Friday, 11 September 2015

i love me job as much as spongebob loves his

Yo. So, I've officially made it through the very first week of my internship, and I can't believe I'm actually saying this but...



Not even kidding, oh my flippin' goodness. Everything is grrr8 :'))

This is basically my entire job summed up in one (grainy ass)* picture, tbh.

*sorry, my area of the office is pretty dimly lit lol

Me snacking on a delicious paddle pop ice cream from the very well-stocked pantry, doing research on the very first article I'm currently writing about ice cream (yes, that's right) while simultaneously planning out a route map of all the various locations that are going to be on my ice cream tasting tour.

Yeah, let's just say I wasn't wrong when I foresaw that this internship would be perfect for me.


Although I gotta say, the first week on the job really exhausted me both physically and mentally on a level that I've never felt in a long time.

I wake up at six in the morning then it's chop chop, non-stop til 6+ in the evening, where I still gotta lug my worn out ass home in an almost hour-long commute.

The first night alone, I pretty much K.O-ed as soon as I set foot in the house.

Don't think I can adequately express how glad I am that today's a public holiday for general election voting.

I slept til 2pm today lmao

Not complaining though! I may be tired out of my absolute freaking mind at the end of each night, but my heart and soul are content knowing that it was all from being kept busy throughout yet another good ass day :))

awwwwwwwwww so disgustingly cheesy lol as usual

Here are some random snippets of my past week!

Very first lunch! on the job i mean not first in my life lololololol


I got Thai Sauce Cutlet Rice from the chicken rice stall coz I wanted to ~live life on the edge~ a lil bit. When I was getting my change back from the friendly stall owner, I asked the auntie "那个酱会不会很辣?" (is the sauce very spicy?) and she nodded rather solemnly while peering straight into my eyes giving me this look that just said "good luck, buddy".


On hindsight I probz shoulda asked before ordering lol. Silly ol' me!

Anyway it wasn't bad, I had to scrape off most of the sauce hahaha but it still had quite a kick to it!

back at da office

Idk why my feet are propped up all awkward like that...and why is my posture so horrendous god damn! Think I was in the middle of shuffling into a different position lol (hopefully)

Anyway, aren't my working spaces just beautiful?? *heart eye emoji*

As you can see I was seated on some rickety plastic chair, but all of that changed the next day when the editor sent myself along with two other peeps to Ikea on a office-chair-buying mission!

Yay, fun internship field trips and shit hahaha (much better than being sent on coffee errands, anyway)

Goodbye, you!

And hello cool swivelly office chairs!

Makes me feel so much more legit lol. Also, my butt is a big fan of the soft cushioned seats. *moon face emoji* hahahaha i love the stupid moon face it's so great!!!

Completely famished by the time I finished work and made my way home so I decided to walk a few blocks down to this kopitiam in my neighbourhood which serves the most AMAZING Western food ever, oh my word.

Right here we got chicken chop with pesto (❤!!) rubbed in and a heavenly layer of melted, slightly charred cheese on top. Yes, it is every bit as good as it looks and sounds.

The chips are also fucking phenomenal (pardon my language but if there's one thing i get very passionate about, it's deep fried potatoes), super crispy on da outside but fluffy as hell within. Also, they're dusted with some sort of magical paprika spice mix instead of just plain ol' salt and it tastes OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Yup, that cute lil scoop of potato salad was hella tasty too.

Suffice to say that I really did enjoy my dinner lol. And it was a perfect end to the day before I dragged my tired ass body home and proceeded to fall comatose in my bed as soon as my head came into contact with the pillow.

The next day!

Happy to say that I almost always manage to get a seat on the morning commute coz I just make a mad dash to the very back of the bus as soon as I board it lol. From there on it's just me chillin and listening to some tunes for about 45 mins teehee

Started wearing my #BLESSED bangle that I love love love so much. (please excuse my visible and very gross looking goosebumps lol the bus was freezing ok IM SORRY)

The story behind it is that I've been wanting to buy one since the beginning of the year when I saw my then-new classmate Faiz wearing one (the bangle, but hers says something else instead of "blessed") but I kept procrastinating (lol what else is new).

I finally made my way down to the shop the weekend before I started work, which is incidentally where Faiz part-times as a salesgirl!

They're called Mantra Bands and I really love them so much!!

So sleek and stylish and the mantras really do a splendid job of keeping me feeling inspired and motivated!

Even the sales display looks so darn gorgeous omg

And here's mine!! hehe the price was way above what I normally pay for accessories (90% of my jewellery costs $3 a piece lol NO JOKE) but considering how I'm gonna wear it every single day and that it's a quality piece of jewellery that'll last for quite some time, I'd say it was worth it!

That, and it serves the purpose of reminding me how blessed I am every time I look down at it :'))

Also wanted to wear it when I officially began my internship coz this whole experience is going to be one huge blessing indeed.

Ah, the symbolism of it all!

ok, back to work stuff lol

Forgot to snap a pic of my lunch on Tuesday but it was The BEST dish I've had so far since working!! It was a super duper yummy bowl of wonton noodles with char siew slices ugh, it was so good. It's okay lol I'll probably eat it again on Monday so I'll show you all what it looks like then haha!

what is my life even about omg...

PIKA!! dis the office cat and she's hella cute and fluffy :3

I'm not sure whether I've mentioned this before but I am very much a dog person and I think cats are bitches! Sorry but 'tis a fact lol

I'm gonna make an exception for lil Pika here coz so far she seems quite docile. Also she is undeniably adorable so yeah, we'll see how this goes...who knows maybe I'll be transformed into a cat person by the end of this internship!

jks lol dogs rule!!

Anddd we're on to Wednesday...

Bought this fancy ass coffee early in da morn before stepping in the office coz my experience the past two days taught me that I will DIE by midday without the help of caffeine.

srsly doe i was feeling so lethargic at some points i didn't even know wtf i was doing

Pretty sure I conked out momentarily every time I blinked my eyes for more than a second. And my head was spinning. It was that bad!!

My laptop be sportin dem cute ass #CASSpride stickers, hell yeah! Love 'em so much, ugh.

It's mooncake season now so a lot of hotels/restaurants are sending them to the office for us to mention on the company's media channels. Which means free samples for me, so yay!!

I actually hate mooncakes (sorry, i have failed as an Asian. *sobs*) but y'all know I can never resist free food lmao

Sigh...i am a horrible cheapskate

Day 3's lunch! Noodles again coz I still hadn't gotten over the legendary wonton noodles from the day before.

These are some kolok noodles, which I have never heard of in my life but apparently is some famous dish from Sarawak, Malaysia.

Idk what exactly it's supposed to be, tbh. But it tasted great so no complaints there!

Would've loved if it came with some kickass chili sauce tho. Now that I've been trying more spicy stuff, I've realised how a dab of chili here and a splash of hot sauce there can help a dish reach its maximum potential lol

Even though I still can't handle spice that well myself lah but still...

Met up with Summer after work and it was GR8!! As usual teehee I love my sumz and I missed her so much in the seven days since we'd last seen each other :'))


it tru doe!!

We had a swell time and I bought myself a big bag of fats, but I'll blog about that next time lol

hehehehe luh ya summoo u so kewtz <3

Oh ya, I was really feelin my outfit that day so I decided a post-work photoshoot was in order lol

Thank you Neon for the A+ photography skillz!! :D

The aesthetic I was going for was $*rich n fancy*$ when in actual fact nothing I was wearing cost over twenty bucks lol

I really love my new top tho!! $15 from my favourite store :)) I'm not gonna tell you what it is coz I don't want any random bitches shopping there and stealing my aesthetic lmao but good on ya if you can identify where it's from!

Better keep dem lips sealed tho ya hear??! >:(


Even draped a (cheap ass) jacket over for that supreme atas look hahahahah

And finally, Thursday! aka yesterday aka the last day of the work week aka me finally being able to lie down peacefully at night for a good ass slumber knowing that i could sleep to my heart's content and not get rudely awoken before the crack of dawn by a blaring alarm!

good times lol

Lunch was a plate of Thai Basil Pork Rice feat. Egg

I don't really wish to talk about it coz...quite frankly it hurt my feelings. *sniffles*

It was SO ridonkulously hot and spicy that I started tearing up within my second mouthful and as tasty as it might have been, I simply could not enjoy it properly coz hey, my tastebuds were DEAD. DED!!!!! DEY WAS KILLED!!!!!!!!! MURDAAAAAA

sighh i thought i was gonna freaking pass out and die on the floor that is a real blessing that i'm still sitting here right now typing out this post. but yes.

Thai food spiciness be on some next level shit, man. Damn. I ain't gon mess with dat again for quite a bit, I'll tell you that much.

And, with that I'm going to end this post with another pic of Pika, this time comfortably snuggled up in one of my colleague's chair for an afternoon snooze.

Ahhhh, how nice.

And yes, I was hella jealous.

i also want to nap sia walao

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