Saturday, 24 October 2015

work + ktv + grab all the cars u want

Told myself I wasn't going to start the post off with multiple long paragraphs apologising and making excuses for the lack of new posts, as I always do after returning from every blogging hiatus I take.

But I just can't lol. I just can't!!

A thousand sorries to all you cute lil dumplings who still continue to check my blog only to see the same damn entry that was posted ten whole days ago lol. You da real mvp :'))

Gotz a lil treat for you at the end of this post teehee NO DON'T SCROLL RIGHT TO THE END NOW must read all the shit i've got to say ok lol

I've accumulated so much material these past few weeks. So many feelings to talk about. So many exciting happenings, both work-related or otherwise. Mostly work tho hahaha my internship has pretty much consumed my life and while you may think that sounds quite depressing, i actually don't mind it. The only thing overwhelming thing about being a #TSLintern is how incredibly blessed it makes me feel aaaaAAAWWWWWWW hahaha fucking cheesy max lol

Nowadays, the urge to sit down and properly crank out a full blog post hits me either

>during the morning bus commute to the office, where excitement for a brand new day of work surges through my veins

>when i'm actually sitting at my desk at work, and i realise how gosh darn grateful i am for all the wonderful opportunities i've received so far and how i just HAVE to jot all my thoughts down in that moment so i don't ever forget how amazing i felt. but obvs i don't go on and start writing lol ain't nobody tryna get fired

>at the end of each day, when i'm absolutely pooped, lying on my bed blissful af and not wanting to do anything more than to just hop on my laptop and tell you guys just how insanely happy i feel, and how my my heart is simply BURSTING at the seams with love for what i do, and the people i get to do it with (sounds kinda wrong lol but ok).

alas, i cannot find the willpower to overcome my exhaustion and i concede to a somewhat short night of slumber before embarking on yet another brilliant day at work :))


The past week has been hands down the busiest, most rushed, but also most satisfyingly and rewardingly HAPPENIN' it's been at work. I feel so so proud of myself and the things I've produced, and just super blessed in general :'))

The week certainly ended with a bang yesterday when some of the office peeps went for a karaoke night. I FREAKING LOVE KARAOKE!!!!!!! as I'm sure you already know lol

(i didnt take pics so there are only shitty screenshots from my snapchats lol im sorry)

The KTV place provided free flow drinks, which was bomb diggity fantastic (i had to go pee like six times throughout the three hour session lol but it was WORTH IT by fifth harmony), and we brought sushi at the nearby supermarket too!

YAYYYYY sushi party omg

I also discovered that I am actually not allergic to salmon, provided that it's adequately torched and cooked. Salmon sashimi, however, would cause me to swell up and probably die lmao. But I can live with that!

The Aburi salmon belly sushi I had was sooooooo good omg it was like a mini taste explosion in my mouth, gah damn <3

At the end of the night, I shared a GrabCar cab ride with one of my co-workers who also happens to be my neighbour and guess what? Due to the $8 discount promo code courtesy of TSL, our total fare came to a total of only two. freaking. dollars.

That's A BUCK for each of us!! To be sent practically straight to our doorstep!!!! OH MY GODDDDDD WHAT?!!?!??!!

Trust me, at the end of a long, tiring but super fun and eventful evening after a very busy week indeed, there is nothing better than to be able to relax in a comfy, cool and airconditioned car (we got to beat the haze, yay!) instead of sweating it out with a bunch of strangers in a cramped MRT cabin or bus. Which, might I add, would have cost even more than our crazy $1 cab fare. AND taken a helluva lot more time!

Kinda got to experience what it was like to be just a little bit rich and fancy lol, getting to charter a private driver to ferry us home and whatnot. For A DOLLAR, too. That's just 100 measly cents hahaha

Now that's what I call ballin' on a budget. *sunglasses emoji* lmao

And for all y'all qtpotatoes who still stick around reading my blog, use the coupon code "SMARTLOCAL" for your first GrabCar experience and you too will get EIGHT WHOLE DOLLARS knocked off your total bill! WHAAAAAAAT????! THAT'S AMAZING!!

And no you don't gotta work at TSL to use it lmao

Have fun getting your smooth and perky asses chauffeured all around town for only a fraction of the price!! :D :D


Will do a proper update soon but now I gotta rush off to get ready for a spanking Cantonese buffet dinner with my beloved fam. Dear lord, am I ever grateful for the life I lead.

Luv yaaa xoxo

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