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Suite Life in Guangzhou Part 8.2: Ocean Kingdom III

Hello cuties!

I'm here with the final instalment (finally lol) of the Hengqin Ocean Kingdom posts. I almost feel bad for saying this...but I can't wait to get this over with so that I'll be back to talking about food the next time I'm writing new post in the Suite Life series hahaha. Food is love, food is life hehe <3

Saturday, 27th December 2014
Hengqin Ocean Kingdom
Zhuhai (Guangzhou, China)

From where we left off, the next part of our trip was none other than the gigantic, Guiness World Record smashing aquarium.

Seriously, that shit is beyond huge lol

Here are some humans for scale.

Yeah, werk it gurl. Lovin' that outfit mmm yeah~

And now for something truly gross...don't say I didn't warn you omg.

(@&$*!!*)!*@!(&!@*(*@!! FUCKING VILE OMG

Disgusting little sea worms, wriggling about like the sickening creatures they are UGH. Trust me, up close and in real life, they are a THOUSAND times worse. Such yucky little monstrosities, my goodness. I HATE THEM

I really like how they have these little overhead exhibits you can peek into at certain parts of the underground "cave". They're like small, secret aquariums on their own!

BABY MANTA RAYS YESSS!! Now, THIS is the kind of cuteness and positivity I want to see!!

Huuuge freaking aquarium, oh my word.

Quite enchanting, really.

Gasp! Look at the size of that thing!!

Majestic :))

Pretty structures!

I quite liked the entire room of this enormous record-breaking aquarium thing, it was all warm and blue-toned and the whole vibe of the room just felt so cool and surreal.

Oh, here we go with more grossness.

Wtf is this shit!!!!!!! Fuckin' nasty fishes writhing about in a cramped urn, WHAT NONSENSE IS THIS. I'M SO MAD!!

This made me chuckle lol


Horseshoe crabs!

Pretty cool, but also kinda bordering on the gross side lmao

A big ass manta ray, HOORAY!! Cutie hehe <3

I love their adorable lil faces!!!!!!

Polar bear! cool cool

Just chillin'~~

OMG how cute are these arctic wolves?! LOVE!!

And look at this tiny little baby one AHHHHHHHHH!! /screams

Idk what these things are but they are fookin' GROSS lmao like WHAT ON EARTH!! The world does NOT need giant, sea equivalents of HOUSE LIZARDS, for god's sakes!!

i'm so done lol i swear

Okay honestly, I know this sounds bad lol and trust me I had lots of fun throughout the day looking at cool exhibits and seeing some pretty interesting, some really weird and freaky sea creatures, but truth be told...

The highlight of the trip still had to be the food HAHAHA forreal doe

This popcorn...was THE BOMB.

I know y'all are probably thinking it's just some normal, boring ass sweet popcorn like the basic kind they serve at cinemas, right? WRONG.

All day long, I'd been inhaling the heavenly aroma of these beautiful babies and absolutely SUFFERING coz I didn't get to eat them myself. Well I finally decided to purchase it towards the end of our trip, and boy was I glad.

The wonderfully popped kernels of corn, slightly fluffy with just the perfect amount of crunch, were drenched in the most fragrant and tantalising caramel butter I've ever tasted in my whole popcorn-eating life thus far.

It was so rich and smokey, oh my goodness. I don't even know how they were capable of making popcorn that tasted and smelled THAT good!!

Also, it didn't hurt at all that the dude I bought the popcorn from was cute as all hell LMAO forreal!! When I passed him the cash I was like, oh damn he cute. And when he scooped up the popcorn and handed me that giant tower of delicious I was like MMMM YAAAAAAAS BOY THANK YOU!!!!!!!

hahahahahahaha fuck

My thirst for dem China boys is real af lol I'M SORRY

Anyways. lol

I savoured the popcorn (TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, I TELL YA) while watching an awesome fireworks and LED effects display show to wrap up the Ocean Park's day of activities, and it was brilliant.

I really do love light shows :))

Oh look, it's that gigantic whale shark once again haha!

Fireworks!! :D


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  1. I'm really impressed at the extravagance of the park. The animals look healthy and happy. I've heard of other Chinese zoos and such who don't look after their animals as well.