Saturday, 28 November 2015

I'll Keesiao @ Quayside Isle


only coz it's probably one of the most gosh darn BEAUTIFUL places in the whole of Singapore!!

Took a trip down to da Quayside Isle @ Sentosa Cove for purposes of an article I'm writing (not sure i've mentioned this yet but have i expressed how much i LOVE my job??!) and I had such a splendid time.

Bits and bobs of the wonderful day:

(starting with video evidence of my photographer Cheryl trying to make me a criminal OH MY!! somebody pls call the mata)

if the above footage tickles your fancy, add me on snapchat (username: renaecjc) for similar content lmao

(the snaps are usually more HD if u watch them on ur phone lmao is2g)

I remember trudging around the whole place back and forth so much my thighs were about to implode by the end of the night. Granted, i pretty much haven't been working out since like 3 years ago and TSL is really not helping the situation by constantly supplying me with free delicacies omg THE STRUGGLE IS SO REAL.

Also, I am a goondu who forgot to pack any form of H2O so I got very much dehydrated.

Oh, the irony. Surrounded by a body of water but dying of thirst anyway lol

We had a meal at Sole Pomodoro and it was STELLAR.

[All photos taken by Cheryl for The Smart Local]

As soon as I sat my tush down on the chair, I guzzled down a straight glass of iced water and boy, I don't think anything has ever felt as good as it did sliding down my throat lol OK DAT SOUNDS WRONG

The quality of the food there was just out of this world.

The service was fantastic too, might I add. Everyone was so warm and friendly. They actually keep checking on you to make sure everything's fine and if you need anything. I love that!!

dat Italian hospitality DOE

Blew my mind that the pizza was made FRESH upon order, good lord.

I been to used to having mediocre pizza my whole life (hell, i could even enjoy a $2 microwave pizza and think it's yum yum lol), this authentic wood-fired one was on a whole 'nother plane, I tell you.

Would've killed to try some of their desserts but tragically I was running low on both funds as well as tummy space teehee

The place was sooooooo, so insanely gorgeous oh my word.

And the PR rep who brought us around was super duper lovely too, which I was always appreciate. Pleasant clients always make everything a whole lot easier and the entire collaboration process so much better in general!

Imma be back at Quayside Isle right quick, that's for sure!! Am dying to try dining at Kith as well, heard they serve up some bomb ass brunch.

And the view? Ugh. Just straight up PHENOMENAL.

See, this is the kind of shit I would've NEVER experienced or even knew about if it weren't for the many amazing opportunities my internship has blessed me with.

It's really such a gift, omg. Truly.


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