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Suite Life in Guangzhou: FINALE (part 1/2)

Honestly didn't think that I'd be writing another Guangzhou post, since it's been ages since the last one and it's gotten a bit ridiculous now haha. I mean, it's officially been one year since the vacation actually took place?!

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Good times, man...

Seeing as my life has been super sad and boring lately, I thought it'd be nice to revisit those happier times. Nothing like clinging onto the past, right? lol

Just kidding, I love a good stroll down memory lane and if it has the ability to cheer me up even just a tad, it's all good! #PERSPECTIVE

Because this is probably the final Guangzhou '14 post, I'm ditching the previous format which is a day-by-day kinda thing, and just skipping ahead to all the good parts and doing a wrap-up of everything that I haven't talked about yet.

Oh, who am I kidding. Every moment of every day was GREAT lol. Take me back there, please.



OK OK. Back on track!! lol

Gosh, can't believe it's been 365 days. Yet another year has passe me by. Time is fleeting. I don't know what to do with my life.

SALUTE to all the good times. :'))

Picking up from where we left off...

Monday, 29th December 2014 | Chimelong Hengqin International Buffet breakfast 
(@ a time where lunch was served lmao YAY FOR SLEEPIN IN)

Buffets will always have a special place in my heart and this one was just some NEXT. LEVEL. SHIT right there like oh ma lord

I mean, when there's a giant cylindrical aquarium filled with exotic corals and marine animals swimming by and greeting you as you pig out??? That's when you KNOW shit is legit.

The spread was beyond amazing, too.

I LOVE PASTA SALADS. a lil bit o' dat melon&parma ham action too, feelin fancy teehee~~

The papadum was very herby and quite different from the usual ones we get here in SG but it was soooo good!! omg. DAT CRUNCH DOE



u press press the button that pssssshhhhhh coffee starts streaming out then whoooosh! here comes the milk!! also it's all cute and foamy at the top omg what's not to love

Tragically I am unable to enjoy salmon sashimi due to my allergies but yo how fuh-RESH does that look?! My dad certainly scarfed it all down with much glee on his face lol

Forgot to mention that this buffet was effing HUGE. Like, the kind of huge where u can stroll around filling up your next plate and that'll already be considered exercise to burn of the calories of your previous plate lmao (ok that's just me lying to myself but u geddit)

So basically you can request for a hotpot cooker thingy and there's an entire section of the buffet hall dedicated to raw hotpot ingredients! For you to cook on your own!! :D :D :D

How fun omg

YOU get a personal hotpot and YOU get a personal hotpot!! ERRBODY GETS THEIR OWN DAMN HOTPOT ALL TO THEMSELVES WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

After all that excitement, I realised I could not enjoy much of the hotpot coz I didn't quite fancy the ingredients they had on offer lmao

I wanted my thinly sliced beef but they ran out!!!! Only left wit lamb, which I quite hate ;\

The fried beancurd sticks were good tho!!

Random piece of (VERY DELICIOUS) beef and some ocean-themed sweets haha...this was my segue into desserts lmao dk if u can tell

The desserts in particular really blew my freaking mind. Look at that tiny pecan pie omg. IT SO SMOL

Obviously I really enjoyed the lil tiramisu cup so here's a second. I love tiramisu omg and theirs was so moist! Proportion of cream to sponge to liquids was on point too.

The pistachio cake wasn't that good and the pot of cream (literally, it was just custard cream lol) I pretty much just took for aesthetic purposes lmao

Phenomenal ice cream <3

Pre-circus dinner @ Hengqin Bay Hotel Japanese Restaurant

Some incredible Japanese nosh before heading to see the circus!

My dad's unagi rice bowl.

Didn't try it coz I was living with the belief that I was allergic to eel at the time, but I have since tried unagi and have realised that, although I ain't allergic, it's not very tasty lol

To my liking, at least :\

The wobbly egg was MAGICAL tho!

Look at that jiggle, oh my~~


Ramen!! It wasn't particularly mindblowing or anything but the sheer variety of ingredients really tickled my fancy :))

Oh god, craving for some bomb ass ramen right now tbh hoho

My sister's niku noodle soup! Just check out those pink slivers of quality beef, good LORD.

Very hearty broth, too! (Y)

This was the first time I've had Japanese fried tofu that looked like this! The skin was super yummy too, because their batter was thicker than the usual kind in SG, resulting in maximum levels of CRUNCH.

CIRCUS TIME AFTER DINNER~~! You can click here if you haven't read all about it yet :))

This popcorn was soooo bomb omg. It may look pree normal but they use some sort of magical, wizard caramel sauce or something. They drizzle it on and it just makes those corn kernels taste 700x better, no lie!!

Wasn't gonna get snacks since we just had a very filling dinner (lol) but the caramel aroma wafter through the stadium and could be detected from a mile away. There was no use in putting up a fight!! :')

Checking out of Hengqin Bay Hotel

It's time to bid the gorgeous marine-themed resort @ Hengqin farewell, as we head back to Chimelong at Panyu for the last leg of our vacation!

My tiny baby sis all snuggled up in the cozy

Goodbye, wonderful boat-shaped beds! I will miss you!! T_T

(truth be told, they just looked cool af but were VERY uncomfortable to sleep in lol. so hard and cramped!!)

And...a couple hours later via superstar VIP van (i m kidding lol)...

Our new room!

Nice and cozy, I love it!!

Bathtub omg YAAAAAAAS, i LIVE for bathtubs WOOHOO!!!!

Lil towel parrot, what a #throwback to the very first day we checked in hehe :'))

Settled down and went downstairs for a buffet dinner!

I literally canNOT express how much buffets THRILL me omg

Do you see that stupid looking sheep ham sushi?!?? HAHAHA

Crispy prata cone was nice :))

Big ol' plate of fat and carbs lmao. The spiced scalloped potatoes were so niceeee!!

Special cranberry & cream cheese bread, v nice and v fluffy <3

Mmmm, my favourite dish! lol

ok but real talk i stood there and laughed for 9 minutes before running back to my table to retrieve thy camera and when i came back to snap the pic i was STILL laffing

needless to say dem China peeps judged the HECK outta me lololol

THis garlic bread was da fluffiest. shit. EVARRRR omg

And they were so generous with the garlic butter! It's not even slathered on at this point, it's just SOAKED in haha

Very cute, actually.

DESSERTS!!!!!!!!! AHHHH OMG as someone who doesn't even have a sweet tooth, this plate of colourful sugar treats thrill me WAY too much

Fucking best shit I've ever tasted on this earth, I had about eight. In one night.


(accurate representation of how many chins i now have)



Ok I now realise that it is impossible to wrap everything up in one single post...this is already too damn long as it is lmao and I still have so much more to go!!

im gon have to split this finale into 2...

I'll be back with the second instalment of this, I WILL!!!!! lol

See y'all again in a willy while. In the meantime, imma leave u with a random life hack i suddenly thought of whilst reminiscing my wonderful buffet adventures.

grape juice + orange juice

If you achieve the right proportions, u gon have a splendid sweet and tart drink on ur hands that tastes EXACTLY like gummy candy.

No joke.


Enjoy hehe xo

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