Saturday, 31 October 2015

TSL halloweiners

There's been office outings and events for the past three Fridays.

Starting with Sports Day on the 16th,

This is probably my favourite group shot of the office thus far. We all look so swaggy! sialah, ownsef say ownself lmao. But yeah. 8)

And this is AFTER sweating it out on the court for the past hour or so! Hot diggity damnnn

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This one's so cute and formal, like a freaking school photo haha. Or the formal shot of a varsity sports team! hahaha (siao)

We went to Fatboy's Burger Bar afterwards for dinz, which is as satisfying as you would imagine after my first gruelling "workout" session in about 7 months lol

Carbs and fats and MEAT? yes puh-LEASE.

To this very day I don't know what possessed me to get a chicken burger instead of some good ol' hearty beef goodness. The latter which, I'm assuming, would be their signature too.

I think my brain semi shut off due to the lack of fuel in my physical body and I just went for the first item I saw on the menu that contained the word "bacon".

Nonetheless, my Caesar burger (chicken patty, quite fragrant btw. bacon strips. caesar dressing, quite tasty but a bit too rich for my liking) did the job of satiating both my tumtum and tastebuds, so yay for dat.

Legit was thinking of making a move after dinner coz i was

a) tired
b) most def not feelin like joining the rest of the gang for a friday evening drinks session

Not that I've anything against any of those wonderful peeps but if you know me, you'd know that I don't drink alcohol. Neither have I ever visited a bar or a club.

Prior to joining TSL, that

*yay adulthood*
*coming of age tales, woohooo*

ya we went drinking lol

Also marks the first (out of MANY) time I rapped to the rest of my office. Nicki's Bang Bang verse, no less. smh lol

(i literally can't stop saying "lol" omg lol. sorry everything is just funny to me. will try to make a conscious effort to restrain myself from this point on lol. i mean, hohoho)

the redness is so real

as keiji (ya the moustachioed dude from umeandhara on youtube) said, "i think u had a lil bit too much sun"

ya...das what it was hahaha


Last Friday's post-work karaoke session, which was obviously bomb as all hell.

Unlimited drink refills? K-pop ditties, cheena ass songs, old-school pop from Britney to the freaking VENGABOYS, rapping and partial booty poppin' with a bunch of lovely peeps?

And all for FREEEEEEE.


And finally, Halloweeeeeeeen yesterday~!!

My prediction early in the morning, which turned out to be tru af lol

Empty commutes are always an indicator of a swaggy ass day to come!

Wanted to take before and after pics but I forgot to snap a pic of my bare face at the very beginning so yeah, this is my face after some eye makeup was slapped on.

Pretty impressive no?? I have a tiny phobia of applying eyeliner and shadows (u ask me to blend and i'd much rather drop on the floor and flop like a fish. and die.)

After makeup!! And outfit change! And my $2 witch hat from Daiso lol bless

What the outfit looks like. Huehuehue

(my hair most definitely does NOT look like that all the time, good lawd)

Some of my fave costumes for the night: Pringles potato chips can and freaking PEBBLES from Flintstones!

Both 100% DIY-ed, omg. Blew my mind tbh

Just Miranda Sings chillin' along the roadside on a calm night in SG, nothing peculiar at all lol

Fauzi's costume was so spot on!! I can't even

Ok so once again, I totally planned on heading home right after the main event ended but noooope. I somehow got myself roped into continuing the festivities, by heading to my very first cLUBBING EXpERIENC E oh goodness oh my

Suite26, pree fancy. I was impressed.

Just having my first (and probably last lmao) clubbing experience wit @bellywellyjelly, nbd lol


Well, it finally happened. Lost my clubbing virginity*! Bye bye...

*not to be confused with losing my virginity in a club omg

Crying so hard D';

Which prompted Ian to send me a string of glorious snaps all the way from Perth:

ugh lol

But yeah, that pretty much summed up my past three Fridays! So, soooo much fun. A brilliant end to a stressful work week and a gr8 way to welcome the long awaited weekend. Yaaaaaas time to plunge into 17-hour long hibernation sessions to catch up on all the sleep i lost lmao

u think i am kidding but sadly

i m not


Riddle me this: just where do you find such a pleasant workplace environment where everyone is so lovely and y'all are practically a family? Enjoying such happy moments both during office times and beyond.

Genuinely so blessed and thankful to be a part of all this, tbh. :'))

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