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(old) Stateland Cafe Adventures

I know I take a really long time to get a post out after the event itself has already transpired, but damn. This is a first.

Basically I took a bunch of pictures of all my trips to Stateland Café, and I went there a LOT coz my dear friend Danielle used to waitress there for a bit, back in the day.

Obviously, procrastination delayed the act of me sitting down and actually writing this post. Literally a whole year has passed (the photos you are about to see were taken between mid-August to late September 2014) and since then...

The Stateland Café menu has undergone a complete revamp.

Their old menu, now gone. Forever!!

Like, forreal. I went there some time near the end of last year expecting to gobble up the all too familiar, VERY delicious eggs Benedict, but nope. You can find nary an item from their old menu :'(

So yeah, the marvellous "Stateland Café Adventures" post I had enthusiastically planned out several months ago, although now finally coming to fruition, is not going to prove very helpful at all considering that you won't be able to actually order any of the dishes that are going to be featured in this. Like, ever.

Hmmm...come to think of it, I'm feeling mighty ~*exclusive*~ now that I know I'd gotten the pleasure of savouring all these incredible dishes that have since been made unavailable to the general public, even by special request (seriously though, i tried asking).

Anywho. Enjoy the food pics, as usual! Only this time, know that they are all now merely a part of history.

*sheds a single tear*


15th August 2014, Friday

This was Danielle's first day of work - how exciting!! - and I decided to tag along with her after school since it was the end of the week and I'm sure I had nothing else better to do haha. Also, I wanted her to lead me to Stateland since, like most hipster cafés, it is not located within a mall or any building directly connected to a train station, which therefore means I would never in a billion years be able to navigate myself to it without the help of someone who actually possesses a sense of direction.

I must say that I'm rather proud of myself for memorising the route after only one time, and subsequently being able to get to the café all by myself! Hooray! Okay it's only like a short five to eight minute walk that's pretty straightforward BUT STILL.

I'm going to give myself the props that I think I deserve lol

Got myself a nice glass of ice cold Mint Lemonade!

This was before my coffee-loving era (which only started after i began filming for A Latte Love teehee) (yes i'm plugging my web series again because i have no shame ok GO WATCH!!) so I was the type of person who went to cafés to drink non-caffeinated beverages hahaha

Anyway, the mint lemonade was super refreshing and really quenched my monster thirst.

Beautiful table setting. I love their decor! Everything from the quaint bottle table numbers to the industrial-chic walls. Oh and I also remember being extra chuffed that I was assigned table number 16, which just so happens to be my favourite number!! Omg~~~!! *shrieks* :D

cool cool

Beautiful :')

Obviously I had to order the legendary Eggs Benedict, which is one of my fave foods as well as a good gauge of whether or not the eating establishment in question is legit, you know what I mean? Like, if you can nail a plate of eggs ben, it's a safe bet that you know your stuff.

Well, Stateland certainly passed the test.

It was simply delectable, really. The flavours were BOMB, oh my goodness. And the fact that there were so many different components to it; the runny yolked-egg poached to perfection, the savoury slice of ham, the toasted brioche, the amazing Hollandaise sauce, the aromatic stewed mushrooms, and the tangy tomato jam. Topped off with a sprig of dill, holy crap. That shit was PERFECTION, yo.

If ever there was a medley of flavours that was no less than perfect, it was this.

Gosh, it was SO GOOD!!

That was an awesome late lunch/early dinner for me, but I was a tad disappointed that I couldn't get to sample their sweet treats, especially their famous ice cream and waffles! My initial plan was to down the plate of eggs Benedict, sit there and get some work done on my laptop, digest the eggs, get hungry again and order some waffles (lol) but it got a little crowded during the evening and I felt bad for taking up a table.

No worries, coz I headed back there a fortnight later just to get a dose of their dessert! And this time, I brought along a friend! :D

Sunday, 24th August 2014

The gorgeous Miss NerissaNWS, who I'm sure those of you who have been reading my blog for some time are well familiar with :P Had a downright lovely time with her, as always!

Table 15 this time hehe :P

Neri got herself Stateland's Classic Honey Toast, which was a thick slab of toasted bread topped with salted butter, golden syrup, choc chips and a yummy scoop of vanilla ice cream!

A nice and simple dessert that really hits the spot if you're not really feeling up for waffles :)

Meanwhile, I ordered this hefty portion of waffles all for myself hahaha #whatapig.

Red Velvet (!!) Waffles with a big ol' dollop of vanilla ice cream and plenty of choc chips, drizzled with chocolate sauce and the most amaaazing cream cheese glaze ever, oh my goodness.

I'm kinda over the whole waffle craze coz they're just SO overrated nowadays, but these were really good.

The redness of the waffles dyed my vanilla ice cream (which tasted very high quality, btw) to a deep pink colour, creating this beautiful mess :')

And tragically I was unable to finish the whole portion despite REALLY liking how it tasted hahaha seriously though, I'd recommend sharing this.

Awesome day spent chilling with my darling Neri (i still remember to this day that i spent half the time agonising about how hard i was straight up CRUSHIN' on this guy from my course...whose existence i barely even care about now haha damn) and of course, getting to see DanDan do her thang :P

A photo posted by ★ Renae Cheng | 佳琪 (@renaecjc) on

Swell day indeed :)) ❤

And the next member of the Cool Baes whom I dragged to Stateland...Summer!! :D Neri came along too, teehee~~

Friday, 29th Aug 2014

Yes I was there again within the span of one week HAHA wth

Table 12! ;D


The sweater she was wearing was a lovely shade of blue that really matched the skies when we met that day, and it was also infuriatingly soft and wonderful to touch. Is it weird that I still remember such details almost a year later?!

NerNer got Carbonara this time, I forgot how she felt about it but I do remember the aroma of the dish to be spectacular, at the very least!

I love pasta, gosh.

SumSum tried the eggs Ben!! She's like an eggs Benedict connoisseur of sorts, a worthy title too considering the fact that she can poach eggs better than half the restaurants out there who serve eggs Benedict. Check her (beautiful and hilarious) Dayre for proof haha

I was actually craving their eggs Ben too (they're just so good!! UGH) but I wanted to ~*venture out*~ and ~*experience new things*~ lol so I decided to go with the Statelander's Big Breakfast. It consists of a toasted brioche slice, pork sausages, lotsa bacon (LOVE), stewed mushrooms and tomato jam, plus a little side salad with fresh cheese shavings (yayyy).

It's also served with two eggs that you could choose to have cooked either scrambled, fried in olive oil, or omelette style. Basically I was being an indecisive donkey, spending over 10 minutes struggling to pick between the omelette or scrambled eggs. I asked Danielle for her expert advice and recommendation (lol) and she actually said I could have the best of both worlds! :D

So yeah, she put in a special order for me to have the chef cook the eggs separately, in a different style each which I'm sure is not normally allowed coz it's quite a lot of trouble, but DanDan insisted it was fine and I heard her getting mildly chastised by her co-worker, who also told her not to pull this again in the future.


Sorry DanDan!!

Anyways my big breakfast was delicious haha, and the verdict is...go for the scrambled eggs lol.

(the big breakfast is one of the dishes that still remains on Stateland's new menu to this day so yeah hehe. i do recommend it!)

Dan came by to sit with us for a bit when the dinner crowd died down. The cutie was eating a smore prepared specially by one of the chefs haha. I'd never seen a smore before in real life!! So I was v v excited indeed lol. She let me have a lil nibble of it too, it was great :))

Melty marshmallows are looooove <3

Wonderful fun times!! Missing VanVan tho, who was overseas at the time :((

And...last but not least, my final visit to Stateland for my Danielle visitation sessions haha. I ended it how I started, by going solo :)

Friday, 26th September 2014

This was also my first time being in their alternate café a few units down!

Stationed at table no. 1 this time round, and their little table number easels were cute as all hell!

Oh my god, lemme just tell you. That evening was one of the worst times I've been through for a while. A lot of personal shit going on in my life, and my emotions were a swirling storm verging on a highly destructive eruption. I was just feeling really shitty lah!!

I went in thinking a nice cup of coffee would make me feel a lot better, plus the sight of DanDan too. I didn't really wanna talk about the shit I was going through...but it wound up spilling out of me anyway heh. It was a relief. And I was, and am, really so very grateful for Danielle who took the time out of work (i'm so sorry lol) to sit down with me for a few quick minutes whenever she could to hear me talking about my silly problems, and just being there for me, making me feel like I wasn't alone, which was what I had been strongly feeling for a long time before that.

Thank you so much, my love T^T *virtual hugzz*

pic taken with the toycam effect on my camera, intended to be posted on instagram haha thus the filter :P

This certainly perked up my mood as well, I finally got to try their highly acclaimed Toffee Nut Latte! It was yummy indeed, perfect for coffee lovers with a sweet tooth ;)


That concludes my series of Stateland Adventures! Hope you enjoyed reading about these fairytale dishes that are now (mostly) unable to be ordered, ever. hahahah

But in all seriousness, their new menu contains this Laksa Eggs Benedict dish which I was initially really put off by, because NOTHING can replace the sheer magnificence of Hollandaise sauce, but I ordered it and it was pretty yummy, no extreme laksa tastes or anything haha. Unfortunately I didn't get to take proper pics of it coz I was out on a first date...with someone who turned out to be one of the biggest freaking assholes I've ever had the misfortune of spending my time with. And this is an unbiased fact so I'm not sorry for saying it.

Okay this post is getting way too personal hahah...I think my hormones are to blame for all this spilling of truth tea.

I think I should go now lol BYE! :))


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