Friday, 20 November 2015


Twenty. I can't believe it.

My age no longer ends with "-teen".

There are about a billion happy things I'd love to share with you but at this point, my mind is in a complete whirl.

So many thoughts and emotions bubbling within me.

I feel giddy. I feel alive and numb at the same time.

But if there's one thing that I'd like nothing more than to commemorate on this day...

1 year and 8 months since my last relapse.

Remember how I wasn't supposed to be alive?
Remember when my life first saw its end at the age of 14, then again and again as years passed.
Years that saw no life.

Only darkness.


It's been twenty years on this Earth.

I now feel free.

Love will conquer all demons.

And gratitude is the best thing that ever happened to me.


May I never cease to feel, know and show how eternally #blessed I truly am.

♡ this is only the beginning.

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