Friday, 13 November 2015

EOY Feels.

It has occurred to me that my favourite times of each year are the last few months.

The weather gets very rainy, temperatures drop. Everything is cool and breezy.
Even the air has a different smell to it!
You can’t help feeling that it would just be perfect to have a special someone to snuggle up to.

I get hella nostalgic because the best times of my life have always happened some time around the end of the year

End of year school holidays, which are always the best because who isn't constantly counting down to the day school's out? lol

And with that, overseas vacation trips!

'14 trip to China

'13 trip to Australia

And if i listen to a song from that period of time a couple years ago, boom. I’m gone.
Transport me right back in time, man. lol
Music is amazing omg

My end of year playlist from 2014 :'))

Every month in the final quarter has something that i love and always look forward to.

October: Halloween.

'13, when it all started tbh lol

'14, one of my proudest Halloween get-ups :))

i get such a kick outta the halloween festivities lmao it's ridiculous

i love 05 :'))

November: My birthday lol LET ME BE SELF ABSORBED it's the anniversary of my goddamn birth!!

December: Christmas. although i don't celebrate xmas, it doesn’t mean i don’t thoroughly enjoy fully immersing myself in all the festive vibes.

Gorgeous front yard displays in Perth.

The enchanting Xmas tree in Guangzhou *heart eye emoji*

And of course, the beauty right here in Singapore :'))

It just makes one feel so warm and fuzzy inside, you know? It’s also the month where we look back on the past year and prepare to herald in the new one, which is always fun.

Because so much time has passed, I start getting into this very reflective state of mind.
I get a bit sensitive and emotional, looking back on all that has taken place over the past year.
As Finn from Adventure Time puts it, i get very soul-searchy haha

And it’s not just looking back on all the joyous, blessed events.
But the not-so-great ones as well, and how you’ve learned from them.
How you’ve survived them all even though you thought you never could.
And here you are now!
Standing tall, wiser and stronger than ever.

One of my favourite motivational pieces that I've stumbled upon on Tumblr:


Day 317/365.

Here's looking forward to what the rest of 2015 has to offer :))

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