Thursday, 31 December 2015

Suite Life in Guangzhou: FINALE!! (part 2/2)

Last day of a truly remarkable year and I can't wait to get all the eggciting (hehe egg)(i love me a good 鸡蛋, ja feel?)(hi joyce) memories of Guangzhou December '14 rollin'~~

Yep, a full year. It took me 365 days to get around to writing da post.

Please look forward to the F/W 2016 posts about my TSL internship journey and whatever else kind of adventures I've been getting up to in the past six months that I've totally not blogged about.


But in the meanwhile (i know it's meantime omg can y'all buffalo bills st0p correcting my clearly ironic errors in the english language like DAMNN let me live!!), it's time to rewindddd!!


Wednesday, 31st December 2014 | Breakfast buffet

If there's one thing that I like just one tiny notch more than buffets, it's BREAKFAST buffets.

Had been wishing and wanting to check out the legendary Chimelong breakfast buffet ever since we first checked in but, alas. You can't really do that when you sleep til 3pm every single day :'))


And their sheets be like NEXT LEVEL soft and fluffy omg.

Sidenote but u kno what's truly great? When you slip into the sheets and they're nice and smooth and COLD hehe. So snuggly!!!


I friggin love their skinny noodles fried in soy sauce so i was VERY excite about having it for brekkie haha

The yogurt drink is apparently super popular among Chinese native folks! They had a hong zao (red date) flavour too, which sounds absolutely delicious but tragically got snatched up by the time I got to it :'))

What is it with China peeps and hong zao flavoured stuff! Whatever it is, I 100% approve!

Some nights I still dream about that amazing hong zao brewed soybean milk...if someone knows where to get it in SG, please let me know!!! I shall be forever grateful T_T

BACONNNNN *insert twelve hundred heart-eye emojis*

The eggs were just so-so, my life has yet to be touched by an angel in the form of scrambled eggs as creamy and flawless as what I imagine Gordon Ramsay's to be. His scrambled eggs, I mean.........

Why choose between waffles or pancakes when you can go for BOTH?! :D :D

They're so extra adorable in mini form omg I CRI

Batter was 100% on point, very sweet and buttermilk-y. Sadly the pancake had gotten kinda stale (ok legit HOW do i rmb such minute details from literally ONE YEAR ago?? i think i need help) but it's nothing that submerging in yummy syrup won't fix!

yay syrup lol

v cute v swag panda baos

unfortunately Chinese baos are not really my thing so I gave them a miss. Also, they had gotten rather hard and dry as well lol GO EARLY NEXT TIME!

-but legit the struggle of getting up in time for the breakfast buffet when i went to bed every night after 2am was so real that i gave serious consideration to just staying up all the way til the opening of the buffet restaurant at 7, stuffing myself silly and heading back to the cozy comfort of my hotel room to sleep til, oh idk. probably 30 hours later??-


Tuesday, 30th December 2014 | Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park

If the circus shows were the most mindblowing, exhilarating and entertaining days, the zoo trip was the funnest day filled with cuddly critters and plenty of innocent joy, and any and all days where a buffet involved made my tummy, tastebuds, heart and soul the absolute happiest, the most thrilling day filled me non-stop excitement would have to be the day of the amusement park.

First ride of the day: Young Star Coaster

(lol sounds like a rapper name all u gotz to do is drop the letter 'O' in "young" and there u have it)

Since it's a family ride which even little kids can go on, it should be pretty tame right?


Me in the ponytail, second row from the left. v excited about what was soon to be my impending doom.

A few dips and climbs later...

dead af lol

The next ride was much tamer in comparison. A little too tame, perhaps. Bordering on...lame.


ok honestly i m disappointed in myself like YO that wasn't even a pun!!

headin up with my mum and sis

can't rmb if we had to pay for the ponchos but either way, NOT worth it lol

1. super slow and boring lead up to
2. a dip that literally lasts like 1.6 seconds
3. u get wet and cold (ah yes did i mention it was a winter afternoon?) for no good reason

total snoozefest lol

thank goodness we were the last ones to fill up the ride, if i had to waste a single minute in line for this i'd be pISSED


went to the kiddy rides zone and joined my lil sis for some children's rides which, guess what? were STILL better than the ol' Wet, Soggy & A Total Letdown

god, i sound so bitter right now lol. and about a ride! that i been on for about 5 minutes ONE YEAR AGO!

getcha shit tgt lmao

this high-rotating plane ride was pretty sick!

as my dad stood outside and took pics, i snapped some selfies of my own lol


#priorities, amirite?


ok so after this point, my mum and dad sort of ventured off on a phototaking quest coz the entire theme park was decked out in awesome festive decor and plenty of gorgeous seasonal flower displays, so my sis and i broke away to go on our own rides!

no pics, but we went on this overhead cycling thing that actually required the longest waiting in line of all.

i mean, going to an amusement park to WORK OUT?? what are we, lunatics?

lol but nah, it was pree fun

also played the fire extinguisher thingamajig where pairs work together to "pump" their carriage over to the houses and aim a spray of water at a target in order to put out an electronically simulated flame.

okay so we came in SECOND place out of 4 and even tho that's gr8 considering the rest of the pairs were grown ass couples and my teammate was literally a child, i got legit upset lmao I CANT HELP IT OK i get unnecessarily competitive at the randomest of times!

yo, this ride here is my all-time favourite HANDS DOWN. i always make sure to hit it up at least once every time i visit Chimelong Paradise, and it never fails to fill me with pure, unadulterated glee

you can tell we were way too eager, literally the first and only ones there HAHA we had to wait a bit for it to have ample participants but it was so worth it :'))

i panicked a fair bit that my flats would just slip off while i was mid-air, landing on top of some roof and lost forever.

yeah, irrational anxiety is a big part of my everyday life lmao

damn, that be some michael jackson smooth criminal type shit lol LOOK AT DEM FEET

no pics of us flying high in the sky coz my dad took a vid, but it was something like this:

minus the random casualty getting flung out of her seat and probably to a gruesome you've probably guess lol

last ride of the day:

i look like im telling my baby sis to square up lol, standing up in full fight stance ready to give a major whoopin' and all

meanwhile my dad's just lookin over his shoulder at my mum holding the camera like eyyy whas good? cant wait to start this wild ride teehee HAHA so cute

arriba~~! andale!!

ok so surprisingly this was the only ride of the day where they actually provided brown paper bags in case of motion sickness or whatevs, like the sight of it alone made me think woooaaaahhhh shit's about to go down

but alas, it was super duper tame as well haha. i must say that when the ride dips from high above, there's a millisecond of that weightlessness where ur heart feels like it's antigravitationally captured? yeah, that part was pretty sick haha.

and that was a wrap-up of our day at Chimelong Paradise!

This was the very same amusement park i headed to in my 2008 China trip where I had my first rollercoaster experience. Heck, it was the first amusement park I’d ever been to, at the time! (even now, the only other one i’ve been to is Singapore’s USS haha)

idk what in the blue hell made me decide to hop onto the most extreme rollercoaster ever for the first time, not even start small with like a tamer, kid’s version or something. and i did it all ALONE too! nobody in family was crazy enough to join me haha

i went on this mega spinning thing (pendulum roller coaster) which was totally epic, i could see the whole park and even the whole resort when i was being flung around high in the sky.

SO tall omg, idk how i got the balls to do such a thing on my own HAHA

next was this giant U shaped ride (oh ok i just googled it and apparently it’s called a Half Pipe rollercoaster haha what a fail on my part) which was very tall, you sit on this skateboard-like thingy and it goes hella fast. i really hated it tho coz it was rickety af and i’m not sure if it was intentionally the way the ride was built but the mechanics just felt really old and unstable? i legit feared for my life and thought it was gonna give way, sending my body down the ground in a bloody mangled splatter HAHA

also i lost my hairlip when i was in midair so ya

the most terrifying one, by far, was the world famous 10 inversion rollercoaster. that’s right, TEN. INVERSIONS. fucking CONSECUTIVELY.


you see, the thing about me is that nobody how many rollercoaster rides i go on, i ALWAYS believe that i;m gonna die whilst i’m in the seat whooshing forward at insane speeds lmao. and when i’m upside down? i just think i’m gonna fall right outta the ride. FOR SURE.

so for me to go through that harrowing ordeal TEN times over and over again...was somethin’ else, i’ll tell u that much haha

but i just felt like it’s something i had to do, since it was such a legendary ride and all :)

madness, omg...

at least i can now say i know what it feels like!

actually, that’s how i started the day at the amusement park off HAHA. the hotel dude who was driving my family and i around apparently told my mum when i was on the ride (alone, like a lunatic) that he thinks the feeling post-rollercoaster rides is as horrendous as a hangover.

well i guess i’ll never know since i don’t drink, teehee~~

oh yea but i did walk around the park afterwards feeling like my brain noodles have been severely tossed around and jumbled up the entire time HAHA #fun


Ok so by now, this post is alrdy riDONKulously long lmao. but hang in there! only two more events to blog about. and one of them if the actual flight home itself so yeah :)

Thursday, 1st January 2015 | Final buffet dinz!

Our last buffet dinner of the trip...such sadness with every delicious morsel I gulp down omg I MISS IT SO MUCH!!!!!

And, not sure if this was F8 at work (ok just to clarify, F8 = fate HAHA) but the last night's offerings were so good?? Like, some next level shit man forreal!!

Skinny noodlesss~!! FOr the last time :'))

Also crispy prata wit delicious curry, and yo the herby potato wedges were SO good!

I love finding skinny wedges, that's the only batter to potato ratio I will accept HAHA

Can't remember whether this was chicken or turkey but either way it was FAN-freaking-TASTIC!!!

Yo, dat sauce doe??? i honestly CANNOT get over how much i love fatty and flavourful BUTTER CREAM dishes haha SO BOMB!!

Sialah that meat was so damn caramelised and on point...moist and succulent throughout with dem crispy charred edges. THIS is what i live for tbh lmao


Honestly wasn't about to let the creamy meats go without a second portion teehee (drowned that shit in sauce omg)

a bit sad that this glorious creation was only introduced on my last night but...oh well! it's better to have loved and lost than not to love at all :'))

ok legit wtf is up wit me love for MEATZ lol

i love love love roasted veggies, especially stuff like ZUCCHINI <3 and mushrooms yoooo that shit is LIT

fried chicken and the brown stuff near the top (yummy duck w/ potato and mushrooms) all hit the spot but the only disappointment on that plate was, tragically, the pork parmigianna.

Such a pity right? Pork, tomato sauce and CHEEEESE. sounds foolproof in theory but the meat was tough as all hell and the condensation from the buffet tray covers just made it super soggy and all-round nasty...

o well! more cream-soaked white meat for me lmao (W0W that sounds wrong)

Third helping!! just meats this time HAHAHA omg i'm out of control...

see i even stack them until so nice LOLLL what is my life even about??

Of course, the final dinner and I couldn't leave without one last Napoleon puff pastry!

it's honestly one of The Best desserts i've yet to sample in my life so, if i could find a decent version of it here in Singapore best believe imma make it a REGULAR FEATURE in my (very obviously healthy) diet!!

also, hong zao soybean milk. srsly guys, if u know where to get it in sg PLEASE hook a sista UP!

With that, we had one more luxurious sleep in our amazingly comfy rooms before setting off on our flight back home!

Visited the bian li dian (convenience store within the hotel which is AWESOME and fully stocked with all the best snacks and beverages u could think of for when the munchies hit) and picked up this unassuming bottle of milk tea, which I would later discover to be the BEST. DAMN. BOTTLED DRINK EVERRRRRR

Yes, you may recognise it from this maniacal post several months on when I made the miraculous discovery that THEY SELL IT IN SG!!! AT 7-ELEVEN!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hashtag BLESSED, indeed :'))

The foresty view from our suite hehe. The cool winter air was SO amazing!

It's always sad to say goodbye to everything you've come to love in your temporary home abroad, all the great food and the adventures and all the lovely sights and sounds and the FOOD.

Luckily I just happen to LOVE all things flight and airport-related so at least I'm comforted by the fact that while I may had to bid the country farewell, it just means being reunited once more with my airplane and airport adventures hehe WHEEEEE~~!!

(this is the part about any travel blog post that i get SO excited about writing and reliving teehee)

Quick selfie before heading to Guangzhou Bai Yun airport! :D

Gosh, that sweater was newly bought from my trip to Perth and I wore it so much throughout my China trip that it's just cloaked with all the wonderful memories!

Pretty sure I've worn it whilst back home, be it when I was still a student at SP, or chillin' with my family on the weekends and even now, as I work at TSL!

Such a precious garment, it's amazing how something even as simple as a piece of clothing can mean so much to you and perk up your day by delivering an onslaught of lovely memories!

Or, maybe I'm just too damn sentimental for my own damn good haha SUE ME!!

Goodbye, Guangzhou~!! You've been absolutely phenomenal from start to finish!!!! T^T

Can't believe I was blessed and privileged enough to spend 10 wonderful days here, so very thankful indeed!! <3

YAAAAAAAAAAS y'all know how I feel about inflight meals!!

9 outta 10 times I go for da Western option but...guess I wasn't ready for CHINA FUN TIMES to end haha this ginger chicken rice was bomb doe!

With CHINESE TEA to complete the whole ching chong* experience lmao

*no racism intended.

*anyway it's my own damn race lol so stfu!! 

*kidding baby ily <3

Chicken was on POINT as hell!

Tradition: airplane selfies via the inflight entertainment system monitor lmao

Damn, that ginormous clunker of a phone sure served me well for over 2 years!

Which is quite a formidable achievement, seeing as I fling my phone around and drop it on the floor like nobody's business lmao

Andddd, we're here!

Gotta love Changi Airport, the perfect end to every single gosh darn trip, tbh :'))


With that, the #SuiteLifeOfGuangzhou posts have officially come to a close. Damn, it sure feels good to properly wrap up on all the posts of a trip from start to finish haha!

If you've read all the posts in this serious, heck, even if you've read just THIS long ass post from start to finish, that is honestly BONKERS and I can't thank you enough for giving a crap about anything that I could possibly want to share!


U da real MVP!

Either way, I had a blast putting all these posts together and I just know these memories are gonna be incredible to look back on whenever I miss the gr8 times I had in China (i.e, pretty much every single waking moment of my life. sometimes during my dreams as well.) <3 <3 <3

Til next time!


Now excuse me while I go relive those memories starting from Day 1 when we got stranded at the friggin airport lmao

(totally not suggesting that u go do the same...totally.)

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  1. Good job on finishing this vacation series! Maybe one day your family will visit Guangzhou again one day. As always, I am charmed by your appetite and enthusiasm for food.