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Hello, I'm back with my weekly chronicling of internship life! Woohoooo!!!!!

note: i'm going to do something very weird and slot in photos taken during my work week intermittently throughout this post coz it's quite text-heavy and i know some o' yall bitches be scrolling past all the shit i say to just get to the pictures lol yall aint slick!! just kidding hahaha i appreciate you v much thank u for contributing to my 9 people per week readership lol xo

I can't believe it's already been three weeks, gosh.

I think this week was full of firsts, the most prominent one being that I experienced my first time being legit stressed out and frazzled. I'd say it was the first time since I started working that things weren't 100% smooth sailing, which obviously threw me off. But at the same time, it wasn't anything that I didn't expect to happen sooner or later.

First "commercial break" lol

Pikaaa!! Always just chillin around the office.

Well, her fluffy presence is always appreciated :)) Can't believe I've managed to meet a feline I don't hate lol

For quite a while now, I've been thinking to myself that the outcome of how I feel about my internship in the long run could be one of two things. Either shit starts to go down, on a regular enough basis that it makes me hate my job at one point or another. Or the spark that I have for it eventually dies off such that even if everything remains as great as they are now, I start to just not care for it as much as I once did. As much as I do now! As much as I should.

Well, I can't make any promises to myself or to others, because who knows what will happen in these six months? I don't even know what will happen tomorrow, or in the next hour. Things happen, feelings change.

But I gotta say, at least the things that have transpired the past week (Wednesday, especially! goddamn, fucking Wednesday lol) have gone to show that this is a job that I abso-freaking-lutely love, even when things may not be perfect.

It made me realise that even when shit goes down and everything gets really hard (lol)(IM SORRY HAHAHA), if your instinct isn't to drop everything and quit. Or even let it tear you down! If you're actually willing to sit through it and fix whatever's wrong, and go about doing your thing after the storm, appreciating the calmer times even more.

That's when you know this is something you truly love and want and am grateful for.

The delicious milk tea drink that triggered my Monday morning meltdown lol. Gave me so many intense Guangzhou memories omg!!

And trust me, I am NOT an optimistic person at all lol. I quit, all the damn time! I know it's a really shameful thing to admit but yeah, I'll say it! I'm quitting things and giving up left and right, and I have been for my whole life tbh hahaha

But this...this is something I want so bad in my life, and I am SO incredibly thankful that I'm blessed enough to manage to get it, that I can't even imagine one day not having the same passion towards it that I do now.

Not even when tricky clients stress me out til I start sweating in my office chair, not even when things keep going back and forth and I gotta scrap all my hard work and start again from the very beginning. And the most devastating one of all, personally, not even when I'm told that the one thing that I've believed I was good at in my entire life, the one thing which I love to death and am extremely proud of, is actually not as great as I thought. In fact, I kinda suck at it? So yeah. There you go.*

*this entire paragraph is so fucking whiny i can't even haha. ok looking back now, none of it was actually as terrible as i'm making it out to be. in fact these are just tiny occurrences that are part and parcel of adult life. "the real world", as they call it. yes, i'm being a whiny baby right now and i'm completely aware of it. just let me have this moment hahaha

Had the same Thai basil minced meat dish from a different lunch spot. This one trumps the other, tbh. And I had a nice big mug of teh ping by my side to quell the flames in my mouth this time so I didn't start watering at my eyes and nose and basically everywhere on my face before collapsing the ground and dying lol

AND the egg yolk was beautifully runny instead of a hard boiled mess like the previous version!

I'm just very very thankful that I at least have the support and consolation from my awesome editor and colleagues, who very kindly told me to take it easy and basically had to remind me to just breathe lol

Seriously tho I'm the type who is literally so fragile that if my delicate sensibilities get harmed even just a tad, I'd probably be thinking about leaping out the window of my second storey office into the traaaaaaash (that was a jacksfilms reference sorry i've been watching a lot of yiay)

Which brings me to my next point!

This week was the first time I got to properly talk to a bunch of people and bond over a chill lunch sesh, or walking to the bus stop together or what have you.

It's no secret that TSL isn't just a company or workplace. The entire team is super close-knit. They're really a family, where everyone's fun and friendly and just makes everybody wish they could be a part of this terrific group lol

This is a roasted pork variation of the kolok mee I got during the first week. Remember how I mentioned that it tasted good but a tad boring because of the lack of chilli sauce which is usually present in wanton mee? Well, I discovered these two condiments from the stall and it ROCKED MY WORLD lol. The orange liquid thing is actually ginger chilli coz the stall sells chicken rice as well. It went pretty well wit ma noodles nonetheless but it was a bit too sour and tangy for my liking.

The chunky sauce tho, hoo boy. Shit was on some other level, man let me just tell you. It was full of ikan bilis (my love!!) so the flavour is rather "heavy" and can start to get a bit fishy if you eat too much at once. But balanced with the fragrant noodles and the soup that it comes with (i just drown my noodles with it lol i don't like noodle that are too dry that get all clumpy and stick together!!) everything is just divine and the taste is sensational.

Yup. These are the sort of intense thoughts I have whenever I'm having a simple bowl of $3.80 noodles. Just so you know lol

FIERY PASSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao

Okay I'm gonna let you in on a little secret...when I first came into this internship I was quite worried and VERY intimidated by all the people in the office. First of all, many of them are influencers which means they pretty much have the right to be cocky af if they chose so. Also, a lot of them were just damn hot lah so HAHAHA

But as it turns out, none of them had any airs at all?! In fact, they've all been awfully kind and welcoming and I makes my heart wanna explode lol WHY Y'ALL SO NICE!!!!!!! stahp it lol (just kidding ok don't)(lol)

A pleasant working environment is one of, if not the, most important things I look for in a job. So I'm so, so, SO grateful that I got this covered. Everyone's just freaking phenomenal and just...aaah. My head swirls just thinking bout how insanely blessed I am to have landed this sweet ass gig hahaha

And I'll never ever take it for granted :'))

said renae three days before she started bitchin abt everyone and everything she hates about work lol JKS!! i ain't gon do dat lol luv yaaa <3

And now, finally, for those of you who came from my insta to see some sweet ass baked treats...

Got these gorgeous lil things after work on Friday to treat ma self™. The bakery is just a stone's throw away from my office! Reason #361 why I freaking love my job teehee

Sadly the Milo Malt frosting got mushed on the treacherous bus ride home. Not the Rainbow Vanilla Cream Cheese tho! #blessed HAHAHA

Check out the swirl of paddle pop colours, my goodness. How pretty!!!!!! I can't omg

Remember my paddle pop obsession phase?

yea i just felt it appropriate to insert a picture of myself from February 2014 at this juncture lmao (i miss my mint shoes omg)(they split into two coz apparently i walk waaay too forcefully HAHAHA)

I have this very pained/confused expression on my face but really I just couldn't open my eyes coz the sun was shining so bright lol it was like 7am and I got my mum to help me take an ootd before I went to school hahaha #priorities

I also got some macarons, which are some of my all-time favourite indulgences in this goddamn earth.

How adorable is the packaging?!

It's like opening up a treasure trove. And they tasted SPECTACULAR, oh my word.

I love macarons so damn much I sometimes don't even mind eating shitty ones (lol just being honest)(i am not one to have particularly high standards anyway)(in all areas of life tbh HAHAHA) but these were of impeccable quality AND taste.

I mean seriously when I took a bite out of the matcha one...

Pure. Freaking. SEX right there lol

just kidding i have no idea what sex is like.

it's just an analogy ok omg IM S ORRY


But yeah everything was flawless and amazing.

Other flavours were salted caramel (SO feckin good) and white chocolate, which I actually quite detest (if you don't have a cocoa content of at least 50%, don't even call yourself chocolate)(you're not even brown ffs!!!!!!). But it tasted bomb regardless so yeah. :'))

Legit gonna shed a tear lmao everything was so so delicious!!!!

Watch as I hit the bakery up every single day after work and become morbidly obese by next week's #internshipadventures blog post lol

u think im kidding but tragically

i m not

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