Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Pretty sure this plan has been talked about since Year 1, but it had never been put into place. Until yesterday! HOORAYYYY~!!!!!!! Steamboat dinner as a group finally came to fruition lol, about damn time!!

Now all we gotta do is figure out when we're having Korean BBQ, karaoke session, xiao long bao buffet, etc. etc.

It's cool, bruh. We only got like, til the rest our lives to do all this shit together.



#BOW4LYFE, amirite??


Headed over to Kenneth's lovely abode after work (imma be talking bout this later on. yes, it comes under the "ca$h m0ney" portion of this post lmao YA GUESSED IT) for some awesome hangz wit da gang pre- and post- a truly phenomenal steamboat dinner.

Was pretty famished by the time I got there seeing as I haven't had anything in a coupla hours other than an assortment of free beverages from the office, but Kenny made pizza!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! :D

He is a literal MasterChef™, I swear. Bless this boy for always bringing some bomb ass home cooked food into my life. Speaking of which, his baked treats are simply STELLAR.

Lavender white choc chip cookies which I was munchin on uncontrollably, holy shit they were fab. And I don't even LIKE lavender lol

We sat down and played some Xbox games while the cool God of Gamblers crew started playing mah jong. I wish I knew how to play it too but...sadly I am not a true enough Asian and my family members are most definitely v disappointed in me every time Chinese New Year rolls around and they only have three players...and me.

soz mum

Hehehe played Dance Central (THAT'S MY SHIT, YO) for a bit, then Halo (it was a mess, i didn't know wtf was going on and Gloria killed me every twelve seconds) before finally settling in to some WWE fun times.

All dem John Cena memes GIVE ME LIFE.

Dinner time!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

All the food was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good, oh my freaking goodness. I was in absolute heaven lol

And apparently I wasn't even doing a good job of hiding how downright ecstatic I was feeling after each morsel of steaming hot food that I popped into my mouth, coz afterwards Kenneth actually commented that I looked "the most satisfied" out of everyone who was there HAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHA BRUH

That's some truth right there tho lol not even gonna lie...

I was basically in heaven hahaha

Coupled with some great conversation around a table of fantastic people whom, I can tell you right now after spending a helluva lot of time with them over the past three years (voluntarily or otherwise hahaha JKS Y'ALL KNOW I LUV YA!!), have the biggest, fullest, most LOVING hearts of sheer gold ever. I'm so so grateful to have them and proud to call them my friends.

Steering away from my usual mushy nonsense now, does anyone else believe that hot, juicy gossip over a meal has the power to enhance the flavours of your food?? HAHAHAHA forreal doe, there was some straight A+ grade of gossip, truth tea and shade of the absolute no chill degree being thrown at the dinner table, and I struggled to find the words to say amidst audible gasps and roars of laughter.

I know I shouldn't get hung up on this kind of shit and that my time and energy is so much better off being spent on people and things of more value, but some bitches really be TRIPPIN. Like, forreal?? How fake can you get??????? It honestly disgusts me that at one point of my life, I actually considered you as a decent human being and not a massive structure of rancid turd and stinking lies. What. A. Bitch. Goodbye. Good riddance, ya nasty ass two-faced ho. I wish you nothing but the very best as you start your new phase of life. Hope it goes well and you find some new people to befriend before eventually screwing over completely and emotionally scarring, aye? Fucking hell...




Terrible photo coz it was melting and I wanted to start eating it so badly, but Sarah was an absolute sweetie and brought us all teh tarik (pulled milk tea, omg) ice cream from Island Creamery! MY FAVEEEEEE HOLY CRAP thanks Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Also, thank you to Summer for the adorable Oreo soft cookies. THEY ARE SO SQUISHY AND CUTESZXC UGH can't believe Oreos could be experienced this way!!!! *A Whole New World plays softly in the background*

Watched some fun vids (among them, this priceless little egg cartoon which is honestly too gr8 for words to describe. pls watch it for yourself it will bring happiness and light to your life i promise) and ANTM before I had to make my move.

Twas a swell day, y'all. Thank you to each and every one of you for making it possible, and for being such splendid company to be around. Very very grateful indeed :))

Can't believe it's been three years, yo. Damn...

#WhenNerFarts lol

control ur flatulence nerissa gosh...

hehe <3

(heart you not ur ass gas)


And now, time for me to scream about work lol (mostly be being an overexcited cheapskate coz unlimited free drinks HAHAHA)

Basically I finished my final academic semester of polytechnic last week, and I'll be starting my official internship next week, but this week I decided to take on the part-time data entry job I held earlier this year from May to June, coz I don't really like the idea of too much free time with absolutely nothing to do, ya know?

Yay, no lag time between each commitment haha

I never would've thought I'd be this type of person, considering how ridiculously lazy I am and have been since a very young age. I mean, really. My levels of laziness and procrastination are OUT OF THIS WORLD.

But I've come to find that constantly keeping myself busy is a great distraction for my mind and keeps it from straying to all sorts of bad thoughts and slowly spiralling out of control. Also, it's always nice to have something to look forward to. It's like when one little thing worth celebrating is over, you can take comfort in knowing that there's something else right around the corner.

That, and I'm someone who just HAS to have structure in their life.

Give me a week-long holiday, I'm gone. By the end of it, I'll have turned into some fucking cavewoman who's been eating nothing but microwaveable Butter Chicken Biryani in bed with nothing but underwear on and I'll probably have hair that's been unwashed for the entire duration coz I've been too busy binge-watching the entire past three seasons of Orange Is The New Black in one sitting.

If it sounds very specific it's coz it's tru

im sorry

So anyways...yeah. About this part-time job lol

Hoo boy, it is legit one of the cushiest jobs I've ever been blessed enough with having, so THANK YOU so much Summer if you're reading this!

Seriously though...super chill and easy job with enough to keep me busy with throughout the day so I don't get bored out of my skull, location is ideal and fancy af (which in turn makes ME feel fancy lololol even though the sad reality is that i really am not...), I literally get to listen to music the entire time I'm working (so far i have been making good use of my Spotify Premium acc (it's a trial promo and i'm unsubscribing by the end of this month alright, chill) by checking out Frank Ocean's album, Traphik's mixtape (which is KILLER, btw. i highly recommend it) as well as a very well-organised user-created hip-hop playlist lol), my boss is the sweetest person on Earth and keeps getting me to help myself to free coffee, juice, fresh fruits and biscuits from the office pantry (YES PLEASE lol don't mind if i do!!), and...THE PAY IS AWESOME OH MY GOSH

Be makin' dat coin, ykna wahm sayin?? *sunglasses emoji*


I honestly feel so indebted to Sumz for hooking me up with this job that every time I think of this situation the only image that fills my mind is this:

With the job position symbolised as a piece of WOTER MALONEE yaaaaas :))

Luv ya Sumzicles <3


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