Friday, 18 September 2015

Best BrekDinz Ever + Big Bag of Fats

My gluttony knows no bounds.

Throughout my polytechnic life the lunch (and sometimes dinner…) breaks were always the highlight of my day. FC6, will always have my heart. Subway and KFC, fruit juice stall and Starbucks at FC5. FC3’s Llao LLao and Korean stall (their bibimbap was LOVE. thanks a lot, VANESSA). Koufu was a real treat too.

Oh yeah, not to mention snackin' in class like, all the damn time.

So now that I’ve started working, it’s only natural that I’ve somehow found new ways to incorporate being a true blue fat kid into my daily life. Say hello to a whole new array of excuses to pretty much gain about 17kg in a month.


This is all from last Wednesday evening, btw. aka Week Uno, out of a six month internship period.

Bless me, y’all. Bless me.

9/9 (as in, 9th September. this is not some kind of weird rating lol) (tried to be a cool and swaggy hipster but obvs i failed)

Summer came to my rescue (as she usually does) on Wednesday night for a much-needed midweek post-work catch up sesh.

It had only been like…one freaking week since we’d last seen each other but I was already bubbling on the inside with the feeling that I would straight up IMPLODE if I didn’t spill every single little thing that had been swirling in my head since I started work. So, 72 hours worth of stories, basically.

I freaking love Cedele with all my heart.

This right here is their mighty big breakfast. With eggs (scrambled, coz that’s the BEST way, hands down NO COMPETITION), a jumbo sausage (lol idk y but that phrase just makes me laugh) (yes i’m very mature i know), two delectably sinful strips of bacon, sautéed mushrooms (MY LOVE!!), two pieces o’ toast and a nice salad with refreshing yuzu dressing and a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

Yup, I was pretty darn famished after a day of work lol

Don’t you just love all-day breakfasts?! Like, breakfast foods are AWESOME and I should be able to have them at 10pm if I want to!! [insert gif of Leslie and Ron passionately declaring their love for fast foods*]

*i recently discovered the magnificence of Parks & Rec and i physically can’t bring myself to stop binge-watching that show, omg. i’m already on season 7 wtf!! someone save me pls

Summie Doodle Doo (lol) got herself an orange juice (which was $6, if i remember correctly. what on earth right like cmon cedele u know i love u like, you’re my baby boo luv ya long time but chill?? were the oranges hand-squeezed by Shah Rukh Khan himself? no?? then?????) and a big ol’ bowl of wild mushroom soup coz she wasn’t feelin very well at the time :(((((

poor bb

hope the Royal Billionaire’s Club Golden Platinum Sparkle Exclusive Tycoons-Only orange juice managed to pump you up wit vitamin c and you’re all better now <3

I thought I’d being foregoing the two slabs of bread so as to save precious space in me tum tum but, yo. Dem breads turned out to be effing DELICIOUS!

lol seriously tho, it was some top notch shit.

One slice was of the wholewheat variety and chock full of grains (not the most enjoyable tbh but eating it makes me feel all healthy and not like i’m shovelling a big plate of carbs and fats down my gullet lol) while the other was just good ol’, fattening and diabetes-inducing but goddamn tasty white bread.

*thumbs up*

It must’ve been a sprinkling of dat magic Cedele fairy dust or something but somehow even the packets of butter and strawberry jam (which i usually HATE! both strawberry AND jam! so it’s DOUBLE the dislike!) tasted bomb as all hell.

Me having way too much fun with my food:

I am masterchef, masterchef is I. srsly doe this lil bread and butter combo with a crispy sliver of greasy bacon could pass off as a five-star canapé priced at $25 per mouthful, no?

The jam came out of its packet still retaining the adorable solid nugget shape and obviously I was way too chuffed about that.

Forreal doe I spent a good minute or so laughing about this like, omg. What is my life even ABOUT?!


Went to the Korean mart at Star Vista prior to meeting Sumz for dinz coz I was bored and wanted to stock up on fatty food lol

I LOVE ASIAN MINI MARTS UGHHH they give me life <3

Here is my loot~~ (yes, typing about pointlessly extensive ramblings about snack foods brings me great pleasure and excitement. that’s just the kind of person i am) (fucking tragic lol)

Cup and bowl instant noodles for weekdays when I get home real late and am 100% depleted of all energy to go and buy or prepare a proper dinner.

Cheese ramen is always cool and I bought a new ~*hot & spicy*~ jja jiang hyun (炸酱面, black bean sauce noodles) to try! how exciting teehee

Assortment of sweet and salty snacks! Bless the Koreans, man. Omg their junk food be on some next level shit lol I mean SERIOUSLY!! Waffle chips?? CHURRO CHIPS?!?!????!? REALLY??!!!!!! CHURROS????????!!!!

They tasted freaking incredible, holy sweat on a bean.

If you like honey + cinnamon sugar, you will LOVE this. Also, the crunch is on POINT! (my thumb is hideous and i do apologise)

Waffle chips were much lighter, which resulted in me swallowing 3/4 of the bag at a time lol (without remembering to snap a pic, too. i'm sorry lol i have failed you) forreal doe it’s like eating yummy maple syrup-soaked air!! So crispy and delicious omg ughhhh

Can I just rave about their adorable packaging designs please? Like, just for a lil while?

GOD, DAMNNNN LOOK AT THOSE CARTOONS! Makes me wanna guzzle down a bottle of that hand drawn maple syrup right NOW lol

Marvellous, really. Just…ugh. So beautiful :’))

Andddddd, last but not least, I decided to head on over to Cold Storage for some ang moh snacks as well just to keep my diet geographically balanced lol BAHAHAHA wtf kinda bullshit man oh god…

Spoiler alert: everything tastes A+

Ritter Sport fuels my soul, tbh.

As you could well imagine from the amount of “healthy lifestyle” and “clean eating” diet options I purchased, by the time I met up with Summer I was holding a giant plastic bag of, well. Fats, essentially. lol

i was like Santa Claus but for obesity.

Oh yeah, SumSum also brought along this packet of uber soft and squishy matcha (!!) marshmallows which I absolutely loooooove omg SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!

Stop giving me sweet and thoughtful gifts for no reason omg you perfect angel sugarplum queen, you. Your very presence is great enough a gift and way more than I could ever ask for :’))


Went on that major snackage shopping spree coz I realised I tend to get super peckish at work and they was sposed to be my “work snacks” but alas, I devoured the whole lot over the weekend whilst watching four seasons of Parks & Recreation in one and a half nights HAHAHA


Literally what is self control??

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