Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Sushi Tei is the new Bae.

I'm not very familiar with the Japanese cuisine scene in SG, like which ones are really A+ and authentic and which are the kind that get shamed within the discerning diners community for being pretty damn awful.

I can't even tell the difference between Ichiban Boshi and Ichiban Sushi. Seriously, it's hella confusing yo like wth?! Every time I'm trying to decide on a Japanese restaurant it just boggles my mind like, are y'all from the same chain or something? Are the two places even affiliated in any way??????

The only two Jap places I'm super familiar with, and it's only coz there's probably 12 thousand outlets dotted all over the nation, are probably Sakae Sushi and Ajisen Ramen, the latter which I kinda hate coz even I know for a fact that their dishes are overly salty and terrible excuses for the wonderful dish that is ramen.

Oh yeah, and Sushi Express. But it's so budget-y, it's almost on a whole other level haha

A few years ago I stumbled upon my all-time favourite Jap spot (2011 blog entries, how cringeworthy lol), tragically it has been replaced by a Ramen Champion now or something, idk. But it has ceased to exist, and that has left a gaping hole in my Japanese food-loving heart for quite some time.

Until the other night when my family and I decided to try Sushi Tei for the very first time, and my world was turned upside down.

Hoo boy, I was NOT prepared for everything to be that good. Seriously. Y'all coulda warned me or something!!

My sister's udon noodle set.

I've always found udon to be a tad too plain for my liking, but her prawn and vegetable kakiage fritter pancake thing was SO bomb. Ended up stealing quite a bit of that haha :P

Yo this...this right here...is one of the most ridonk, sinfully deliciousō dishes I've ever had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into.

Tender, savoury Japanese pork belly wrapping up strips of crunchy carrot, capsicum and, get this...a mighty glob of MELTED CHEESE oh my flippin goodness like...dude. You cannot do this to me!! Throw that into a vat of bubbling hot oil and deep fry dat shit til it's hella crispy and golden and the cheese is just oozing out everywhere and omg...this is it. This is heaven on a plate!!

That lil plate of tar tar sauce was amazing too. Slightly chilled, nice and tangy with some notes of jalapeno. Went reeeally well with the warm crunchy bite of each roll. Also, the greasiness is combatted with the side salad that may look super plain, but actually came tossed in a light and refreshing ginger dressing of some sort. I happen to hate the taste of ginger, but somehow that shit just worked, yo. It was soooooo good! Ugh.

I love everything about this dish :'))

Well, this comes as a bit of a letdown after the amazingness that was the dish before lol, but it was still pretty good! Marinated bamboo shoots are my love, and the pork slices had a stellar balance of lean and fatty meat, which I really appreciate.

Broth could've been a bit more rich and flavourful in my opinion but hey, I know some people prefer subtle tastes so yeah. This one's for you, ma friends!

Sorry I couldn't be arsed to scrape of the layer of hardening skin from this plate of Japanese curry lmao, I was pretty famished and there was just so much good food on the table waiting to be devoured!!

Case in point, these babies:

Oh my sweet lordy, I am getting lightheaded right now just thinking back to these lovely mouthfuls of perfection.

I love me some lobster salad, and these were just goddamn flawless. The quality is definitely there, and they were pretty generous with the dollops of lobster too. A bit of wasabi swirled in so there was quite a kick there for sure. Overall, it was just DIVINE.

Freaking love sushi omg

I didn't eat this coz I've never tried eel before and I don't wanna risk it in case I happen to be allergic, but my dad's unagi donburi with fresh as hell avocado just looks so damn good?? Like, how do you even get avocado so perfectly ripe, in a shade of green THAT vibrant with no overripe spots of brown or bruising at all??? Like, askljdiuwashdk?????!? WITCHCRAFT!!

Finished a legitimately epic meal off with some good ass desserts. I mean forreal, how absolutely adorable do they look?! Presentation alone is an A++, 10,000 upon one hundred!!

Let me not blabber on too much about how incredible and completely deLISH the shiratama glutinous rice balls, sweet red bean mixture and green tea ice cream was (the green tea ice cream offered at Japanese establishments NEVER fail, take it from me). The biscuit shells were light as air and a sheer joy to nibble on as well! But I do have to give a special shout-out to the massive scoop of white coloured ice cream over there.

Do not be fooled into thinking that it's just plain ol' vanilla, my friend. It is, in actual fact, shio flavoured. And shio is Japanese for the word...salt.

Das right buddy, salt flavoured ice cream.

Also famed for being called yuki shio, or snow salt, it tasted positively PHENOMENAL.

So creamy and the flavour was nothing less than on POINT, a bit reminiscent of the sea salt caramel that's been all the rage these days.

Ahhhh, good times.

What a fookin gr8 meal it was lol I WANT MORE SHIO ICE CREAM NOW!

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  1. The dishes look delicious. It's all the food that I like to eat.