Saturday, 31 October 2015

TSL halloweiners

There's been office outings and events for the past three Fridays.

Starting with Sports Day on the 16th,

This is probably my favourite group shot of the office thus far. We all look so swaggy! sialah, ownsef say ownself lmao. But yeah. 8)

And this is AFTER sweating it out on the court for the past hour or so! Hot diggity damnnn

A photo posted by (@thesmartlocalsg) on

This one's so cute and formal, like a freaking school photo haha. Or the formal shot of a varsity sports team! hahaha (siao)

We went to Fatboy's Burger Bar afterwards for dinz, which is as satisfying as you would imagine after my first gruelling "workout" session in about 7 months lol

Carbs and fats and MEAT? yes puh-LEASE.

To this very day I don't know what possessed me to get a chicken burger instead of some good ol' hearty beef goodness. The latter which, I'm assuming, would be their signature too.

I think my brain semi shut off due to the lack of fuel in my physical body and I just went for the first item I saw on the menu that contained the word "bacon".

Nonetheless, my Caesar burger (chicken patty, quite fragrant btw. bacon strips. caesar dressing, quite tasty but a bit too rich for my liking) did the job of satiating both my tumtum and tastebuds, so yay for dat.

Legit was thinking of making a move after dinner coz i was

a) tired
b) most def not feelin like joining the rest of the gang for a friday evening drinks session

Not that I've anything against any of those wonderful peeps but if you know me, you'd know that I don't drink alcohol. Neither have I ever visited a bar or a club.

Prior to joining TSL, that

*yay adulthood*
*coming of age tales, woohooo*

ya we went drinking lol

Also marks the first (out of MANY) time I rapped to the rest of my office. Nicki's Bang Bang verse, no less. smh lol

(i literally can't stop saying "lol" omg lol. sorry everything is just funny to me. will try to make a conscious effort to restrain myself from this point on lol. i mean, hohoho)

the redness is so real

as keiji (ya the moustachioed dude from umeandhara on youtube) said, "i think u had a lil bit too much sun"

ya...das what it was hahaha


Last Friday's post-work karaoke session, which was obviously bomb as all hell.

Unlimited drink refills? K-pop ditties, cheena ass songs, old-school pop from Britney to the freaking VENGABOYS, rapping and partial booty poppin' with a bunch of lovely peeps?

And all for FREEEEEEE.


And finally, Halloweeeeeeeen yesterday~!!

My prediction early in the morning, which turned out to be tru af lol

Empty commutes are always an indicator of a swaggy ass day to come!

Wanted to take before and after pics but I forgot to snap a pic of my bare face at the very beginning so yeah, this is my face after some eye makeup was slapped on.

Pretty impressive no?? I have a tiny phobia of applying eyeliner and shadows (u ask me to blend and i'd much rather drop on the floor and flop like a fish. and die.)

After makeup!! And outfit change! And my $2 witch hat from Daiso lol bless

What the outfit looks like. Huehuehue

(my hair most definitely does NOT look like that all the time, good lawd)

Some of my fave costumes for the night: Pringles potato chips can and freaking PEBBLES from Flintstones!

Both 100% DIY-ed, omg. Blew my mind tbh

Just Miranda Sings chillin' along the roadside on a calm night in SG, nothing peculiar at all lol

Fauzi's costume was so spot on!! I can't even

Ok so once again, I totally planned on heading home right after the main event ended but noooope. I somehow got myself roped into continuing the festivities, by heading to my very first cLUBBING EXpERIENC E oh goodness oh my

Suite26, pree fancy. I was impressed.

Just having my first (and probably last lmao) clubbing experience wit @bellywellyjelly, nbd lol


Well, it finally happened. Lost my clubbing virginity*! Bye bye...

*not to be confused with losing my virginity in a club omg

Crying so hard D';

Which prompted Ian to send me a string of glorious snaps all the way from Perth:

ugh lol

But yeah, that pretty much summed up my past three Fridays! So, soooo much fun. A brilliant end to a stressful work week and a gr8 way to welcome the long awaited weekend. Yaaaaaas time to plunge into 17-hour long hibernation sessions to catch up on all the sleep i lost lmao

u think i am kidding but sadly

i m not


Riddle me this: just where do you find such a pleasant workplace environment where everyone is so lovely and y'all are practically a family? Enjoying such happy moments both during office times and beyond.

Genuinely so blessed and thankful to be a part of all this, tbh. :'))

Saturday, 24 October 2015

work + ktv + grab all the cars u want

Told myself I wasn't going to start the post off with multiple long paragraphs apologising and making excuses for the lack of new posts, as I always do after returning from every blogging hiatus I take.

But I just can't lol. I just can't!!

A thousand sorries to all you cute lil dumplings who still continue to check my blog only to see the same damn entry that was posted ten whole days ago lol. You da real mvp :'))

Gotz a lil treat for you at the end of this post teehee NO DON'T SCROLL RIGHT TO THE END NOW must read all the shit i've got to say ok lol

I've accumulated so much material these past few weeks. So many feelings to talk about. So many exciting happenings, both work-related or otherwise. Mostly work tho hahaha my internship has pretty much consumed my life and while you may think that sounds quite depressing, i actually don't mind it. The only thing overwhelming thing about being a #TSLintern is how incredibly blessed it makes me feel aaaaAAAWWWWWWW hahaha fucking cheesy max lol

Nowadays, the urge to sit down and properly crank out a full blog post hits me either

>during the morning bus commute to the office, where excitement for a brand new day of work surges through my veins

>when i'm actually sitting at my desk at work, and i realise how gosh darn grateful i am for all the wonderful opportunities i've received so far and how i just HAVE to jot all my thoughts down in that moment so i don't ever forget how amazing i felt. but obvs i don't go on and start writing lol ain't nobody tryna get fired

>at the end of each day, when i'm absolutely pooped, lying on my bed blissful af and not wanting to do anything more than to just hop on my laptop and tell you guys just how insanely happy i feel, and how my my heart is simply BURSTING at the seams with love for what i do, and the people i get to do it with (sounds kinda wrong lol but ok).

alas, i cannot find the willpower to overcome my exhaustion and i concede to a somewhat short night of slumber before embarking on yet another brilliant day at work :))


The past week has been hands down the busiest, most rushed, but also most satisfyingly and rewardingly HAPPENIN' it's been at work. I feel so so proud of myself and the things I've produced, and just super blessed in general :'))

The week certainly ended with a bang yesterday when some of the office peeps went for a karaoke night. I FREAKING LOVE KARAOKE!!!!!!! as I'm sure you already know lol

(i didnt take pics so there are only shitty screenshots from my snapchats lol im sorry)

The KTV place provided free flow drinks, which was bomb diggity fantastic (i had to go pee like six times throughout the three hour session lol but it was WORTH IT by fifth harmony), and we brought sushi at the nearby supermarket too!

YAYYYYY sushi party omg

I also discovered that I am actually not allergic to salmon, provided that it's adequately torched and cooked. Salmon sashimi, however, would cause me to swell up and probably die lmao. But I can live with that!

The Aburi salmon belly sushi I had was sooooooo good omg it was like a mini taste explosion in my mouth, gah damn <3

At the end of the night, I shared a GrabCar cab ride with one of my co-workers who also happens to be my neighbour and guess what? Due to the $8 discount promo code courtesy of TSL, our total fare came to a total of only two. freaking. dollars.

That's A BUCK for each of us!! To be sent practically straight to our doorstep!!!! OH MY GODDDDDD WHAT?!!?!??!!

Trust me, at the end of a long, tiring but super fun and eventful evening after a very busy week indeed, there is nothing better than to be able to relax in a comfy, cool and airconditioned car (we got to beat the haze, yay!) instead of sweating it out with a bunch of strangers in a cramped MRT cabin or bus. Which, might I add, would have cost even more than our crazy $1 cab fare. AND taken a helluva lot more time!

Kinda got to experience what it was like to be just a little bit rich and fancy lol, getting to charter a private driver to ferry us home and whatnot. For A DOLLAR, too. That's just 100 measly cents hahaha

Now that's what I call ballin' on a budget. *sunglasses emoji* lmao

And for all y'all qtpotatoes who still stick around reading my blog, use the coupon code "SMARTLOCAL" for your first GrabCar experience and you too will get EIGHT WHOLE DOLLARS knocked off your total bill! WHAAAAAAAT????! THAT'S AMAZING!!

And no you don't gotta work at TSL to use it lmao

Have fun getting your smooth and perky asses chauffeured all around town for only a fraction of the price!! :D :D


Will do a proper update soon but now I gotta rush off to get ready for a spanking Cantonese buffet dinner with my beloved fam. Dear lord, am I ever grateful for the life I lead.

Luv yaaa xoxo

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

only thing im high on is life

My blog is dead and I am terrible.

I've actually been feeling rather ill so yeah, there's my excuse lol.

Physical weakness aside, I seem to keep fluctuating from being immersed in a state of euphoria thinking about how gr8 my life is, and feeling absolutely miserable coz my stupid ass brain just loves to overthink every tiny imperfection there is, thus creating a billion problems out of thin air.

Happened to catch myself feelin one hunnit tho so here's a bunch of random shit from my phone gallery which will hopefully keep you amused and pacified til I hop on back for a proper post lol

pls enjoy x


Fun times wit ma Sumz <3

Accurate depiction of our ruh-lay-shun-SHIP tbh

Love and miss her so much omg. She tourin Europe now and shiet. feckin jealous. Of Europe, for having the honour of Summer being in it.

jks lol

Come back safe, ya lil dingle.

Luh ya!!

That night we had soosh together and that shit was FRESHHHH as hell. The sauces provided were spectacular also but they kept making loud spurting diarrhoea noises that the two of us were just not mature enough to be able to deal with.

Good lord, I want some o' dat soosh so bad right now mmMMM, DAMN!

Tastes so good I wanna shove em right in ma eye BALLZ.

Had a potluck thingy going on at Kenneth's house (i luv kennef) last week, it was all sorts of BOMB*.

*which means v v good, btw. no explosives were involved

my phone camera sux ass but ya u get the point lol

I had such a good time consuming yummy homecooked foodz and talking shit with my beloved friendsicles. Ugh. Such happy memories.

Y'all ever feel so joyous and blessed your ass starts leaking? Asking for a friend lol .. .


Summer's legendary pasta stuffed with crabmeat, spinach and feta (YOOOOOOOOOO omg i luh dat shit <3). It was a real honour being part of the cooking process :'))

(i fried da onions and garlic but ya)

Also I was part of Pasta Stuffing Squad so dat was nice. Kitchen music was on point too, might I add. Freaking love The Weeknd. Yer hella messed up, Abel. Just sayin'. But you do you! *thumbs up*

Update: Still obsessed with Someone New

still wanna make out with random strangers

and natalie dormer

more than anyone, natalie dormer.


Cajun spiced chicken was fucking flawless. I wish I could eat eleven tHOUSAND right NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!

Mashed potatoes had many bacons, equals I many happies.

Sarah you're a goddess let me love you

ok so this is super random but

my competitiveness literally knows no bounds??

Re-downloaded Pacman again (even tho my phone storage is full to bursting) all coz Summer casually mentioned that her high score was 7,000 and I just HAD to beat her HAHAHA there's like, no prize involved here???! I'm just a psychopath lol that's it

I deleted the game immediately after the above screenshot was taken (my life has no meaning lmao).

Wouldn't you know it...before I even had the chance to proudly declare to Summer that I've taken her place on this imaginary leaderboard I've become obsessed with, she casually slipped in during our whatsapp convo (which was totes not about pacman btw) that her new high score was 14k.



Oh ya, I've also been quite obsessed with Gudetama recently. I mean seriously, how could you not be?! That thing is freaking ADORABLE.

Would like to have this tattooed on me ass for my 21st birthday.

@mum if you're reading this, make it happen. xo

My masterpiece:

(dis is called seizing da opportunity when yo parents buy u eggs benedict for da family meal timeszxc aye?)

(took way too long to draw this)
(also, a ridiculous amount of effort)
(used my sister's phone to google image the gudetama's for reference)
(freaking embarrassing lol what is my life even abOUT)

Results were well worth it tho

replies i received:

tenk yew kennerf

"drawer" doe hahaha does that mean i can be pulled out to store things? HAHAHA ok

tank ya dan

thankie doodle doo vanessa (nice leg too mmmm)

Ya I save all evidence of positive feedback, I like to keep a solid record that way.

Again, I am a psychopath. *sigh*

~guilty as charged~

I look crazy but ok lol

lovin dat red eye too

i straight up look like a fuckin animal lmao

(photo to send to sum-mum (that's summer as my mum) (idk what that means sry) (i do not make sense ok bYE) for her to check my appearance before i go on a DATEEEE)

just kidding lol it was no damn date


washed my hair for nth lol ok then

jks im a v v hygienic person xoxo

more accurate representation of what i look like as human:

(sry to disappoint lol)

(oh ya also i cut my hair)

crashed daniel's place and played with her dog, also stole a prawn from her dinner.

i'm a gr8 fren yes i m aware

HAHAHHAHAHAH (jc = me btw) (further reading for ur reference lol)

i miss my Cool Baes™ :'))

dis the damn truth

! !  ! !     !

kks that's all i have time for, y'all might wanna add me on the good ol' Snap of Chats for fun updates on the go (lolwhut)

u can scan dis piccy doodle wit ur phone when u open da snapchat application (ayo technology)

alternatively if my pedo expression is too traumatising for ya u can add my username which is RENAECJC

have fun ok

im pretty active on there, i would say. so ya

prepare for lots of singing/rapping snaps that nobody asked for/wants to see lmao

but if you happen to like being serenaded by random strangers with subpar vocal abilities, YER IN LUCK! *wink* *tongue click* *finger shoot gun...thing*

(you know like the hand gesture where it's like, a pointed gun with your thumb and index finger?? i totally forgot what that was called for a minute lol (DOES IT EVEN HAVE A NAME?!) and i almost typed "finger bang" hAHAHHAHHA WTF gros s)

ok cya guys lol im out

Note: As you've probably already noticed, this post was fucking nonsensical and totally not written in a professional, proper manner that you're used to seeing lol

I spend the better part of 9 hours a day writing shit at my job so yeah...excuse me for wanting to communicate ma thoughts and feelinz in a spectacularly stupid manner when it comes to the comfy space of freedom that is the internet.

Cut a sista some slack, ya?

Aight peace lol luv ya booboos <3 xoxo

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

False Advertising? / Putting Your Best Face Forward

First things first, I missed a whole week's worth of #internshipadventures blog posts and I do apologise for that. It's officially been a month at TSL and Week 4 was by far the most eventful yet. Especially Friday, hoo boy. Shit was epic, to say the least! I was so excited to share everything about it but alas, I was struck with another first: I had to work the weekend.

Was tasked to rush out an entire article over the weekend at the very last minute, and I had nary any time to tend to anything else but that.

Oh well! Hopefully the time will still come when I get to blog about the happenings of that wonderful Friday. But for now, I got shit I want to say lol

Was kinda feelin' my look today so when I reached home this evening after work (following a 45 minute bus ride where i fell asleep and had my head smashed into the window when the vehicle jerked to a halt lmao #funtimes) I decided to do what I haven't properly done in a while: take a selfie.

Or rather, have myself a little selfie photoshoot hahaha

A few snaps later, I was like.


I know for a fact that I ain't gonna be able to post none o' this shit...

And I know this sounds narcissistic as all hell and y'all are probably gonna curl up in a ball and just WAIL in disgust, but it's because.

I actually look kinda dem pics?????



(forehead big af lah i know but das how i be deflectin' them hantus and shit)


I can't believe how guilty and demonised I feel just for thinking that I look good in some pictures lol. Makes you wonder, huh? Are we all supposed to walk around portraying a shitty sense of self esteem and promote the idea that we genuinely believe we look like trash and are good for nothing?

Soz, shit got way too real there lmao. My apologies.

Anywho, yeah.

I got sad knowing that I wouln't be able to post the selfies on social media or anything. Coz I'd feel bad.

I'd feel embarrassed that I was putting "false advertising" of myself or rather, my looks, out there.

I'd feel ashamed knowing that followers who actually know me will scroll through their timeline, see the pic and go, "what the fuck. she does NOT look like that in real life."

I know a hell of a lot of girls who look worlds apart in real life and on photos they post onto Instagram, and while I can't deny that I find it amusing to compare the two, I've never once judged them for it.

Coz I know the struggle lol

The fuck you gonna do when you can barely make it through everyday life with a face that's less than genetically blessed, to say the least. And when you chance upon a rare opportunity where the stars and moons and planets align and you actually look kinda nice, you'd want to take a picture of yourself to commemorate that shit, right?

Welp. Now you can't post it anywhere or let nobody see it coz guess what, you sure as hell don't look like that every other second of every damn day. God, damn it...

Who the hell would even post a picture of themself looking hideous, anyway? Obvs you gon want to present only the best of your goddamn self, right? RIGHT?!!

And just to set the record straight, I don't edit my selfies lol coz that would probably bring the state of unrecognisability to a whole new level.

But I will tell you, my industry secrets and tips of the trade which I've picked up after being in the selfie game for several years (LMAO), that it's all about 1) good lighting and 2) knowing your angles.

I been doing this for so long, best believe that I know how to tilt my head and point the camera so that my usually long face and gigantic forehead suddenly turn into this dainty little face with a gently pointed chin.

You open dem eyes to the absolute fullest, girl!

You POUT them lips and give it all you got!

Oh yeah, a decent camera also does wonders. I used to have to tweak the brightness and contrast of my face shots quite a bit to get rid of any weird and unflattering shadows that shouldn't even be there. But now it's all good, and I can proudly stamp my selfies with the No Filter hashtag and know that I ain't a living, breathing scam lol. #NowYouKnow

Right...this post has been one big, pointless excuse to whore out my selfies and basically call myself pretty lol. I can't shake this feeling of grossness and I'm sure you feel it too, but let me just bask in this lovely confidence that I'm suddenly possessing tonight, aye?

I'll be back to looking like a lumpy sack of mashed potatoes complete with grease practically dripping from my face and hair, but in the meantime:

please enjoy this photo i gloriously stumbled upon when i delved into the depths of my picture folder

Good...lord almighty............ ....... ..