Wednesday, 14 October 2015

only thing im high on is life

My blog is dead and I am terrible.

I've actually been feeling rather ill so yeah, there's my excuse lol.

Physical weakness aside, I seem to keep fluctuating from being immersed in a state of euphoria thinking about how gr8 my life is, and feeling absolutely miserable coz my stupid ass brain just loves to overthink every tiny imperfection there is, thus creating a billion problems out of thin air.

Happened to catch myself feelin one hunnit tho so here's a bunch of random shit from my phone gallery which will hopefully keep you amused and pacified til I hop on back for a proper post lol

pls enjoy x


Fun times wit ma Sumz <3

Accurate depiction of our ruh-lay-shun-SHIP tbh

Love and miss her so much omg. She tourin Europe now and shiet. feckin jealous. Of Europe, for having the honour of Summer being in it.

jks lol

Come back safe, ya lil dingle.

Luh ya!!

That night we had soosh together and that shit was FRESHHHH as hell. The sauces provided were spectacular also but they kept making loud spurting diarrhoea noises that the two of us were just not mature enough to be able to deal with.

Good lord, I want some o' dat soosh so bad right now mmMMM, DAMN!

Tastes so good I wanna shove em right in ma eye BALLZ.

Had a potluck thingy going on at Kenneth's house (i luv kennef) last week, it was all sorts of BOMB*.

*which means v v good, btw. no explosives were involved

my phone camera sux ass but ya u get the point lol

I had such a good time consuming yummy homecooked foodz and talking shit with my beloved friendsicles. Ugh. Such happy memories.

Y'all ever feel so joyous and blessed your ass starts leaking? Asking for a friend lol .. .


Summer's legendary pasta stuffed with crabmeat, spinach and feta (YOOOOOOOOOO omg i luh dat shit <3). It was a real honour being part of the cooking process :'))

(i fried da onions and garlic but ya)

Also I was part of Pasta Stuffing Squad so dat was nice. Kitchen music was on point too, might I add. Freaking love The Weeknd. Yer hella messed up, Abel. Just sayin'. But you do you! *thumbs up*

Update: Still obsessed with Someone New

still wanna make out with random strangers

and natalie dormer

more than anyone, natalie dormer.


Cajun spiced chicken was fucking flawless. I wish I could eat eleven tHOUSAND right NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!

Mashed potatoes had many bacons, equals I many happies.

Sarah you're a goddess let me love you

ok so this is super random but

my competitiveness literally knows no bounds??

Re-downloaded Pacman again (even tho my phone storage is full to bursting) all coz Summer casually mentioned that her high score was 7,000 and I just HAD to beat her HAHAHA there's like, no prize involved here???! I'm just a psychopath lol that's it

I deleted the game immediately after the above screenshot was taken (my life has no meaning lmao).

Wouldn't you know it...before I even had the chance to proudly declare to Summer that I've taken her place on this imaginary leaderboard I've become obsessed with, she casually slipped in during our whatsapp convo (which was totes not about pacman btw) that her new high score was 14k.



Oh ya, I've also been quite obsessed with Gudetama recently. I mean seriously, how could you not be?! That thing is freaking ADORABLE.

Would like to have this tattooed on me ass for my 21st birthday.

@mum if you're reading this, make it happen. xo

My masterpiece:

(dis is called seizing da opportunity when yo parents buy u eggs benedict for da family meal timeszxc aye?)

(took way too long to draw this)
(also, a ridiculous amount of effort)
(used my sister's phone to google image the gudetama's for reference)
(freaking embarrassing lol what is my life even abOUT)

Results were well worth it tho

replies i received:

tenk yew kennerf

"drawer" doe hahaha does that mean i can be pulled out to store things? HAHAHA ok

tank ya dan

thankie doodle doo vanessa (nice leg too mmmm)

Ya I save all evidence of positive feedback, I like to keep a solid record that way.

Again, I am a psychopath. *sigh*

~guilty as charged~

I look crazy but ok lol

lovin dat red eye too

i straight up look like a fuckin animal lmao

(photo to send to sum-mum (that's summer as my mum) (idk what that means sry) (i do not make sense ok bYE) for her to check my appearance before i go on a DATEEEE)

just kidding lol it was no damn date


washed my hair for nth lol ok then

jks im a v v hygienic person xoxo

more accurate representation of what i look like as human:

(sry to disappoint lol)

(oh ya also i cut my hair)

crashed daniel's place and played with her dog, also stole a prawn from her dinner.

i'm a gr8 fren yes i m aware

HAHAHHAHAHAH (jc = me btw) (further reading for ur reference lol)

i miss my Cool Baes™ :'))

dis the damn truth

! !  ! !     !

kks that's all i have time for, y'all might wanna add me on the good ol' Snap of Chats for fun updates on the go (lolwhut)

u can scan dis piccy doodle wit ur phone when u open da snapchat application (ayo technology)

alternatively if my pedo expression is too traumatising for ya u can add my username which is RENAECJC

have fun ok

im pretty active on there, i would say. so ya

prepare for lots of singing/rapping snaps that nobody asked for/wants to see lmao

but if you happen to like being serenaded by random strangers with subpar vocal abilities, YER IN LUCK! *wink* *tongue click* *finger shoot gun...thing*

(you know like the hand gesture where it's like, a pointed gun with your thumb and index finger?? i totally forgot what that was called for a minute lol (DOES IT EVEN HAVE A NAME?!) and i almost typed "finger bang" hAHAHHAHHA WTF gros s)

ok cya guys lol im out

Note: As you've probably already noticed, this post was fucking nonsensical and totally not written in a professional, proper manner that you're used to seeing lol

I spend the better part of 9 hours a day writing shit at my job so yeah...excuse me for wanting to communicate ma thoughts and feelinz in a spectacularly stupid manner when it comes to the comfy space of freedom that is the internet.

Cut a sista some slack, ya?

Aight peace lol luv ya booboos <3 xoxo

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