Sunday, 20 September 2015

Suite Life in Guangzhou Part 10: Circus v2.0

I thought the Chimelong International Circus back in Panyu was gr8 but boy, I was NOT ready for the one in Hengqin!

Hengqin Chimelong International Circus 
Zhuhai, China 
Sunday, 28th December 2014

I'd say the biggest differences were that Hengqin's version was more artsy and modern, with a stronger sense of diversity in terms of the people who were on stage. You could really tell that the performers were hand-picked from all over the world for being the very best in their respective areas!

And the best part?

We managed to get VIP seats at the very front row!! :D *beams*

Check out how huge the arena was, hehe. And the ceiling spotlights make for such a galaxy-ish feel! I love it omg

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it truly was a phenomenal show. Here are some of the highlights!

The show opened with this crazy visual trickery act. It got kinda creepy at times! But eventually you just figure out that one of 'em heads is fake...and everything from that point on is just admiring how the performer goes on trying so hard to fool the audience hahaha

Dancers came out to pUMP UP THE PARTY!! Their outfits are amazing lol i gotta say

And this lady strutted out with a whole flock of birds just casually perched on that humongous hat. Like, how do you train them to not poop all over the place?? #justrandomthoughts

Hey, what am I doing on the stage?? just kidding lol haha

the hippopotamus is much cuter than i am :'))

Check out the band of clowns providing live music tho! How cool is that?

Lil horsies~!

Honestly only took this photo coz her outfit is on POINT, I mean seriously how beautiful is that red top?

I have a thing for peplum tops and red is my absolute fave colour so when she came out onstage it quite literally took my breath away.

Ya, I'm talking about a shirt.

A lil bit similar to the one I wore on my 19th birthday, which took place a little over a month prior to watching this circus show. cool cool

Swaggy-shirt-lady was a part of this cool speed-skipping performance!

And now, get ready to be blown away by a show of extraordinary strength and grace...


Holy crap?? The big bald dude was so freaking impressive lol I swear


Amazing!!!!!!!!!! DEM MUSCLES DOE omg

The strength, balance, control and

dear lord...


Alright guys, are you ready for the big finish? I saved the best pic for last lol


HAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH OMG i'm sorry lol i do not possess the most mature of minds lmao not sure if you could tell :P

but yeah honestly it looks like quite a comfortable resting spot?? JSHJKA OK SORRY BYE HAHAHAH

Poodle master, I was just v v impressed by the showmanship of the lady. Her giant, bedazzling smile was hypnotising me from start to finish lol. And she was so full of energy!!

The main act of the show, some story-driven performance about nightmares and dreamscapes. I just really love pyrotechnics hehe

Some nerd tied up in what seems to be hell.

My, my! How the tables have turned!

I think there was a parental advisory warning for lil kids watching this show. I can understand why hahaha

Ooooh, scary!

I stopped taking pictures from this point onwards but [SPOILER ALERT] the nerd managed to escape the evil clutches of hell and all the well-dressed devil ladies lol

Pretty adrenaline-filled show, I liked it :)

Seems familiar?

It's pretty much the same set-up from Panyu's circus, except this time with monkeys instead of humans!

Don't really give a shit about juggling but god, DAMN that girl is pretty. @_@

Another major act that had everybody at the edge of their seats.


Wth bro I can't even do a split like that on ground level what on earth!!


Anddddd now they clearly just don't give two hoots about gravity anymore. *shrugs*


*sheds a tear*

Holy shit, that was a wild ride.

And that was the end of the circus!

Ugh, I just love it when all of the performers come out on stage. Such a warm, fuzzy feeling and a perfect end to a fantastic show!

Hello, gorgeous red peplum lady! Nice to see you again! You too, dog master! I see you've had an outfit change! White looks great on you, lovin' those pants, gurl!

lmao whut

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  1. The hippo looks so cute. The circus looks amazing and death defying. On a more morbid note, I hope they have their emergency contingency plan well rehearsed.