Friday, 4 September 2015

#ExplorePenang Part II: STREET ART

Here are some pictures taken during my trip to Penang last October! My family and I took a leisurely stroll through Georgetown's street art zones and there were plenty of amazing sights to behold indeed. It really is lovely to see such demonstrations of creativity around public spaces. A pity that the same can't be said about Singapore!

Hopefully we'll have more opportunities for artistic expression and freedom of creativity around our little red dot soon :)

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy seeing these pictures as much as I did snapping 'em!


The famous "Little Children on a Bicycle" mural on Armenian Street! Painted by London-trained artist Ernest Zacharevic. It depicts so much innocence and glee! I really do feel happy and very nostalgic of simple childhood joys when I look at it :')

Sorry lil boy, I didn't mean to block you wit ma body lol

Spotted this quaint little store and I proceeded to squeal with excitement and delight (on the inside lol). 

Do you see what I see??


I guess it's safe to say this was without a doubt the highlight of the trip, for me at least lol

They've got strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, mint, mango. Flavours that are more "Asian" and verging on the weird and wacky side would be black sesame, jackfruit, durian (EW omg gross), and cempedak.

My mum and sis got jackfruit and mint respectively, while I went with my all-time fave: CHOCOLATE!!

YUMMY!! A cute lil ball of ice cream encased within a hard chocolate shell.

Actually...I took a sample of my sister's and hers was much better lol. The mint ice cream tasted so sweet and refreshing!

Love it when places aren't afraid to inject little doses of slang words and terms of their native dialects, especially in public areas and the media.

Again, something I hope Singapore would someday follow suit :)

Aren't the street signs pretty? Also, I had to snap pics of them coz I knew there was no way I'd be able to remember the addresses otherwise hahaha

Such a phenomenal painting!! Look at the detail, omg. Every single hair so delicately painted! It looks sooooo fluffy omg haha

Clever use of the rectangular grid pattern the store front is in hahaha

Such cute graphics!

I really would've loved for an opportunity to set aside a few hours and just chill in one of the cafes. This one in particular looked really interesting!

Now that I'm at the peak of my ~*cafe phase*~ it would be so nice to experience those chill vibes, good food and quality coffee at cafes all around the world :')

I love seeing street art that makes use of real life, physical objects!! Gosh, it's just awesome hahaha

More street signs! But this photo is tragically senget (Malay for slanted) lol

And on that note, I'm out. See you next time for more #ExplorePenang posts lol teehee! 


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  1. The street art looks really interesting. I like the Children on the bicycle and Chinese lion the most. I like the look of the ice cream pops. If I were there,I would have wanted more than one.