Thursday, 6 August 2015

Sexy Food in Sexy Singapore

With only a few days left til Singapore hits that wonderful golden jubilee, the love and patriotism I hold deep in my heart is BURSTING out in full swing hahaha

Also, it's really hard not to get ~in da mood~ when literally anything and everything you set eyes on is slapped with the #SG50 label.

Discounts and promotions, SG50! Special programmes, all about SG50! SG50 decorations! Freaking...SG50 FOODS!! Even my project briefs for the past year have all been about celebrating ESS. GEE. FIFTYYYY!!!!!!

Source: this brilliant website that actually documents ALL things SG50 hahahaha BLESS

Goddamnit lol

But truth be told, I really do love Singapore with all my heart and all the hype leading up to the upcoming 50th National Day has got me feeling super warm and fuzzy inside.

Sometimes I forget just how incredibly sexy my country is, and how freaking blessed I am to live in it. It's also super clean, safe, and convenient too! As I'm sure you've heard :)

Gosh, I love you Singapore.

Anyway here are some pics I took when my family and I visited Gardens By The Bay...last year. During the Christmas season.

SHUT UP okay we don't really go to the Marina Bay area that much coz we're not super rich and fancy so I couldn't let these beautiful pictures go to waste just because I was too much of a lazy doodoo to post them up in a timely manner!

With that, please enjoy lol

Beautiful and majestic Christmas tree!

Of course, the quintessential Marina Bay Sands hotel which resembles a boat atop three building structures, as if it were about to sail away.

*sail away, sail away, sail awayyy~~* 10,000 points to you if you got that reference

It's become quite possibly the most well-known landmark in all of Singapore in recent years, with tourists and international celebrities alike flocking to it with glee and excitement and having a ball of a time in the famed infinity pool.

And I, as a resident of Singapore, have not yet been to it lmao. Or even set foot into the prestigious and utterly bedazzling areas of the resort.

Maybe someday, huh? lol

This photo is horrendously taken, I must say, but I was probably too excited about trying to capture the gorgeous rainbow before the sun went down. Do you see it? It was huge!! Stretched all the way to the other end of the arc, too.

It was really marvellous and, after already seeing all the amazing sights at the Gardens, it was truly the cherry on the cake of me feeling tremendously blessed :'))

Beautiful walkway arches which lit up upon sunset. They looked so pretty just twinkling amidst the darkness of night, and the colours really reminded me of Deepavali/Diwali lights!

Did I also mention how much I love living in Singapore because of the way so many different races and ethnic groups live together in harmony? lolololol but seriously tho SG rocks?!

I don't know what these giant tree-like structures are called but I freaking love them. They look so cool, towering above everyone like an awesome mish-mash of nature and futuristic swagginess. And at night when they light up in all the different colours, it's just a whole new level of beauty.

Oh okay, a quick Google search has taught me that they're actually called Supertrees! Super, indeed. teehee

And here we once again seeing the iconic MBS towers, Supertree and the enormous Xmas tree, only this time round they're all the more magnificent as night falls and their glitzy lights shine and dazzle for miles on end.

What wonderful timing that my family and I went some time around the evening, so we could see the place in daylight, watch as the sun sets, and see how it all looks in the night as well! Brilliant :)


Rather famished after all that wonderful sightseeing, we embarked to my favourite place in the whole wide world...CHANGI AIRPORT lol which you probably already know if you've been reading my blog for a while :P

Ahh, yes. Changi Airport, sexiest airport there is on Earth. Am I wrong? by Nico and Vinz

Our choice of dinner location was TCC which, if you don't know, is a super duper hella fancy ass café that's decked out in the coolest furniture and decorations, and serves the most bombastically delicious and quality prepared food.

What's also equally as fancy, of course, are the prices.

I'm talking appetisers that cost a little more than what I'd have to pay for TWO solid meals at a different, more economical dining establishment.

Hence, I was jumping for joy when my mum bestowed upon us the very generous gift of having dindin here. Also coz I knew that I'd probably never even get to set foot into a TCC unless I was accompanied by a paying adult lmao.

Unfortunately I was too hungry and lazy to get up and snap pics of the gorgeous interior, neither did I want to get judged by all the judge-y eyes of the (probably fancy) diners who were present at the time, but trust me when I say it was really downright swagtastic!

Think crisp vintage decor in black, white and gold tones, very regal looking seats in the form of sofas and fluffy, cushioned benches, polished and sparkling finishes, pretty chandeliers and an assortment of adorable knick-knacks to top it all off.

It made me feel all the more gleeful to be chowing down on some amazing food whilst being surrounded by such a beautiful setting, but I'm sure it served as a reminder to my dad of how this meal was gonna burn a small hole in his pocket heh :P

Speaking of amazing food, get ready for some sexy food shots!

This beautiful little starter dish is prawn toast topped with a good heaping of melted cheese, yummy sauce and tobiko. So, sooooo good.

It was so freaking fantastic that even when we took home the leftovers and had them the next day after they had gone from crunchy and fresh to cold and soggy, they STILL tasted amazing! How is that even possible?!

The magic of cheese and prawns, I tell you. LOVE LOVE LOVE it ❤

Fan favourite: Caesar salad!

One of my all-time favourite foods, to be honest. I mean the dressing is delicious, there's egg, there's cheese, there's BACON; what's there for me not to love?

Again, the sheer quality of TCC shows in the way they present their salads with actual SHARDS of heavenly parmesan, instead of lowly, powdered cheese. A+!

And here we have a fancy drink, topped off with delicious looking whipped cream and whimsical green sprinkles!

Tragically, it was over eight months ago and I cannot for the life of me seem to recall what it was lol. How unfortunate...

Anyway it probably wasn't very tasty at all since it didn't leave an impression on me so, moving on!

Delectable plate of piping hot baked pasta with an assortment of mushrooms. Gosh, I just LOVE eating fungi, don't you?

Vegetarian lasagna!

I'm a huge fan of pastas, be it cream or tomato sauce-based and to have both options available at one table for me was just...ugh. So blessed :'))

I also happen to love meat, so I was just the slightest bit bummed out that there wasn't any present at this meal save for the chicken wings which you can sorta see in the background of the above picture.

For someone who loves meat as much as I do, I actually detest having to eat any form of meat which contains bones so I just had a single wing and I must say, it was pretty darn delicious! Marinade was on point, very smokey and fragrant. Not visually appealing enough to have sufficed its own photo though, heh.

And here we have a stunning little cup of affogato. Wait, you must be thinking, "What kind of affogato doesn't have coffee? That's basically just a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped off with yummy whipped cream, crushed nut bits, and a generous drizzle of amazing salted caramel!".

Well to that I say...

It wouldn't be fancy, if they didn't serve the hot espresso separately in a cute little pitcher so you could have the absolute joy of pouring it over your flawless coffee/dessert concoction, and watch as the ice cream gets seared and melts from the heat of the espresso as if it were lava.

Just plain wonderful, isn't it?

And I couldn't think of a better way to end off one of the swaggiest meals I'd had in a while :))

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  1. Gardens by the Bay is one of the places I want to visit if I am ever at Singapore. I hope you enjoy the 50th anniversary celebrations. The prawn toast is the most swaggiest I have ever seen prawn toast to be.