Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Smollie Smols

Got leave from work yesterday to be part of this awesome little surprise shindig for birthday bird girl Danielle.

Look at this bright and cheery and colourful happy fun times ice cream cake (juseyo dalkomhan geuman ice cream cake! teukbyeolhajin oneure, oulineun maseuro) that's literally chock full of candy lmao

Perfect for a nine year old like smollie Nielle herself :))

We went for a 4+ hour ktv session and it was DA BEE’S KNEES, I tell ya!

Nothing I love more than singing karaoke and dancing at a club with my friends. And since I can’t do the latter coz I’m a non-clubgoing stay-at-home nerd, just let me enjoy belting out Lady Marmalade and spitting’ Nicki & Drake rhymes to the fullest lol

I now have a new song obsession due to the influence of ma mates who have VERY different music tastes than I, and that is Someone New by Hozier.

I looped it seven times this evening during my bus ride home from work.

Am not kidding.

The song is fab.

The video makes me feel things.

Natalie Dormer is perfection in every way, shape and form.


Watching this mv was some sort of sexual reawakening for me, not even gonna lie lol. Would've preferred it to be somewhere a lil bit more comfy and private than the Teoheng all the way over at very old and kinda weird Katong Shopping Centre, together in a tiny dark room with five of my friends no less. But ok. You can't have it all I guess? lol

Highlights of the karaoke session, food-wise, would be the juicy and surprisingly delicious popcorn chicken chunks that I snacked on throughout. Yeah, as if my throat wasn’t get fucked up quite enough by the relentless singing (read: yelling) and rapping (read: monotonous yelling) hahaha. Let’s shovel some heat, deep-fried junk food down my gullet at the same time!

I also had a nice and simple cup of bubble red milk tea. Soooo good omg, especially since I haven’t had 泡泡奶茶 in a while. I actually detest tapioca balls but since it was a special occasion, I had a jolly good time munchin’ on den pearls lol

I’m so done with myself for always forgetting to save my Snapchat story posts, thinking I have the luxury of time to go back and download them any time I want before the timer hits 24 hours and everything gets wiped off of cyberspace for all of eternity.

So yeah, sorry about the lack of photos for I am a forgetful turd lololol

Dinz afterwards was none other than my love, Astons <3

I’d have gotten a steak (i’m never not craving something hearty and just straight up carnivorous, tbh) but I was pretty full from the tea and fried chicken heh

You’d think aggressively trying to sing along to Korean songs with lyrics I don’t understand and slightly booty-popping to The Weeknd would have worked up a sufficient appetite, but apparently not lol

Being responsible, non-antisocial young adults, we tossed all our electronics to the center of the table and maintained good ol’ fashioned conversations with one another instead. We also had a penalty where the first person to touch their phone before the end of the meal has to pay for everyone’s meal, so best believe none of us wanted to touch that shit hahaha

Although I was suffering. Goddamn, was I having a hard time.

Usually I don’t give a rat’s arse about checking my phone coz honestly speaking I have barely any social interactions to tend to lol

But last evening…Hoo boy. I was about to have a freaking mental breakdown, I’ll tell you that much. 멘붕 indeed hahaha

sigh x200


Yesterday was pretty gosh darn incredible for the most part. I’m really super appreciative of seeing this awesome group of people, especially now that work has begun. I can only hope that we’ll continue to meet up even after they start their internship journeys.

Feelin’ blesseddddddd as all hell :))

Now I just gotta hold on to that feeling and not let myself forget how amazing everything in my life is, and how happy I am.

Even when night falls and I’m left alone with nothing but darkness and the demons of my mind to keep me company.

Especially then.

well, that was a fucking emo twist ending lol



but sometimes…

i sad

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