Saturday, 12 December 2015


All employees at TSL have to do an orientation activity on their first day called a Signature Hunt.

You go around the whole office, sitting down to talk to each and everyone there. It's a great way to break the ice and sort of get to know everyone just a little bit.

Part of the activity is that you have to come up with one question that you'll be asking all the different people.

My question was: "What's your favourite TSL memory so far?"

Fast forward a couple months later, I was on a food tasting trip with my photographer Cheryl (sidenote: you can check out the dishes that i tasted on that day here teehee) when she suddenly asked me,

"So, what is your favourite TSL memory so far?"

I was taken aback coz I never really thought I'd reflect upon my TSL journey until the entire thing was over. But it was easy for me to come up with an answer.

I didn't want to make it weird or anything (coz she was the one involved in this particular memory lol), but I knew what my favourite TSL memory was, thus far.

It was the JB trip. Via railway shuttle!! :D

The first work-related assignment where I'd required my passport.

The first time I ventured abroad ( without my family. #datindependenceDOE

The first time I went to any part of Malaysia other than Penang, actually! Yes...really. lol

It was such a swell day from start to finish, oh my goodness.

Even before we embarked on the train ride itself, we spotted a GIANT TREE near the Woodlands Checkpoint that I just had to have a mini photoshoot with haha

Freaking surreal?!??

lmao forreal doe i dun been waitin TWENNY YEARS

Anyway. lol

The thrill of excitement and ADVENTURE surged through my veins whether it was during the train ride (which i personally thought was WICKED cool), getting to frolic about in the land of Johor Bahru, and getting to enjoy good food and window shopping at an insane exchange rate.

Y'all know nothing makes me happier than a good ass bargain lol

even from their kfc???


Swear to god, if I could've stayed there just a few extra hours I would've scarfed down ALL of those desserts. AND took home takeaway extras.

I mean, freaking 4.80RM for such luxurious and SEXY looking desserts?? That's like freaking LESS THAN TWO BUCKS in sgd omg WHAT THE DINGUS

We settled in for lunch at this cute lil Japanese restaurant and loooooord almighty, I was not prepared for the simple yet sumptuous meal that I would soon sink my teeth into.

I'm usually not a fan of sweet sauces coz I have a major salt tooth, but this squid was gooooood.

Holy hell, the sauce was like all caramel-y and shiet with just the right balance of sweet and savoury.

Squid itself was BRILLIANTLY charred, nice and chewy and fresh.

Ugh, it was like heavennnnnn.

You can probably tell from the appearance alone that these gyozas were some NEXT. LEVEL. SHIT.

The crispy, flippity-floppity skin on one side was a novelty, sure. The other side remained soft and slightly seared.

But never, EVER in my life, have I tasted gyoza that was so ridonkulously JUICY.

Like literally, there were spurts of delicious meaty juice with each bite.

That was like some xiao long bao type shit HOOOOOMAIGOD.

Very, very good.

Almost shed a tear, man. Not ashamed to admit it :'))

Window shopped for a bit before getting some dessert!! Gotta fuel up for the trip back to SG, ja feel? lol

Any excuse for CHEAP ICE CREAM tbh hahaha

We got Swensen's ice cream, which is nothing fancy since we have that in Singapore. But at only a fraction of the price? You know that always gets me chuffed hohoho

I freaking love mint <3


I think it kinda goes without saying at this point but I had a thoroughly enjoyable time from start to finish.

It's not like we got up to some crazy adventure type shit, we pretty much just walked about a single shopping mall and had some simple food hehe. But it was time well spent. And I love finding joys in the littlest things :'))

At the end of the day, I have new stamps in my passport, and a helluva lot of gr8 memories to look back on forever and ever.

Check out the article that came about as a result of this awesome trip!! And may you go forth and have your own little adventure, hopefully enjoying JB as much as I did hehe :))

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  1. Good job on the Johor Bahrub assignment! I read your article and thought it was very informative. The squid looks delicious, I've never seen it served that way before.