Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Dolce Tokyo [Bug-Bug-BUGIS edition]

Figured y'all missed the fancy food posts/needed a break from me rambling incessantly about how much I love my internship that is flawless perfect and amazing in every way <3


Headed to Bugis a couple weeks back for family night. Somehow my mum was feelin rather hipster-y (??) (u ok mum.. .?) and made Dolce Tokyo our dinner destination of choice.

Hahaha. I did not see that coming lol but I sure as hell was pleased!

Just the sight of this photo alone makes me queasy...

Ever since working at TSL, it has been brought to my attention just how shitty my photo taking skills are lmao. I mean seriously...horrendous.

Literal words straight from Cheryl (one of the photographers from my office): "gurl...u need to step up your game."


And she said it in the kindest way possible ok TRU SHIT the photos that I take are ghastly...oh my god.

Anyway, I digress lol

Avocado, prawn and scallop spaghetti in my favourite pasta base ever, TOMATO CREAM! :D

How could anyone not love it? It's like the perfect marriage of two sauces that are already pretty dang delish on their own.

you get the beeeeessssttttt, of both worlds.
chill it out,
take it slow.
then you rock out the show!


*"mixing random shit in an imaginary pot" action*

mix it all together,
and you know that it's
The Best Of Both WORLDS!

*miley cyrus eruption of laughter for no damn reason*

yeahhh...i was pretty deep into my Hannah Montana phase lol. the memories still haunt me... o_o


Like many typical cafe-hoppers, I. Love. EGGS BENEDICT.

They're quite pricey most of the time, so I'm glad I had the good ol' parental units with me to foot the bill lmao

Eggs Benedict...pancake version??! Whaaaaaaaaaat??!!!!!! *mind 1000% BLOWN*

If the visuals are looking quite familiar to you, yes, this was the canvas on which I created my lovely Gudetama tribute piece of artwork HAHAHA ownself say ownself omg

I gotta say, despite the A+ presentation and novelty factor, the dish itself was super lacklustre. Hollandaise sauce was blah. Pancakes were pretty yummy, I'd say. But the taste overall was so bland, I had to constantly look to the ham for some much needed saltiness.

As crazy as it sounds, the most delicious thing on that board was actually the bowl of baked beans lmao no joke!!

When I first saw it I was like maaan...ain't nobody tryna fill up on a big ass bowl of CANNED baked beans?? But I took one scoopful and immediately I was like wooOOOOOAAHHHHHHH. These are some STELLAR baked beans, yo!!!!

Apparently they chucked in some pepper and other magical seasonings in there, mixed it all up and produced a nice big heaping of saucy beans that I legit wouldn't mind eating forever and ever til the end of time. Forreal, y'all. They were THAT good!

Never have I imagined I would enjoy legumes this much :'))

Also, "legumes" is such a dumb and fun word to say lmao. Legumes. Le-guuuuuummmmeeeeeeez.

lol i m such an adult

*moon face emoji*

aka *my actual face tbh*

Undeniably the most important aspect of any good Eggs Ben, the runny egg yolk was quite a fail. 3/10, at best. Bleh.

I feel like I need to down a good, PROPER plate of Eggs Benedict right now to cleanse myself of this disappointment I had to sit through lol

harsh but ya

The amount of mushrooms on this curry baked rice was INSANE.

Loved the woody fragrance of dem shrooms, they were so heavily perfumed my mind was taken right back to my days living in Australia where I ate nothing but an assortment of fungi each day lol.

Can't say the baked rice fared as well, sadly. The curry sauce distribution was awful and I had to endure mouthfuls of sauceless rice clumps :((

Step yo baked rice game up Dolce Tokyo!!

You're not gonna believe this, but this humble bowl of Caesar salad was actually mine and my mum's favourite dish out of the whole meal lol.

After all that hearty goodness, we badly needed something light and fresh. That didn't mean that the flavour department would be sacrificed though, the dressing was on POINT. Plus, the homemade herb croutons and lean bacon sprinkles were incredible.

Lastly, I do appreciate that the lettuce leaves in there were the fancy and actually TASTY kind, and not say, butterhead lettuce or something. Y'all kno dat shiet's for peasants lol

jks pls dont brick me

This was their mushroom soup with the puff pastry thingamajig baked over it...temporarily forgot what is called lol soz getting old liao, my brain is failing me :\

First of all, the pastry was barely even crispy. In fact, the areas that didn't get adequately browned were SOGGY. Can you imagine???!

And when you tear the top open:

A sad, deflated mess.

I have no recollection of how the soup even tasted, which I guess could be a good thing coz at least it wasn't that bad haha

I probably sound really harsh right now lol since I'm almost always raving about how the food I eat is flawless and amazing 99.8% of the time, but I must say my meal was salvaged by the dessert we decided to get:

My entire family was pretty stuffed, but who could pass up a whole dessert BENTO right? I'm a sucker for novelty, plus you get to choose what dish you want to stuff in each "compartment" of the bento which I personally find a ton of fun haha

yes it's v easy to cheat my money lol

My favourite was the panna cotta with caramel drizzle and mini marshmallows. Super simple dessert fare and barely Japanese, but the panna cotta was so rich and milky! I was impressed hehe

Felt like a child, the way I became sooooo gleeful just from eating baby marshmallows lmao

The red bean thingy was aight, highlight was probably the shiratama (tang yuan). I hate eating jellys omg there's like no taste, what's the point?! And the texture is like...bleugh. If I wanted that kind of mouth feel I'd chew on a block of gelatin lol thank you very much.

Red bean definitely isn't a dish I'd crave for but I like to chug it every once in a while to replenish the red blood cells I lose due to mENSTRUATION hahahahaha tru shit doe it really works! Girls, life hack ok lol TAKE NOTE!!

Green tea ice cream was thebomb.com obviously, but I really gotta gripe about the dang fried rice mochis, omg.

Gripe: They were bad.

that's it lol

Seriously I couldn't stand the smell!!!

Rainbow cake was a beautiful sight to behold (it was the only "compartment" that was a surprise since you can't choose the flavour of the cake, it depends on what they have in-store each day) (when it arrived i was practically sCREAMING coz i've never had a rainbow cake before in my life (in sg i mean, only the one in penang which somehow i feel doesnt exactly count lol since it was coloured cream and not coloured cake) and it just looked so pretty???) (AND the size was huge omg if u were to get that at any cafe in town it's be like fuggin SEVEN BUCKS jeez) but so, so terrible to eat.

Hard as a rock, WAY TOO SWEET, and nothing that would make it even remotely cake-like.

Maybe they'd just taken it out of the freezer or something lmao alright, I shan't be too hard.

Last but not least, my beloved mochi cubes dusted with powder.

So good. SO good!!

love love love love love


Overally, I would say that Dolce Tokyo has a mix of strong hits and DISASTROUS misses. The unique menu choices and brilliant decor are gonna keep me coming back for more, possibly at the other outlets.

Probz gon try their other pancakes dishes hohoho srsly tiny pancakes are just too cute!!

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