was pitch black for the scene was really optimum for sleeping hehehe

Cabbed home at like, freaking past 11 I think. Which felt super surreal considering the fact that I have a ridiculous curfew and I don't particularly like being out of home during late hours of the night anyway to begin with.

Lil treat to round up an awesome but hella tiring day :))

I hate Tswift btw I just wanted to eat the ice cream lol

It was not very good :((

Flavours were quite bland and cheap-tasting, bleh. Oh well. Pretty packaging, though! hahaha


I was originally going to write about Day 2 of filming here as well, but this post is already getting too damn long so ya lol. Til next time!



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  1. I'm glad that you had a fun time filming. I think it will be one of those things you will look back on fondly when you are older. I didn't know Taylor Swift released an ice cream cone. I don't think they are available in Australia yet.